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Thread: Get Your Free Powerplay Decal Pack on Our Store Now

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    Originally Posted by Snarfbuckle View Post (Source)
    This game is like trying to be an Allied spy in WW2 in Germany but carrying a huge sign that says "BRITISH SPY"
    LOL. Being a spy is likely to get you shot (as one) though. Oh wait ...

    Anyway, I've seen the Great Escape!

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    Cheers guys.

    About time too

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    Oooo free things !


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    I can see that spider one being popular :

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    I noticed Felicia winters isn't included. Overlooked, missed the deadline, or a hint she's going bye-bye?
    oops multi ninjad (page unrefreshed longer than I thought)

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    Why isn't is just added to everyone's library though? Wouldn't that be simpler?
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    Originally Posted by Siobhan View Post (Source)
    Why isn't is just added to everyone's library though? Wouldn't that be simpler?

    I mean.. Yeah, freebie, grateful and all of course but why making ppl jumping through the store hoops for it?

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    As always FD good move ! Thanks a lot.
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    Thanks a lot

    And good luck for the second live-stream. Looking forward to catch a glimpse of the upcoming Multi Crew features.
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    Thank you.

    Looking forward to tonight's Stream.

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    WTH?! It's already way past Christmas. 2.3 Holo me looks better than expected, Dolphin, ship naming and now decals. Maybe FD have their calendars messed up
    Anyway happy for the decals.

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    THANKS FD!!!
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    Originally Posted by Snarfbuckle View Post (Source)
    Nice, false flag operations commencing.
    I'd laugh if FD made it so that you only get to select the decal of your current power or non if you're not pledged. I'm at work, so can't check ingame.

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