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Thread: Newsletter #162

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    Newsletter #162

    Free ship decals and your first look at 2.3 features inside.



    Welcome to the Elite Dangerous Newsletter, the place to find all the latest from the Elite Dangerous galaxy.

    We gave you a first look at 2.3 "The Commanders" features this week, including Multicrew and the Commander Creator and plenty more besides, you can see these new features in action on this weeks Elite Dangerous livestreams.

    That's not all you're getting this week though, brand new Powerplay decals are available in store, and they're totally free for you to redeem right now.

    As always, you can hear the latest news and updates directly from the development team on our Forums, Twitter, Facebook, Community Homepage, and right here in the newsletter every week, and we're always eager to hear your feedback.

    On the Horizon
    All the latest for Elite Dangerous: Horizons

    You've picked your side, you've flown for the cause and you've progressed through the ranks.

    Now it's time to show your allegiance for all to see. This week, we're releasing the all new Powerplay decal pack so you can wear your faction's badge with pride. Best of all, they're totally free. To get yours, just head over to the Frontier store and redeem them against your account. We want to showing pride for your power like CMDR Kosmos and CMDR Normandy have here, so share your screens with us on Twitter and Reddit

    Livestream Lowdown
    Catch up with videos from the community team


    In the first of our two 2.3 "The Commanders" previews, Ed and Eddie showed off the Commander Creator and the all new camera suite. See them both in action in Part 1 of this week's livestreams.


    In Part 2 of the 2.3 "The Commanders" previews, Ed was joined by Adam, Sandy, and Barry as they showed off the much anticipated Multicrew feature coming in the new update.

    There's loads of fun to be had with these and many more new features coming in 2.3, so make sure you check out just what's coming up in 2.3 "The Commanders".

    The latest goods and the best deals from the Frontier Store


    For those pining for an intimidating ASP, we have good news. The Pirate faction paint pack for the ASP Scout is now available in the Frontier Store.

    It doesn't get much more threatening than a ship covered in Pirate Paint, so if you're looking to give your ASP an edge, this is perfect for you.


    Don't forget, you can now redeem your free Powerplay decals from the Frontier Store. Pick your side and represent them in style.

    Community Central
    The best from the community, all in one place


    The wonderfully talented artist Kevin Massey continues to produce some of the best Elite Dangerous Fan Art around. This incredible piece depicts him in his White Vulture "Politicians Vulture".

    Make sure you take a look at Kevin's portfolio over on his personal website for more amazing Elite Dangerous Artwork.

    Galnet Focus
    All the news from across the Galaxy


    The Adad Exchange has launched an operation to recover military intelligence from the wreckage of a Federal convoy in the Sutekh system. United Sutekh Future has responded with a counter-operation designed to prevent the intelligence from falling into Imperial hands. Both factions have appealed to the galactic community for support.


    Vestani Conservatives has announced that its Valentineís Day appeal received the enthusiastic support of the galactic community, with hundreds of pilots taking to their ships to transport commodities to Rose Terminal in the Vestani system. A spokesperson for the organisation thanked those who took part.


    Independent engineer Ram Tah claims to have isolated a signal in the Guardians' monolith network that will allow scanners to identify sites within 1,000 light seconds. In a statement, he said he hoped this would make it much easier to find further Guardian sites.


    A spokesperson for the Peacock Patrons of Law has announced that their appeal for robotics, ion distributors and emergency power cells has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community, resulting in a massive influx of deliveries to Phillips Dock, the organisationís base of operations.

    Community Goals
    The latest missions for you to take on

    Imperial Pilots
    Archimedes Gateway, Sutekh

    Earn rewards by delivering Data Cores to Archemides Gateway in the Sutekh system.


    Archimedes Gateway, Sutekh

    Earn rewards by handing in Bounty Vouchers at Archemides Gateway in the Sutekh system.


    Jaques Station, Colonia

    Earn your faction a place in the Colonia region by transporting Galactic Travel Guides from Bluford Orbital in the LHS 3447 system to Jaques Station in the Colonia system.

    Comms Chatter
    A round up of this week's community content


    ... and they were never to be heard from again as they all hurtled into the surface of the planet.

    See you in the black, Commanders

    The Frontier Developments Team

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    Frontier Developments plc, 306 Science Park, Milton Road, Cambridge, England,  CB4 0WG, UK

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    Many thanks for the newsletter Frontier. Been a great week, have a top weekend.

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    That GIF reminds me of in Star Trek the Enterprise didnt jump with the rest of the fleet. Guess someone left the parking break on.

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    A great week which ends with the newsletter. Thanks Frontier

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    When last livestream part 3? 21 ?

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    Any more Live-streams incoming before the Beta launch? Maybe a Q&A session?

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    The newsletter has ceased to be a source of news, it just points to the sources of news.

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    With the new camera upgrade give the players a month creating videos. You will then have a hard time deciding which of the excellent ones one to post on the Newsletter. Two months and they will probably blow away most of the promo trailers you have made so far. Three months and we'll get awesome short videos based on those who write stories about the Elite universe. Six months and "Elite: The Movie" almost just as good as Hollywood can produce. There is a legal nightmare!

    Still we will need help. More body movements (already there moving the joystick etc), facial expressions, lips that move hopefully synched when we talk into a mic so we have Commanders that can ACT versus just sitting in a chair and looking around. For serious Hollywood producers who can hire real actors and love the game it is another legal nightmare...But with the ability of the Commanders to seriously come close to the actual face of a player for now I'm really excited how ED videos are about to get a quantum leap posting videos on YouTube!

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    Originally Posted by Flimley View Post (Source)

    ... ... as usual

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    A well informed Newsletter

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    Originally Posted by Fosdyke View Post (Source)
    A well informed Newsletter
    But without peak of the week, as usual

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    Originally Posted by Patrick_68000 View Post (Source)
    But without peak of the week, as usual

    So true, damn FD

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    Originally Posted by Patrick_68000 View Post (Source)
    But without peak of the week, as usual

    Those come when we least expect them

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    Originally Posted by Flimley View Post (Source)

    What happened to "for everything"?

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