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Thread: Protest against Wreaken

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    Those aren't your typical research vessels, if you're finding corvettes, that's some serious firepower to be taking all the way out there. They've likely they've got security patrolling the col 70 sector and just beyond, so be careful out there. An exploration vessel would be nothing to a corvette.
    You know, flying around in space many times faster than light has made me realize....light is really damn slow.

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    Way out where the Synuefe sector boarders Col 70 spaceship Warspite while investigating a signal source encountered the wreck of recently destroyed ship, the ship had been destroyed by what appeared to have been a catastrophic internal explosion making identification difficult though the wreckage suggested a Gutamaya Clipper class vessel. While no life pods were among the debris there were a number encrypted data files which we proceeded to gather. While scooping the data packets four 'rescue' ships jumped in and began collecting the wreckage themselves, starting with the data. The rescue ships ignored our attempts to hail them and did not register as belonging to any faction when scanned, the questions though must be where did these mysterious ships come from to be on the scene so quickly? The suspicion must be from some unknown base beyond the permit wall. Four encrypted data storage pods have been retrieved and are being securely transferred back to the bubble where we hope they can be decrypted.

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    Col 70 Sector search report:
    I have now returned to Varati and turned in just over 2.5MCr of exploration data, 4 small data survey caches, 1 large data survey cache and 1 black box. No escape pods were found during the course of my search.
    Two other wrecks are worth a mention.
    One of these wrecks was in Synuefe KD-V b21-0. This appeared to contain the wreckage of multiple vessels, of which the largest seemed to be a Python, but I did not have time to examine the wreckage fully: a 'Rescue One' Asp Explorer jumped in almost right after me and, in the absence of survivors, declared that it was going to recover the cargo at the site, which included five canisters of superconductors amongst several low-value items and a single black box. Having heard of these suspicuous 'rescue' operations close to the Col 70 Sector border, I decided to salvage the black box myself in case it contained anything useful.
    The other wreck of note is probably not related to this search: it was a well-worn but almost completely intact Sidewinder that was the centre of a source of encoded emissions, just 1.33 ls from HIP 25171 B, a black hole. It had sustained several hits from what looked like a small cannon, with one strike compromising the canopy: no chair was present in the cockpit. It was probably an explorer passing by viewing the black hole from the same distance as Earth is from its Moon, caught unawares. No escape pods, data survey caches or black boxes were present. A small quantity of advanced engineering materials surrounded the wreck.
    Side notes:
    • The closest I got to the Col 70 Sector was 2.17 LY. Witch Head Sector PS-U c2-0 is 2.17LY away from Col 70 Sector EJ-N c21-1.
    • The closest neutron star I found near to the Col 70 Sector border was HIP 23295 B. Neither a neutron star boost nor a regular attempt to lock on to Col 70 Sector stars allowed me to get in.
    • The closest Ammonia World I encountered near to the Col 70 Sector border was Synuefe ZX-M c9-1 A 1.

    I hope someone else had more success in finding escape pods! Good luck searching everyone o7.

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    The Volition Project

    Preliminary Report

    Perimeter of sector Collinder 70 was surveyed between 20th March and 23rd March, 3303 by agents of the Volition Project. Col 70 proved inaccessible via FSD Arsenic Injection System or Neutron Supercharge techniques. Two itineraries along the edges were laid. Search patterns were spacebound and planetside.

    Neither patterns yielded any evidence of an older Cobra class vessel, its wreckage or escape pods in whatever condition.

    However, several observations were made in the course of the survey:

    - Seven degraded emission signals were identified and investigated, one of which yielded a small craft wreckage carrying yet to be identified prototype technology.
    - Two combat aftermath emissions were identified and investigated, one of which yielded a heavily damaged T-9 hauler with remnants of a cargo of performance enhancers. The other yielded the wreckage of a small craft of Imperial design, presumably a Courier. gathered survey caches are currently decrypted.
    - Planetside investigations yielded a downed Nav Beacon, a downed comms satellite and one other site of note:


    The above site appeared to be the belly of a larger transport vessel. Within it, an active transmitter with an attached databank could be identified and accessed successfully. A data package could be retrieved linking events to the Galactic Federation in some yet to be analyzed way. Decryption is taking place as this report is generated.

    Additionally, the site was littered with debris apparently resulting from combat. Three downed skimmers were found as well as two SRV wrecks. None bore any decals or identification marks. Also, the site yielded no escape pods or traces of survivors.

    An extensive search in the vicinity was unfruitful.

    A data package of this preliminary report will be generated shortly and delivered to a variety of reliable sources within the independent pilots' community.


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