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Thread: Contacts Error

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    Contacts Error

    No matter where I go, what ever I look at I have no contacts I'm looking straight at a station from anywhere from 7.5-0km and it doesnt register on my contacts, I've tried clicking on ships flying passsed to get a target and they dont register. This started off as just not being able to dock but now cant do anything as nothing appears in contacts.

    I have tried the cache reset as this seems o be everyones first suggestion in threads.

    Please Help

    Gamer Tag Darrell5780 (XBox One)

    I've posted this in the bugs forum as well but am after sorting this ASAP as currently cant play like this.

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    Are your sensors badly damaged or powered down? Check your modules tab on the right hand panel.

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    that was my first though, they where originally so I self destructed the ship think this may fix it (costly i know), sensors are now repaired but still nothing appears as a contact, either in the contacts screen or the fact i can highlight any ships in front of me

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    cancel i was being a mong sensors turned off