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Thread: 2.3 The Commanders Beta - Changelog

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    Can anyone tell me how to get access to beta ? :/

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    Is Dolphin restricted to Horizons? The organization in the patch notes seems to suggest it. Just want to confirm for those they haven't taken the plunge.
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    Originally Posted by Maro-Val View Post (Source)
    Helm role added!!!!!!!

    Does this mean that we will be able to pass the helm?? Oh please God..
    Wouldn't get my hopes up really. We already have the helm role listed in the UI, even in 2.2. Just look down and check. It's probably there if you want to switch to a fighter. Though I really want to know what happens if I hop into a fighter with human crew on board, and my NPC pilot takes the helm xD

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    Originally Posted by VaderV1 View Post (Source)
    Can anyone tell me how to get access to beta ? :/
    They will/might put it on the store in the next couple of days. They have before and there seems to be a demand for it. So watch this space.

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    Asteroid stations - nice
    Stations in rings - nice

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    Added 32 asteroid bases in various deep space locations
    Care to give us a clue to at least one location, would like to check out one of these without having to hunt around

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    Holy canoli, that is some list!

    Lighweight sensors, Yes!
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    Lightweight sensors and discovery scanner and dss mods! Woot!
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    Lowered Orca weight to increase jump range and effectiveness

    I made the Orca my main ship after being interdicted by Thargoids in it and I couldn't be happier. <3<3

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    Canny Wait. Drooling with anticipation.......

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    I love Ed and David and Brett and Michael and the 2d gif person.

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    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    [*]Added Bucky Ball Beer Mats rare good
    Holy mother of god! Sorry, I got this far and stopped reading. Forget beta testing multi-crew, I'm sure it'll be fine. Ship this NOW!


    (new Buckyball race from 21 - 29 October : click banner for full race details)

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