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Thread: That time another Cmdr caught you doing something stupid

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    That time another Cmdr caught you doing something stupid

    I've had a couple instances of this.

    Once, I was coming at a station from the back side in my FAS, and had to do a sharp turn and cut it too close and got my wings stuck in the wire rack. While I'm trying to free myself, I get a greeting text from another cmdr. D'oh!

    Another time, I was headed to an engineer base and came in too steep and got kicked out 80 km away. So, I did a loop to try another approach, but got kicked out just as far away. So, I try a third time. waiting to put some distance between me and the base, but was too impatient and still ended up too far away. Getting ready for my 4th attempt (lol), I see a hollow box and just jump to the next system in shame.

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    Theres basicly a whole thread with some 100 pages of that for me
    My Adventure of being stranded on Planet Wilson:!

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    Coming in fairly hot to Tod McQuin, go to left panel to request docking, hit "galaxy map" by mistake; when I finally get back out of the map, nose down in the dirt with no shields and about 30% hull...
    "o7 cmdr, you alright mate? That looked pretty brutal."


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    In a fully loaded T-7, inside an orbital station, I press what I think is "L" for landing gear and accidentally pressed "J" for jettison all.

    That is all.
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    I've had to call on friends to deliver limpets to a crime scene on more than one occasion...

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    I had a couple of mishaps in front of other people, probably the most embarrassing one was playing a game of pool with my Cutter in a RES. I just noticed another commander and got distracted, during the fight, and found myself heading directly into a huge piece of rock.
    We all know the Cutter. I love her, but well... I hit the boost and start rolling away, but instead avoiding it, I somehow managed to pancake three asteroids in a quick succession, losing two thirds of my shields.

    In response I received 10 seconds of awkward silence and then. "Dude. You need help with that Conda?"

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    I have a bunch of friends who are general console gamers who will sometimes join me in Elite... watching them land is always funny. They get mocked a lot (which will come back to bite me in a moment).
    A while back we had a docking-computer bug where it would take you off course, and I have one on my cutter (So I can sit back and bask rather then manually docking). When the bug first hit me I had no idea what was happening, and I was with a bunch of newbies who were in fits of laughter as I was fumbling around trying to regain control from the autodock. I should of just turned off the module, but I was in a state of mild panic as my half-billion credit ship slid sideways, grinding it's hull across the floor and nearby buildings.

    Not my finest moment.

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    I have a knack for being stupid in stations, but as a general rule I avoid causing any (serious) injury.

    Yeah, "general" is operative. My first ever iCutter death...not even valiantly on the fields of battle. Nay, he came in through the slot at a semi-busy station FA Off having just had my thrusters modded for the first time, me clearly enjoying barrel rolling too much to notice my speed, and thwacked a shieldless NPC cobra into a control tower before bouncing off the end of the station.


    "lol, speed kills. Now, how fast can this thing backpedal..."
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    I'd just put dirty drives 5 on my Python, and headed off to another engineer base back in the bubble.
    After installing a few more mods (i forget which), i was eager to test out how the Python now handles.
    So i took off, and noticed a few other CMDRs docking and undocking, put 4 pips to engines, and flew around the base some, pulling off stunts, feeling like an ace.
    Then spotted a canyon.
    I turned, boosted down in to it at 450m/s, in to a tight turn, and boosted again.
    Only to realise she's not quite as agile as i thought, and belly flopped the canyon wall at full speed.

    All i can imagine are other CMDRs watching me muck about and shoot off in to the distance. Followed by a loud thud and small fireball in the distance.

    I promptly rebrought my ship and slipped away quietly.

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    For me it must be those times I have had to call upon the fuel rats to rescue me on my way to or from a distant trade spot.

    ..with the largest fuel scoop possible on the ship..

    ..a couple LY away from the nearest scoopable star..

    It usually happens in my Cutter, and the rescuer ends up almost emptying his fuel tank to get me up to 20%. Blush times...

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    Originally Posted by Draxxen View Post (Source)
    For me it must be those times I have had to call upon the fuel rats to rescue me on my way to or from a distant trade spot.

    ..with the largest fuel scoop possible on the ship..

    ..a couple LY away from the nearest scoopable star..

    It usually happens in my Cutter, and the rescuer ends up almost emptying his fuel tank to get me up to 20%. Blush times...

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    Playing using a controller, flying a clipper, about to land half way down the station, I look up at chat for a sec and instinctively hit B to close it for some reason and I boost uncontrollably down the station right into the wall. Luckily I never hit anyone but there was a CMDR taking off and one coming in behind me. Did the long turn around, landed and quit to solo in shame.

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    On one of the older but less known Elite Dangerous streamer's Twitch channel, I was doing some sick flybys in my Viper Mk III (USA paint job, MURICA). Chat was loving the roar of the engines until I face-planted into an asteroid...for all to see
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    This one time I was standing outside my ship on the landing pad, and I was having a rather... intimate moment with the ship... when another commander flew by and asked what the hell I was doing. I don't care, my ship is a beautiful lady who needs a special kind of loving... around the cargo hatch....

    Oh wait nvm I was just drunk... yeah... lets go with that.

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    870m/s imperial courier, "I know I'll look cool and boost out in front of that T9.. Wait, oh no, theres a NPC T6 coming up!"

    Clipped the T6, into a spin due to FA off, tangled in mailslot and boom. T9 in chat - "lol"

    Me: well at least he didn't get chance to scan my name
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