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Thread: [LFG] Lonely pilot looing for friendly or new pilots to fly with

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    [LFG] Lonely pilot looing for friendly or new pilots to fly with

    Hello I am new here and would like to find other pilots to fly with in open world play on pc I am in Diaguanri currently, and trying (struggling) with federation rank to get it up so I may gain entry to Sol, I am looking for other friendly pilots to fly with as I bounty hunt often in a nav beacon and I am starting to get a little loney, look forward to flying with you , bye for now and fly safe o7

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    /moved thread to dangerous groups.

    hey, search a bit through this subforum:

    there are quite some groups out there - depending on what you like to do ingame, whether you want a fixed superpower allegiance or independent groups ... there are also many groups dedicated to help new players!

    if you can say a bit more what you are looking for, I'm positive we can come up with good suggestions.

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    I have registered on that site, made a profile and applied to join ya's and thank you for the referral I do have mic as well

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    Friend me I'll fly with you anytime !

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    o7 CMDR Arbosa

    The Radio Sidewinder Crew welcomes applications from new and experienced commanders alike. We are always on the look out for new recruits.
    Bounty hunters, Mission Runners, Explorers and even traders, there is normally always someone to fly with.

    If you are Still looking for a group of Pilots to fly with, then

    | Check us Out |

    | Apply Here |

    Come say Hi and Chat with us on our Discord server.

    Have Fun, Fly Safely and good luck with your interstellar excursions.

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    Lavigny’s Legion has once again opened our ranks to public recruitment!

    • PR: @Relick#4430 (Discord) // /u/InquisitiveLayman (Reddit) // Metal Wizard (Steam) // CMDR Relick (In-Game)
    • Platform: PC & XBox
    • Timezones: International
    • Comms type: Discord and Inara
    • Links: Inara Wing Page // Discord

    Lavigny's Legion is the might of the Emperor, and we are Her right hand in delivering justice throughout Her realm! The Legion is the first organized ALD PowerPlay group in Elite: Dangerous. We even fought for our Emperor during Her succession to the throne. As a group, we partake in nearly every facet of the game, including influencing the BGS, PvP, contributing to the ALD PowerPlay community, participating in CGs, bounty hunting, trading, and mission running.

    We will happily accept any new players, no matter how green you are. We even have a training program named the “Logisticae Cohort.” The Logisticae has one goal, the proper training of our Initiates in the following fields:

    - Lore Proficiency
    - Edicts and Conduct Study
    - BGS Study
    - Profitable Activities
    - Outfitting and Ship Knowledge
    - Engineering Knowledge
    - Basic Combat Proficiency
    - Power Play Studies

    We are a mature group of players from all over the world, with someone always on and playing at some time or another. Real life comes first, and we all know how busy life can get, so don't not check us out because you're afraid of "not being on enough". We all share English as a common first (or second/third/etc) language. We are an ALD aligned group, and a pledge to our Emperor is a requirement for CMDRs above the combat rank of “Novice.” We also do have rules about flying in Open when participating in CGs, BGS, or PP (although most of us fly in Open 100% of the time).

    If you are looking for a large, inclusive and friendly group of people to call your family in the galaxy, then look no further!

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    Not sure if you have chosen a group already but we have a nice little group with soem newer players and some more experiences players. We would be happy to welcome you and offer help and advice. Message me if you are interested in joining and IŽll give you all the details.

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    Hello Commander, This is CMDR CplVlademir from "the Main Receivers" wing. We are located in Kaushpoos and we do mission running, passenger transportation, trading, mining and BGS working. We are allied with Federation and pledged to our current president Zachary Hudson and we do undermining for him in coalition with Federal Presidential Command. Most of us are in UTC+3 time zone but our play times are very flexible.
    We are looking for new Commanders sharing our style of play and our love for Federation.
    You can contact us via the links in our inara page (
    Fly safe!

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    -The Order of the Burning Serpent (‘The Order’ for short) is an independent theocracy, made up of Commanders, committed to exploration, discovery, trade and combat. Their base of operations is Paradiso Outpost and many of their Commanders are working hard to revitalize the economy and defend it from credit seeking mercenaries in what used to be a thriving system.
    The group is made up of pilots from all walks of life, all with different individual political allegiances.
    The primary focuses for The Order are the many mysteries within our galaxy, Alien ruins, the Unknown Artefacts, the Barnacles, the Antares incident, the Mayflower generation ship, and above all else RAXXLA.

    I am currently trying to expand the PC player base as I have made the jump from Xbox but additional Xbone players are always welcome! Please post any questions below or stop by our discord and say hi!