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Thread: That time another Cmdr caught you doing something stupid

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    Was parked on the mounains at one of the engineer bases not long ago after i was done engineering. (1 month +)

    Saw a clipper coming in way too fast, i targeted him and saw him lose all his shields but the last ring smacking into the mountains close to his pad. Lacking some color on that last shield ring.

    I typed: "Nice landing."

    He replied something like this: "Oh... i thought no one was watching.. eh lol"

    I answered: "I am always watching."

    He said nothing.

    I finished my smoke break and left.

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    Originally Posted by shadragon View Post (Source)
    In a fully loaded T-7, inside an orbital station, I press what I think is "L" for landing gear and accidentally pressed "J" for jettison all.

    That is all.
    I so unmapped that key very quickly indeed.

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    Not _sure_ if I've been seen doing any fails myself (it's certainly possible) but I did see another cmdr boost into the station past me, turn down, miss his spot, and slap into the tower, he recovers (missing most of his shield) and sets it down... I txt "Smooth". No reply.

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    When I was a noob I challenged a commander to a fight

    I was in an Adder. He was in a Clipper. I boosted into him by accident immediately and died

    Also I took my Clipper to Hutton orbital during the Hutton truckers event. I had completely forgotten it was a large pad ship, so I ha to go scooping xD

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    I lined up with some other CMDRs for a screenie in front of a station. Forgot to retract my landing gear. No biggie, but rather embarrassing to have to be reminded.

    I was a relative noob when they let anyone buy a Clipper without the rank. Some of us were forming up to take on some other CMDRs and I had a great idea to refit my new ship with PAs, not paying attention to the power requirements. Deployed weps and everything turned off. No shields, no life support, etc. Had to retract and head back to port with my tail between my legs.

    I was in a sparring match and didn't know the rules. After my hull got down to 20%, I exited and repaired, coming back to the designated area. I asked several times if it was ok to re-engage, but got no replies. That was until I re-engaged. Got an earful after that.

    Of course, I'll deny all of this if anyone asks.

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    Every time I dock FA Off with an audience at a crowded CG. Every. Single. Time.

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    Had just gotten my Cutter, meeting up with a friend to bask some.

    Well, let's just say that I hadn't acclimated to her drift ... Smacked right into him, promptly killing his shields and half his hull.

    We did get a good long laugh out of it tho
    And I have a feeling that he'll pay me back in kind when he get's his cutter and wants to bask XD

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    When I just got the game, I liked testing the NPC collision avoidance. So I'd do the rude things like try for a head-on collision or do a boost-turn around them. Of course I ended up nearly hitting another cmdr with my unarmed Asp. I tried to apologize, but they only left when I switched to my Python...

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    I'm going to bend the rules slightly and I'm going to take "another commander caught you" to include "another commander would definitely have caught you if you'd been in Open".

    Undocking with a several hundred tons of cargo, trying to figure out which button turned the external lights on and off. Noticed a fine, then another, then 5, then 10, then too many to count. Turns out I'd been pressing jettison cargo, and I'd just filled the slot and the internal and external approaches to the slot with my cargo. If I'd been in Open, this would definitely have raised some eyebrows.

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    When Horizons dropped I was making a liteweight vulture do atmospheric gymnastics on a planet; fa off cartwheeling end over end on 2 axis, boosting and trying to time thrust as I spin to keep me level. So I realise there is another commander watching me in a conda, probably wondering how much onionhead I have had today, so I reach for my lights button with the intent of trying to flash them madly at him as I spin in his direction like an absolut lunatic.

    So, cue a probably alarming FA off ballet of vulture acrobatics, boosting and headlight flashing, as I deathspun closer to the by now bemused CMDR everything seemed "under control" and my general plan (plan, who am I kidding) was to try and come smarlty to a halt in front of him/hear and say hello.....but in my headlight flashing exuberance I must have hit silent running (toggle since moved far away from other normal use toggles), because I noticed my shields were offline and I was getting hot.

    I'm really close at this point, caught up in the moment as I was, so I do a wee bit of a panic and fumble for my silent running toggle (instead of turning FA back on - hindsight eh?), instead I think I just flashed my lights forlornly a few times, rotated even more wildly and pancaked into his conda, totally destroying myself on his shields like a grape hitting a window......

    I can only imagine what this suicide run looked like from their view...

    Good times.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Ofan View Post (Source)
    ... and pancaked into his conda, totally destroying myself on his shields like a grape hitting a window......
    That was you!? My Anaconda has a big dent in the side, and I'm still travelling back from Beagle Point where I ended up after the impact!

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    I did a lazy FA-off boost into the station after a wing fight and hit the mailslot instead, making me spin around inside the station. A mostly harmless asp saw me.

    I messaged him "you didn't see that", and he replied "oh dear" then flew off. I'm still worried it'll surface in a video somewhere

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    Originally Posted by kmwmtd View Post (Source)
    That was you!? My Anaconda has a big dent in the side, and I'm still travelling back from Beagle Point where I ended up after the impact!
    I don't know which poor sod it was, I hope if it was you I gave you a chuckle lol I was creasing with laughter at the rebuy screen.

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    With a fully loaded Type-9, and a pirate on my tail, I was approaching the station at full throttle+boost.

    As a warning, I sent out a broadcast on the local band:

    "Past the toast rack, through the slot, look out station, I'm coming in hot."

    It did have the intended effect of warning those in the station and there were no collisions, but I did receive at least one reply:

    "Please don't EVER say that again."

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