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Thread: Local Sightseeing Tour

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    Local Sightseeing Tour

    Local Sightseeing Tour

    See the wonders of our galaxy
    [PC & XBox]
    Roster officially closed

    Expedition Goal:

    The goal is to get veteran explorers, newer players and players who haven't tried exploration yet engaged in exploration.
    And to share the experience of flying an expedition.

    Expedition Signup: Here
    EDSM Signup: Here

    EDEX Discord: Link
    Private Group: atomicb0mb639

    XBox Club: LocalSightseeingTour
    Private Group: Angushawk
    Big Thanks again to Angushawk from the EXOdus Coalition for setting this up.

    The original plan was to start the expedition 1 week after 2.3 hits in order to give players enough time to outfit their ships.
    Due to Drew Wager's event on the 29.4. the launch date has now been shifted to Saturday the 6/5/3303. Three weeks after 2.3 instead of just one
    The following Meetups would then be every Wednesday and Saturday. You can see the exact dates here
    The Meetup times would be the following:

    EU: 7:00pm BST (UTC+1) - 6pm in-game
    US: 7:00pm PST (UTC-8) - 3am in-game

    Expediton Map

    Expedition Waypoints

    Waypoint 00:

    Waypoint 01:

    Waypoint 02:

    Waypoint 03:

    Waypoint 04:

    Waypoint 05:

    Waypoint 06:

    Waypoint 07:

    Waypoint 08:

    Waypoint 09:

    Waypoint 10:

    Waypoint 11:

    Waypoint 12:

    Waypoint 13:

    Waypoint 14:

    Additional Waypoint information: Link


    Number # CMDR Name Ship Type Ship Name Jump Range Fdev Forums Discord Platform
    #001 Matthew Hansen Anaconda The White Pathfinder 53.16ly matthias0608 matthias0608 (Matthew Hansen)#0494 PC
    #002 Herbivoree Asp Explorer SS Rebecca 45.00ly Herbivore#1161/ CMDR Herbivoree PC
    #003 Karuv Sidewinder とうか (Touka) 16.00ly Karuv Karuv™ PC
    #004 Maxsam Anaconda Truth seeker 45.00ly Maxsam PC
    #005 BunnyFett Asp Explorer Elbereth (Star Queen) 47.00ly Britt BunnyFett PC
    #006 LivewareCascade Anaconda 50.00ly LivewareCascade PC
    #007 Fizzee Imperial Cutter Gladius 36.00ly Fizzee Fizzee PC
    #008 YellowCaprisun Imperial Courier The Angel's Rest 33.00ly Toska#8994 PC
    #009 ISN skeetzter Asp Explorer blackbird 46.00ly cmdrskeetzter skeetzter PC
    #010 BenDover1996 Asp Explorer 15.00ly BenDover1996 Ben_Dover#1293 PC
    #011 Angushawk Python DERP Bernard's Tooth 29.92ly Angushawk Angushawk XBox
    #012 YggBjorn Asp Explorer Heart of Darkness 41.96ly YggBjorn YggBjorn XBox
    #013 Andi8P Diamondback Explorer Minmir 54.28ly Andi8P Andi8P #8133 PC
    #014 Ddraig Anaconda S.S. Tidal 47.90ly Sorellia Airwolf PC
    #015 DoG Duggy Imperial Cutter Vulcan 2 34.00ly DoG Duggy DoG Duggy XBox
    #016 Bling2Ming Orca Blinky 25.00ly Bling2Ming Bling2Ming PC
    #017 ABish Anaconda Shoggoth 56.00ly abish abish PC
    #018 DMR Archon Anaconda 42.00ly DMR Archon XBox
    #019 Jsolid110 Asp Explorer Dora 30.49ly Jsolid110 Jsolid110 XBox
    #020 DireSIoth Anaconda 45.00ly DireSIoth DireSIoth XBox
    #021 Rage Mode Vinyl Anaconda Stargazer 47.39ly Rage Mode Vinyl XBox
    #022 R Nile Anaconda Prometheus 31.89ly R Nile Nile XBox
    #023 GremlinSpotter Imperial Cutter Venture 33.00ly GremlinSpotter GremlinSpotter XBox
    #024 Starlancer Dolphin So long and thanks 40.00ly Starlanced Starlancer/Novalance PC
    #025 Atomicb0mb639 Anaconda 48.00ly Shiralai Atomic PC
    #026 Helium7 Anaconda White sun 25.00ly Helium7 CMDR Helium7 PC
    #027 Techdude154 Dolphin 42.25ly techdude154 PC
    #028 IvanRuz03 Asp Explorer GFS Normandy 42.84ly IvanRuzDiscord PC
    #029 Winneon Anaconda Spear of Longinus ? Winneon Winneon#5622 PC
    #030 Irishtrekkie 85 Anaconda The Night Scream 44.55ly Irishtrekkie#3639 XBox
    #031 ManChowderLLC Asp Explorer Astraeus 48.02ly ManChowderLLC XBox
    #032 Stavax Anaconda 55.00ly Stavax CMDR Stavax PC
    #033 waterlubber Anaconda 56.20ly waterlubber waterlubber#7959 PC
    #034 Touma Diamondback Explorer 44.84ly Touma PC
    #035 Jet Horizon Adder Juno 33.96ly Jet Horizon Jet Horizon PC
    #036 Devilcr0c Anaconda Odin's Raven 55.00ly Devilcr0c Devilcr0c PC
    #037 Xniperwolf Asp Explorer 25.0ly Xniperwolf Xniperwolf PC
    #038 Lito MacPhearson Diamondback Explorer ESV Vanguard 48.00ly ohcapt13 PC
    #039 Proasek Type-6 ITS Shippy McShipface 15.07ly Proasek PC
    #040 Lana Dawnstar Dolphin Bucky 31.00ly Skipp Doe Skipp PC
    #041 Dexter7 Cobra Mk III Fast Snek 30.00ly Dexter7 Dexter7 PC
    #042 Grimbat Anaconda Starwind 50.00ly Grimbat Grimbat PC
    #043 Mobiusetti Anaconda USS Patch Adams 50.00ly Mobiusetti Mobius PC
    #044 Lord Twistednuke Asp Explorer Destiny 52.08ly Lord Twistednuke PC
    #045 Ysenm Anaconda Star of Arion 47.00ly Ysenm Ysenm (Curve#7994) PC
    #046 Artemis387 Anaconda Cassiopeia 54.66ly Artemis387 Artemis#2885 PC
    #047 Sonwat Asp Explorer Stardust Explorer 47.00ly Sonwat72 PC
    #048 Bomon Diamondback Explorer Wungiel 51.00ly b0mon CMDR Bomon PC
    #049 odotwin Anaconda DSE Farseeker 37.00ly odotwin Druggernaut PC
    #050 Biozombie Dolphin The Jumper 28.00ly Biozombie21 Biozombie PC
    #051 Pete Katchou Asp Explorer Santas Little Helper 31.00ly OrangePeel PC
    #052 Bruns Mitchell Imperial Clipper GSE Lady Meer 36.54ly Bruns#6299 PC
    #053 Chimarvide Asp Explorer Chance of Rain 47.05ly Chime #6475 PC
    #054 Cometborne Imperial Cutter The Thrusted Whale 25.00ly Udo Cometborne PC
    #055 Goosefraba Asp Explorer Aurora 45.00ly goosefraba19 goose#2400 PC
    #056 Unassumingsloth Asp Explorer UNS Puddle Jumper 49.00ly XBox
    #057 AVN Flu Asp Explorer 25.60ly AVN Flu PC
    #058 Somerando Asp Explorer Starchaser 40.00ly Somerandomguy Somerandomguy PC
    #059 Fire Eye Beluga Good-Looking Milk 41.00ly Fire Eye PC
    #060 Bob Dobilina Imperial Clipper H.M.S Latona 33.30ly MrDobilina Bob Dobilina PC
    #061 Smior Asp Scout Astar 40.00ly Cmdr Smior Smior PC
    #062 The Java Magician Beluga Dover to Calais 30.00ly CMDR The Java Magician PC
    #063 Benie Asp Explorer The Raging Dragon 48.52ly Benie PC
    #064 Devick246 Anaconda Fenris 48.58ly Devick Devick PC
    #065 Herroku Viper Mk IV 10.00ly Herroku PC
    #066 Warthog2k Cobra Mk III Götterdämmerung 31.00ly Warthog2k Warthog2k PC
    #067 Mila Strelok Diamondback Explorer DSS Gamusino 51.46ly Mila Strelok PC
    #068 Seriath Storm Anaconda Sleeper Service 43.03ly Seriath Storm PC
    #069 PartyPaul Cobra Mk III 12.93ly PartyPaul #7757 PC
    #070 Biff Boom Bang Asp Explorer HMS Incompetence 35.00ly Biff_Boom_Bang Biff_boom_Bang PC
    #071 Warpfactor Anaconda Thunderchild 52.00ly Warpfactor Warpfactor PC
    #072 jaba66 Asp Explorer 20.00ly PC
    #073 WlanHeizer Asp Explorer DSS Wegener 48.23ly WlanHeizer WlanHeizer PC
    #074 Peter_Angry Asp Explorer 48.00ly Peter_Angry Peter_Angry PC
    #075 Lladerat Asp Explorer Ignis 48.68ly Lladerat PC
    #076 Durousseau Cobra Mk III ISV Yves-Joseph 31.10ly Mar/Alia#3517 PC
    #077 Creepekz Diamondback Explorer 51.21 Creepekz#7635 PC
    #078 Noibla Asp Explorer Shachihoko 46.00ly noibla Noibla PC
    #079 Sheqel Anaconda DSRV Second Contact 30.78ly PC
    #080 Tristan Valentine Asp Explorer Mynock 45.00ly Nickcan PC
    #081 Coolcord Anaconda Star Gazer 51.03ly CMDR Coolcord PC
    #082 matsgalaxy Asp Explorer Golden Star 41.00ly matsgalaxy matsgalaxy PC
    #083 Lncubl Anaconda The Bitter End 40.00ly Lncubl lncubl PC

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    Signed up. How long, roughly, do you anticipate the meetings at each waypoint to last?

    Oh, and is this for PC players only, or is their another group that will mirror the route on xbox - I have a friend on Xbox who may be interested.

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    Meetups are usually 1 hour long but most of the times with an open end.

    I'm currently talking to the guys from EXO who would mirror the whole thing on Xbone.

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    Since you're here I'd like you to ask whether you would like to make a logo?
    I don't have photoshop and making logos isn't one of my best qualities either.


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    Joined! Here is my build. 20 billion in the bank. Any tips?

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    Forgot to ask - how long will the tour actually take to complete, datewise?

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    The tour will take 2 months (~7 weeks) to complete. I will do the final dates once the launch date is confimed.

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    Originally Posted by YggBjorn View Post (Source)
    Joined! Here is my build. 20 billion in the bank. Any tips?
    If you turn off a few of the modules you don't need when you're not using them (AFMU, buggy hanger), you can downgrade the power plant to a 3A. Will give you a little more jump range and a slightly lower running temperature and even save you a little money.

    Most will probably say to ditch the weapons and thus save weight and they are probably correct but I took a fully armed Asp explorer all the way to Jaques and then to Sag a*, never needed the weapons but felt better having them. You could even put a smaller shield generator in, (I run a 3A on my Asp) which would give you more range and allow an even smaller power plant.

    The above will give you a couple of extra light years, just depends on how you feel about a less well defended ship.

    If you've really got 20 billion in the bank, you might as well upgrade the fuel scoop to 6A and the AFMU to 3A.


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    Joined a while ago as Ddraig; the forums finally let me make an account lol

    Excited for this one, since real life got in the way of the last expedition I tried to go on lol

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    Joined with my alt. Cya in the black!

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    Hey guys. I'm the owner of for those who know about it. I could give author rights to the leaders of the expedition so they can add planetary destinations presets. Message me if someone feels like doing this.

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    Perfect! Been thinking of another jaunt into the deep, and this bite-sized expedition is a lovely warm up. Cheers!

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    Originally Posted by Warthog2K View Post (Source)
    Perfect! Been thinking of another jaunt into the deep, and this bite-sized expedition is a lovely warm up. Cheers!
    Same here, do you guys still do these meetups?

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    Is this expedition still active/open?