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Thread: 2.3 Beta, Update 3

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    DBX finally got some love!!!

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    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)
    [*]Some of the Female Outfit Changes had bent knees - now fixed
    i had a chuckle on this

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    Originally Posted by rootsrat View Post (Source)
    So many fixes! Thanks FDEV

    Any more info on this item please?

    Is this all the BGS information, like influence, faction state etc.?
    Here's an example:

    { "timestamp":"2017-03-15T10:33:37Z",
    "SystemSecurity_Localised":"Medium Security",
    "Powers":[ "Zachary Hudson",
    "Li Yong-Rui" ],
    "Factions":[ { "Name":"Wolf 1449 Limited",
    "Allegiance":"Federation" },
    { "Name":"Future of Erne",
    "Allegiance":"Federation" },
    { "Name":"Erne Crimson Electronics Int",
    "Allegiance":"Independent" },
    { "Name":"Lowne 1 Purple Legal Commodities",
    "Allegiance":"Federation" },
    { "Name":"Erne Order",
    "Allegiance":"Independent" },
    { "Name":"Erne Silver Hand Gang",
    "Allegiance":"Independent" },
    { "Name":"Erne Limited",
    "Allegiance":"Federation" } ],
    "SystemFaction":"Erne Limited" }

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    A buff for the Beluga and Orca? Excellent!

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    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)
    Fix some passengers refusing to leave their cabins
    This raised a chuckle - stubborn old space tourists.

    Great list of fixes - thanks for the hard work.

    In other news, I'm sad to see VR users still don't get to use huge parts of the camera suite functionality - no zoom, focus, DOF.. weeps.

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    Wow that's a lot for a mid Beta update, thanks so much guys and girls.

    Rebalanced ships: DBX now has an extra size 2 slot and is a bit lighter
    To be honest this is the only thing I'm disappointed by. Another quick fix to appease the whiners rather than making the changes to the Surface Scanner that actually make sense. But hey ho.

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    @Martin - thanks, much appreciated!

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    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)
    [*]Balance pass on the Federal Condor, increasing it's transverse acceleration from 10 to 20
    Yaaaayyy!!! Buying a Condor paint job to celebrate

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    Good work!

    Mmnn... ¿no BGS fixes/updates? There are very, very necessary...

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    Originally Posted by Bortas View Post (Source)
    So we can have our gunner kill other commanders without getting wanted? Sounds like a lot of fun...

    A fix for the "helm becoming wanted because of gunner actions"-issue is badly needed, but that doesn't appear to be the right one to me.
    I dont understand.... surely if a crime is committed all members of the crew take the hit. ..... as it is it already sucks that crimes can be wiped on disbanding the crew just by not taking the money.

    imo how it works should be simple.

    Crimes committed are added to the whole crew.
    You are ALWAYS responsible for the crimes YOU commit, regardless of if you take the money or not on disbanding.
    Any crimes committed by your TEAMMATES which are added to you when in the crew wing, you can choose to take with you, or you can choose to not take with you and give up your earnings.

    The only time we should be able to commit a crime and it NOT be added to us, would be if ever FD add npc crew and instead of using telepresence we are using another cmdrs crew instead, so in effect our cmdr was never there

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    I think I just squeeeed myself at the journal thing.

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    Thanks Frontier for all your hard work especially with the much wanted changes to the Diamondback Explorer.

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    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)
    Good morning, CMDRs. This morning we're applying an update to the beta which will cause them to be offline for a short time. The following changelog is the full list of changes being implemented to this new build.
    [*]Rebalanced ships: DBX now has an extra size 2 slot and is a bit lighter, Asp Scout has a new size 2 slot and a size 5 slot replacing one of it's size 4 ones. Beluga mass brought more in line with other large ships to help FSD range
    Would have rather seen two size one slots rather than a size two, so a DBX could fit a cargo rack, two discovery scanners, fuel scoop, AFMU, planetary lander and shield (the full explorer kit) without unbalancing combat, as two size 1s aren't much better than a size 2 anyway.

    But all the changes are good, I'd just put two size ones on both the DBX and Asp Scout instead of one size 2, which fits in with their focus as scouting vessels with smaller compartments for scanning equipment, not military focused vessels with larger compartments.

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