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Thread: Game keeps crashing

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    Originally Posted by Azmuth Divarchchron View Post (Source)
    Okay next question.... how old are the electrical circuits in your house? by years? when was the last time any maintenance was done on them?
    Originally Posted by Azmuth Divarchchron View Post (Source)
    Im going to end tonight by saying if the circuitry in your house is more than 15 years old, combined with that white rating PSU of yours... its probably a power issue. I would suggest getting a Backup Battery system to plug into the computer and your house to help regulate power, But i would also suggest getting a Bronze rated 750w instead of a white.
    house is 8 years old. also if i was to get a bronze psu it would be 600w because of price i fear
    Originally Posted by kilvenny View Post (Source)
    New gpu/cpu will change the power draw on your psu. My father did a lot of electronic builds and his advice was that everything starts with a good quality power supply that never runs stressed. One of the problems with psu's is they can weaken over time, so one rail doesn't work as consistently as it used to. You don't say whether you were upgrading an off the shelf system or something you built yourself. In an off the shelf, often the psu is designed and tested for the exact build or range of builds the manufacturer provided. This can cause problems when upgrading when the draw off the rails changes.
    the psu was replaced with the gpu. Both are brand new

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    It doesn't matter if a PSU is new, it can still be faulty. If PSU wattage was a problem the PC would turn off when launching the game (aka powering the 3D) , not 5 minutes after.

    From what you describe i would bet on the PSU or overheating.

    Check your heat/voltages on CPU and video and report back.

    Edit: new GPU might trigger higher util of your CPU and that leads to higher temps.
    Edit2: finger check your heatsinks (like put your fingers on them). Sometimes the reported temps can be non-accurate.

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    Originally Posted by CommanderC2121 View Post (Source)
    Finally got elite, installed the game, and within 30 minutes ive had three massive crashes (entire pc shuts down). I just upgraded my pc to a new gpu and psu, installed the new drivers and such, so im confused as to what is wrong. Please help
    Some basic computer maintenance here:

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    Sounds like overheating, CPU or GPU, trying running ED in much lower settings see if its any more stable.

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    Windows 10 also does some funny things with computer power managment, You might want to consider looking at your power options and switching it to "high preformance" mode and making sure any auto power throttling is turned off.

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    Moved to support forum.

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