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Thread: Stupid KI of NPC and the station is calling me reckless and destroyed my ship

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    Stupid KI of NPC and the station is calling me reckless and destroyed my ship

    Hi there,

    enough is enough. What's wrong with the KI of NPC ships in or outside of stations? They fly like blind into my ship, even from the back or if inside a station they take off from a pad below my ship and fly vertical, the just don't care about other ships.

    This time I was just arriving at the station and request for landing, when a NPC ship was flying straight towards my ship. So I used the boost to get out of the way, but I couldn't avoid a crash and the NPC ship was crashing my ship. I saw a message telling me, that I am reckless and bla bla, seconds later my ship got destroyed. Since there is no log to review I can't really tell what happened. Why there is no log of messages to review stuff? Plenty times I would like to review messages but there is no way I know to review them. I am talking about the right screen.

    Anyway, my ship is gone, my cargo is gone AND there is a bounty now against me. Really, is that what it's meant to be? If so, I don't need sh** like this. Stupid KI and then blame it on the player, yeah, what a fun...


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    Yup, I can tell you what happened here.

    You were flying above 100K's (with the panic boost), you hit another (small) ship, it subsequently died & because you were speeding it is considered murder, so you got a bounty & shot up by the station.

    Had you been travelling under 100k's none of the above would have happened. The other ship may have still hit you, but all you would have gotten was a dent and a stern telling off from air traffic control.

    The moral of the story, just as in real life.

    Speed Kills (both the npc and you)

    This is a known mechanic & was brought in to stop other players in larger ships ramming smaller ones & killing them for giggles.

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    NPCs operating inside the Station apparently do not have any Collision avoidance at all in many Traffic situations in a Station.

    They'll happily slam right into my stationary Cutter when trying to fly right through me to their Pad - and they'll "push" me if they're close enough and I'm i.e. going 85 instead of 99.
    Oh, and they love to sequence themselves as if I didn't even exist. They're quite suicidal/blind that way.

    Leads to funny situations :
    ATC : "Station entry is clear, safe departure!"
    ...Type-9 about to enter mailslot from outside, a Beluga lining up behind.
    I be like "Uhm Tower? You might want to look outside your Window once in a while?! Holding position, approaching Traffic in sight *sigh* "

    Personal favorites :
    NPC slams head-on into my Ship (patiently waiting for departure inside with more than enough space).
    ATC : ""Attention! Reckless flying will not be tolerated!"
    I be like : "Acknowledged, will relay to that drunk shieldless Hauler that just collided with my stationary Ship."

    ATC : "Make way for larger Vessels."
    I be like : "Roger, please forward that to other arriving Traffic. I'm piloting the largest Vessel around here.".

    ATC : "Descent to Flight Level 300"
    I be like : "Tower, already on short final. Confirm abort approach and perform gate climb back to 30000 feet ?!?!"

    ATC : "This is an independent Starport Commander. Request Docking clearance before approaching."
    I be like : "Tower, Docking Request and clearance was granted 10 sec ago for Pad 16. Confirm still cleared to land ?!"