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Thread: 95th Squadron - small PvE casual player group

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    i wanna join :)

    Gign me up please .. CMDR MOGGERS

    many thanks

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    Originally Posted by moGGers View Post (Source)
    Gign me up please .. CMDR MOGGERS

    many thanks
    Hey there - welcome aboard. Take a look at the files list to read the rules on our FB page. o7

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    Not on facebook

    Hi how do I join your group if I'm not on Facebook?

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    Originally Posted by Demonicrage View Post (Source)
    Hi how do I join your group if I'm not on Facebook?
    Hi there Kris - sorry! I totally missed your message earlier in the thread. Doh!

    If you don't have FB, have you got Discord? Friend request me on that (see opening post to thread for Discord name) and I'll drag you into our Discord channel. I try to update this page at the same time as FB but must admit I sometimes forget- hence the Discord channel. Once that gets more of us on it I'll migrate all the polls etc to there.

    In the meantime, welcome to the 95th, if you still want to join o7

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    *BFNF Mining 'n' Defence Night**

    Sunday 21st May

    TS Server: Message me with your CMDR name for the password.

    Start Time 8PM (BST) Midday in California 7PM Game Time

    Our Mission: Mining and miner defence. I will bring along my Anaconda, DNV "Lady Macbeth" with fighters to defend those who want to mine. If you have a strong desire to mine or defend, post a comment. We'll either carry it out in the home system or jump to a target system with many mining missions... if there are mining missions still there.

    May descend into wanton murder later on.

    If not yet on our Discord, check post one of this thread and friend request me. o7

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    We are at war in Warlaworka - feel free to support BFNF Solutions for future peace and prosperity. BFNF Solutions - the best solution.

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    We have a prize attached to our Sunday meet Canyon running. Shocker! So, if you are interested, message me for TS details (if you don't have them) or join us on Discord. 8pm UK time this Sunday.


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    Casual player here, but manage to log a few hours in game. I'd be keen to join!

    ~Seb Grim.

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    And joined. Pleased to be a part of the 95th!


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    Welcome aboard, Sebastian Grim o7

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    Am pleased to confirm that we now control three of the nine systems we are interested in o7

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    Visiting Thargoid structure at 8pm BST if you want to come along. Join us on FB or Discord. o7

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    Checking in

    Zenir checking in. I've been with the Squadron for about a week now, and it has been a helpful group for a brand new player. I'm fresh from the GSF part of SwToR, and having so much more fun in this game. Thanks for letting me join the fun!

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    Room for more? Im interested.

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    I would like to join up... just sent a facebook request

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