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Thread: EDDiscovery - Journals, Exploration, Trading, Voice Recognition/Speech, Star Maps

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    Aiming for next week.. have a new toy coming.. DLL integration for 3rd party DLL support.

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    I don't seem to be getting the new first discovery icon appearing. The Statistics tab in EDD shows 1,026 first discoveries but whenever I look back over my logs to systems I have discovered, no icon is showing in the System Information tab.

    Do you need to have EDSM sync to/from and the API key entered in EDD to get this information? I use EDMC to sync my journals with EDSM so the only imports from EDSM in my EDD are the system information updates on startup.

    Thanks for this invaluable tool!

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    The Stats tab shows the in-game first discoveries (as recorded in the journals for selling to UC). These are totalled here, and listed in the journal view but not associated directly with any system info currently.

    The icon in the System panel is for first added to EDSM and we only pick that up from the response on sending the flight log into the system so if you're sending those through EDMC then it'll never appear in EDD.

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    Thanks for the quick and informative reply. Much appreciated.

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    10.1 will be released today (Thursday 14th).

    Its out. Brace for impact.

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    Originally Posted by robbyp View Post (Source)
    Its out. Brace for impact.
    Yup... You introduced a nice bug! If you click on any field in the system info section, its getting copied, this includes the comment. I know that this is working as intended ... BUT it now gets pasted as well. Its now impossible to add comments because either they are all the same because c&p or none at all.

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    Just a little message to say that EDSM in conjunction with EDDiscovery is a wonderful tool !

    Thanks for this !

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    10.1.1 will be incoming tomorrow!

    There is a bug when you have the Missions list on in the system info panel - for now, don't use the missions list in sysinfo. Already fixed on tip code, 10.1.1 will have it fixed.

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    Been using EDD for a while now ... it's awesome, but I've been looking some of the extra features I've not yet touched on.

    One is the Trip Computer ... I've clicked on "Start", assuming that it would start at the currently selected system (in the main History grid).

    It does seem to put a green/red flag on the History grid, but when I try to change the "start" system, it just adds more green/red flags.

    I can't seem to work out any sort of logic behind it.

    Sorry if this is obvious, but my small brain just can't work it out !!

    Can anyone explain it to me ?

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    10.1.2 is now out with some minor fixes.

    The problem noted above has been solved on another thread.

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