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Thread: Protest against Wreaken

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    Scarlet frowned as she flipped through the pages of the latest report on her desk. Wreaken influence in Ega was back on the rise, and levels in Jurati were somewhat stable, not declining as she had hoped. "Why can't you just stay down, how many more of you do I have to kill before you get the message? Isabel where the hell are my fleets? Why has this problem not been dealt with yet?" "Everyone is resting after your latest victory, it's only been a few days, they need time to relax after the battle." "Resting?! We don't have time for resting. We're fighting a Sirius backed corporation here, they have immensely more resources than we do and they've been at this for far longer. If we let up now, victory will slip away from us. We can't just quit after one battle." "Well, I'm afraid people just don't have your kind of stamina, these aren't soldiers, they're volunteers, they need a break." Scarlet let out a long drawn out sigh. "Fine, I'll find a way to work around it. In the mean time, lets go see if our beacon has picked anything up." "Plotting a course now."

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    Name:  EGA News.jpeg
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    It seems I may need to return to K-space soon and have some choice words with Councillor Copeland...this was not a part of our agreement.
    Expect my arrival back in Ega some time tomorrow.

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    Originally Posted by Scarlet_Ashcroft View Post (Source)
    It seems I may need to return to K-space soon and have some choice words with Councillor Copeland...this was not a part of our agreement.
    Expect my arrival back in Ega some time tomorrow.
    Give'em hell Scarlet!

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    Wreaken Construction could simply have conceded not to give residents a slow and painful death, but rather a quick and painless death...A win-win scenario.
    Fly dangerous, Cmdr Macros Black

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    I'm surprised this has not been mentioned here but it seems Wreaken are not the only ones with a permit to Col 70 Sector after all:
    If this is to be believed, then it raises a couple of issues of relevance.
    • The actual list of persons/organistions with the permit is not known to Federal or Imperial Intelligence.
    • CMDR Salome may have the permit, along with her pilot(s) and possibly a significant number of allies.
    • The permit is not exclusive to Wreaken and, given Salome's wanted status, might be obtainable from different sources.

    None of this mitigates the fact that Wreaken's operations within Col 70 Sector are classified. Whilst it may be outside Wreaken's remit to grant the permit, given that there is apparently a significant amount of clandestine activity it would seem prudent to allow inspection by the authorities and also to allow regular members of the Elite Federation of Pilots access to ensure transparency. What is the justification in withholding a permit from ordinary spacefarers given that it can be granted to mega-corps and fugitives alike? At the very least, the Elite Federation of Pilots should make it clear what the conditions for earning the permit are, even if universal access is something that they are not willing to contemplate at this time.
    It might also be appropriate to ask Salome herself if opposing Wreaken is helping or hindering her. Perhaps she is the one who has hired Wreaken to perform a task for her there? Or is she actively engaged in sabotage against them? Does she have any insight at all into what they are doing?
    Perhaps 'Galactic instability' will make the region accessible... . Hopefully the matter can be settled soon and further bloodshed avoided. Fly safe!

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    Scarlet knocked on the door to Mr. Copeland's office. "Come in" a voice sounded on the other side of the door. Scarlet swiped her access card along the panel next to the door and it slid open. "Oh! Ms. Ashcroft, I didn't expect to see you again so soon, what brings you back to Metz Enterprise?" Mr. Copeland outstretched his hand to shake hers while sliding something under his desk. Scarlet shook his hand, placing a small patch on the inside of his wrist...he didn't notice. "I was hoping you could tell me, I hear you and the Wreaken Construction corporation have agreement?" Scarlet sat in the chair across from him, looking him dead in the eye with an unearthly expression across her face. The man was clearly unsettled, "Uhh, well, you see, um...we're at peace now so, we don't really want to have another war and..." she cut him off "How much did they pay you?". A look of shock crossed Copeland's face, the man looked like a deer caught in headlights "What?..."

    Scarlet sighed "Mr. Copeland do you think me a fool?" "No, of course n-" a wave of realization washed over him as his arm went limp and numb "What have you done?! What's happening!? SECURITY!" the drug she had applied to the patch was working its way through his system, she sat quietly as the man fumbled with his communicator before his body stopped moving entirely, a look of fear frozen on his face. "Don't worry, you're not going to die, it's just a paralytic agent. I find these kinds of conversations go smoother when I remove my opponents ability to fight back. Security wont be showing up either, unlike you, they are still loyal to me and they have been briefed on what is about to transpire here. You see, loyalty is a rare commodity these days, and I don't like it when the people working for me sell theirs for credits. Now I will ask you again, how much did they pay you?"

    Copeland struggled to find the words, the numbness making it difficult for him to speak. "Eyteen Millron" "Eighteen Million? What a pathetic number." Scarlet stood up and casually walked to the other side of the desk and began rummaging through the drawers. "Yu cahnt do dis" "Mr. Copeland, I, like many others, can do whatever the hell I damn well please." "But iz Illeegul" "Legality is fluidic, if you have enough money, which i do, and you know the right people, which i do, you can accomplish just about anything. Corruption has spread throughout the galaxy like a virus, it has infected just about every living breathing soul. Most will deny it though, believing themselves to be good, and righteous. Me? I've accepted it for what it is. This is simply how the galaxy works now, and there is no cure. You remove one cruel dictator and two more pop up in their place." Scarlet began placing an assortment of items on the desk, watching him as she does.

    "Wuut d uu wawnt? Wai r yuu ding dis?"
    "What do I want? I want what I've wanted since the beginning. I want the damn permits to Col 70. That much has not changed. I am many things Mr. Copeland, but a liar I am not. As for why, there are two reasons. One, the survival of the human race may very well hang in the balance, and no one seems to realize it, and those who do simply don't give a damn. Two, Wreaken has taken something from me, something I hold very dear and may very well never see again." Scarlet removed a small black tab from the drawer and placed it on the desk. As she did Mr. Copeland's eyes darted away as if to feign disinterest. Scarlet smiled and picked it back up, "Ohh? What's this now?" "Noding, jus pikkurz. Famii fotoz." She glared down at him and placed a pistol on the desk, Mr. Copelands eyes fixated on it. "I don't like it when people lie to me, I advise you not do so again." Scarlet slotted the data stick into a portable reader. "Wate!" She began idly humming a gentle tune to herself, ignoring his cries "Stahp, stahp!" "Oh, what do we have here?" It was a recording from the security cameras, it showed Mr. Copeland accepting a financial transaction from a man she had never seen before. In fact there were multiple recordings... "So you've done this before?. You really should learn to throw away your trash, but I know how men like you like to keep a record of...certain things." Scarlet continued to look through the recordings, some of which were rather adult in nature. "I see you like to waste company time for personal, pleasures, as well Mr. Copeland. I can't blame you, I would too if I had this kind of job. You'd be surprised to know how common this actually is, it's nothing unusual in the slightest. Unfortunately for you, this is what we in the business like to call excellent blackmail material." "Munstrr"

    "Correct!" She responded cheerfully, "but do you know what separates me from the rest of the monsters out there? I'm the kind of monster that hunts other monsters, because men who play by the rules stand no chance of ever slaying such a creature as the rules they play by are the puppet strings of devils that wear the face of man. This is reality, not some childish fairy tale. Happy endings are paid in blood and tears, and I've already shed my fair share. Luckily, I have no interest in hunting men like you, but should you continue to help Wreaken like you have been, you may very well become my prey. Is that what you want?" "Noh" his voice was barely a whimper. "I didn't think so." She pocketed the data stick, picked up the pistol, aimed it at him and fired. The man let out a garbled scream as a dart struck him in the neck with a soft *thwip*. "You'll be on your feet in about a minute and a half. If I have to replace you, I will, but I'd rather not have to go through this dance again, so try to play by right set of rules this time. Wreaken has new allies and if you wish to keep your little island kingdom out in the black, I suggest you prepare your fleets for the oncoming storm. I like you better alive, but should Wreaken be victorious, you'll find that they don't quite see eye to eye with me."

    Scarlet casually departed the room, closing the door behind her. A mechanical chirp rang out in her ear as she received a call, it was Isabel, her ships A.I. "Lady Ashcroft, I'm detecting the transponder code of the rogue imperial senator, what shall I do." "What? Already?!...Plot a course for that sector, we still might be able to help one another. I just hope I'm not too late." Scarlet thought to herself Please be alive.

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    Mr Copelands' PA politely ushered Jellicoe into the sleek, clean, ultra modern office that the councillor worked from. Mr Copeland looked up, his face not quite quick enough to conceal a look of uncomfortable alarm behind his usual façade of bland professionalism. He was a young man, bright and ambitious who had risen quickly through the corporate ranks of the Independent Ega Independents, and while his ambition was far from sated but even he could not have foreseen the way in which his small, out of the way corporation had supplanted the mighty Wreaken Construction in this their home system.

    "Mr Jellicoe a pleasure to see you have returned." He greeted his visitor with the perfect fake sincerity of an accomplished corporate climber.

    "I very much doubt that." Replied a tall man in a suit even more expensive than the one Copeland himself wore. "What is this deal you have done with Wreaken?"

    "I'm afraid I can't possibly give any details of that Mr Jellicoe." He replied smoothly, with what was supposed to be a reassuring smile. "But rest assured we have secured substantial concessions from them."

    "But you won't tell me what they are?"

    "A man of your position must surely appreciate business confidentiality Mr Jellicoe, as soon as we are able to make them public I have every confidence that you will be entirely satisfied with what we have achieved in recognition of the efforts of our supporters in the independent pilots community." He smiled effusively, he wasn't nearly as good at this game as he believed himself to be.

    "Mr Copeland." Jellicoe replied in a voice suggesting he did not in any way share the executives professed confidence of his approval of the deal. "Surely you are not stupid enough to believe that the independent pilots who were behind the IEI's takeover of this system did so out of their love for you and your organisation?"

    "While we obviously appreciate there were other issues involved we..." The suit blustered, his slick, professional coolness beginning to evaporate.

    "This is not about you or your rather ludicrous little organisation," The tall man cut him off, "the only thing that matters to me is Wreaken and their locking down of a sector of space that I and many of my colleagues would very much like to have a look at. We supported you as a means to apply pressure to Wreaken and if you cannot," Here the tall man made a long pause, "or will no apply that pressure then I will find another vehicle to do so, I'm sure some of this systems other factions would happily welcome our support."

    "Are you threatening me Mr Jellicoe?" Copeland did not sound at all confident.

    "Yes I am." The tall man replied calmly. "So if you want to keep this nice new office, and no doubt the even nicer salary that goes with it I suggest you go back to Wreaken and make sure that I get what I want, otherwise..." He left the thought hanging, turned and left.

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    It has come to my attention that Wreaken Construction is currently at war in Wille. I am uncertain as to how long this war has been going on as I have been preoccupied with personal matters at the Witch Head Science Centre. All pilots are hereby ordered to proceed to the local combat zones in Wille and destroy Wreaken vessels. It is important that we not allow them to regain a foothold after all the hard work that has been put into this campaign. Regrettably I will not be able to lend personal assistance as my business in Witch Head is not yet concluded. I will be returning to K-space before the week is over however, in the mean time, be relentless my friends.

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    The universe is a busy place.

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    My business in Witch Head is now concluded and I shall be returning to assist the war in Wille directly. Though I would have my followers know that while I was out here I managed to have an encounter with a certain Imperial fugitive, who has confirmed my suspicions about the Wreaken corporation. As it turns out, the reports of accidental deaths and mishaps we have been reading on Galnet, are not entirely accurate. That is to say, these people did not die by mistake, these were not mere accidents, they were murdered. I still do not know how these people managed to bypass the permit wall but anyone who manages to do so, is promptly eliminated without question. Wreaken Construction, and by extension, Sirius Corp, are hiding something out in Col 70, something BIG. Whatever is out there in that locked sector, they are willing to slaughter the innocent just to make certain their secrets do not catch the public's eye.

    As it stands, our campaign against Wreaken construction has reached a stalemate, but we must not lose hope now. Whatever is out there, Wreaken will not give it up willingly. Some of you may not like it, but if we are to uncover the secrets of Col 70, they must be taken by force, as it is the only language our enemy understands. I wont lie to you, some of you will die, some of you will lose friends and loved ones, but sacrifices must be made if we are to pierce the veil of darkness surrounding the activities taking place in that dark sector. Our enemy is willing to spill blood to keep their secrets locked away, and so too must we be willing to spill our own should we have any chance of success. The only way for us to lose, is if we choose to stop fighting. Stay strong CMDRs, and ready yourselves for the oncoming storm, for this is only the beginning.

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    Scarlet opened up another heavy drink and stared wistfully out the window of her ship. "Four days ago, Lady Salomè confirmed my suspicions of the galaxy and personally extended her hand in friendship to me. Today she died a martyr, and my curse of solitude continues. But the galactic puppeteer has not yet won, for the people are now aware of their existence. However the road to victory will be a long and arduous one, paved in the blood and bone of both friends and allies alike. I myself will have to make yet more sacrifices, as will others. Such is the life of a soldier, for we do what we must because we can." Scarlet took another drink as Isabel chimed in "So what will you do now?" there was a brief pause. "I intend to finish what I started, no matter the cost. Plot a course for the system I keyed in earlier." "Shouldn't you take a break? My sensors indicate your stress is reaching dangerous levels. It might be a good idea to-" Scarlet cut her off, "I can rest when my heart stops beating, my enemies will not allow me the opportunity of relaxation. Engage the FSD once you finish scanning the final listening post." "Yes M'am" After a few moments, Scarlet could hear the ships drives spinning up as the final message came across her screen. "Lets see what happens when I cut your strings, web weaver." "Frameshift Drive engaging in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...."

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    Hello once again pilots, I come to you today bearing wonderous news. Due to our combined efforts over these past few months, I am proud to announce, that Wreaken Construction is no longer operating in the wille system. I am certain that the loss of this system will be a devastating blow to this corporation as their profits and ore production capabilities have been significantly damaged.

    In addition it would seem that word of our campaign has spread, and some intrepid commanders have taken to forming a coalition of pirates who have begun patrolling the sector of space between Col 70 and the core worlds. They are calling themselves the ghosts of col 70.[1][2] Now, while I typically loathe piracy in all its forms, I believe in this situation I will make an exception, as they seem to be only targetting Wreaken and Sirius marked vessels.

    So what is next you ask? Well, this campaign is far from over as there are still two more systems to conquer. Our next target will be the Jurati system, Wreaken has been putting up fomidable resistance here, and the capture of this system would be a significant blow to morale as well as reducing their fighting capability. Stay vigilant commanders, the tide of war has turned in our favor.

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    Log Entry #1423

    Weeks of searching lead to this?

    The innumerable fruitless sweeps in Orion. The sudden, curious influx of pirates into Witch Head and beyond. Weeks away from my daughter, my home.
    Now finally an intercepted transmission, forwarded from the Chapterhouse. One commander, apparently a doctor of some sort, leading a crusade to bring Wreaken to its knees?

    No matter. Unlikely provenance be damned. If this is the road forward, then this Inquisitor shall see it done. Setting course for Jurati.

    The Empire is coming, dear Doctor. Let Wreaken rue the day.


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