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Thread: 2.3 The Commanders Beta - Changelog

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    Originally Posted by Libluini View Post (Source)
    "Week ending with 16th"

    So yes.
    If it's the same "week ending" as the last one, then we just have to wait another 3 delay. Remember ?

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    When I logged in yesterday there was a message stating that all missions were to be wiped today (10 Apr). No negative consequences for not completing tho.

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    Traditionaly all companies release their stuff on Tuesday or Thursday... There are few very good reasons for it. I'm expecting Frontier will do the same...
    PS: Excuse my English, as you can tell it is not my native language.

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    The Star LOD on system drop its damn awful why was this introduced?

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    Originally Posted by MisterMike View Post (Source)
    The Star LOD on system drop its damn awful why was this introduced?
    Was already wondering if that was only for me like that. As for the answer, because things were too pretty!
    RIP ASPX#1, I will never forget how that retarded skimmer suicided into you and make the whole base kill you, just because you were cooler than it

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    So does Lori have the G5 DSS? Or is the max only 3? Since I just tried out Tiana and listed from the 2.3 notes, it states Lori and Tiana both have the G5, however I'm at Tiana now and it's only showing she has a G3 max.

    If the DSS max is only a G3 and both Lori and Tiana have them then I'm fine. If not, I'd have to spend time ranking up in Combat to unlock her (which I really don't feel like doing at the moment).

    Lori Jameson:
    Sensor/scanner to grade 5, and DSS to grade 5

    Tiana Fortune:
    DSS to grade 5, and sensor/scanner – 5

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