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Thread: Trappist-1 Discovery's Impact on Elite Dangerous

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    Wow, that was a fast addition. I'm amazed with the accuracy, flexibility and power of the stellar forge. David, you really have something here.

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    One of the things I love about this game is how it gives you a sense of scale. 40LY is 'far away' according to this story, but by God, Distant Worlds really changed my perspective on the galaxy.

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    Very nice you've been able to use an existing system nearby!

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    Originally Posted by Selen View Post (Source)
    That is really incredible how accurate the prediction was. Well done Frontier!
    Originally Posted by JesusRocks1988 View Post (Source)
    That's it! Frontier are time-travellers from the year 3303, and they're secretly feeding us real data about the galaxy in the form of a game, and pretending it's "procedurally generated".

    Either that or it's Thargoids...

    No, I keep telling you, The One Amiga magazine called it right: Braben is God.

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    This is fantastic to hear!

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    So, the real-life galaxy finally started to mimic ED?

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    Wow - that's amazing! The fact that the Stella Forge is so accurate that it had already predicted more or less where this system was. Great stuff! Thanks!

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    Originally Posted by anikaiful View Post (Source)
    So, the real-life galaxy finally started to mimic ED?
    Yeah, it's about time it pulled its act together.

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    Sooo.... I take it these new planets haven't been tagged yet...

    Everyone stay here..... I just have to pop out for a minute.

    Would be sooo cool if these planets showed up as "First Discovered by NASA"

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    How about adding a station?

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    Awesome work guys

    Originally Posted by Eldrich Stark View Post (Source)
    How about adding a station?
    Run by the Trappist-1 Monks faction

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    So I am assuming that this announcement has fully vindicated the ED Stellar Forge, and we shouldn't see any more posts around "planets are all the same" etc.... what you should be saying is "planets are all pretty realistic".... WELL DONE FRONTIER, an outstanding Stellar Forge, which may continue to predict systems that science is yet to find.

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    I'm waiting for a moderator brave enough to close this thread and point it to ...

    But I'm impressed by how quickly FD reacts to astronomical discoveries. There's clearly a lot of love within the company.

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    Truly an amazing work of art... I wonder how many new faction requests are being submitted for the system. haha

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