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Thread: Xbox one players be warned

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    Originally Posted by pbloke View Post (Source)
    Join Mobuis EU and enjoy the game how you want to play. You can chat with like minded cmdrs and wave out the window, it's the best thing I did on my account

    The only puzzle sometimes is cmdr's ignore your wave, I think why not play in solo then?. There are plenty of cmdrs in Mobius at pinch points not had a bad encounter yet.
    Maybe a newb question...but what is Mobuis EU?

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    I just have to say, thank you for publicising my Facebook Group, Conrad.

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    Originally Posted by MrGreen13 View Post (Source)
    Maybe a newb question...but what is Mobuis EU?
    A private group in which you're not allowed to shoot other members or they'll send a stern letter to your mum

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    Well this is most certainly an interesting thread.

    I do think a lot of people are choosing the wrong way to approach PvP. Instead of crying about it, why not try and get together to fight those people? Human opponents are honestly way more interesting than the current brain dead NPC's and there isn't even terrible amounts of engineering needed to be fully competitive.

    Sure, I was when I got ripped apart at a CG for the first time (nonetheless because there were at least two utterly broken mechanics in play, heat and the anarchy bug), but I went on with my business, engineered my Corvette and a week later I killed the pilot responsible for my death there.

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    Originally Posted by Mole HD View Post (Source)
    Again, you're making assumptions that I don't play, or enjoy open, or PvP for that matter....
    You don't seem to understand. Any disagreement means that you hate PvP, and you're a carebear, and you're PvE only, and that you've never tried PvP and also don't understand PvP.

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    Originally Posted by EdzUp View Post (Source)
    Fleeing to other game modes isnt going to stop these guys ruining open what is required is a group of like minded players to police the game going around CG's and blowing em to smithereens
    I'm already part of said faction, theres actually quite a few.

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    Originally Posted by nathdixon92 View Post (Source)
    I just have to say, thank you for publicising my Facebook Group, Conrad.
    getting free shoutouts

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    I don't mean to be a curmudgeon, but they are, strictly speaking, not griefers.

    Let me be abundantly clear, I am not one of them. I have only ever opened fire on another Commander once and, depending on what I perceive my chances of survival are, will sometimes not even return fire.

    In my understanding, a griefer is a player who is intentionally causing anger and frustration and often uses game mechanics in unintended ways.

    While I consider their actions deplorable from a an rp perspective, they are only exercising the freedom to play the game as the rest of us are. I have eaten multimillion credit rebuys on clippers and anacondas at their hands, that resulted in a good conversation after they thanked me for not logging. They aren't griefers and they aren't trying to ruin anything; some of them love the game even more than I do.

    The one that I spoke to considers himself a terrorist (and gave me great advice on shield engineering). So, by all means, let's have terror alerts at CGs; let's engineer our ships and fight them to the last man or woman; let's make CGs and the galaxy safe for all carbon based life forms. But let's not treat them as if they are illegitimate members of the community for playing it according to the rules that have been established.

    For the record, my defence doesn't include those who attack without provocation and then log of their target turns the tables. That IS griefing.

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    Self oppressed.

    Next week, same topic, same time?

    Anyway. Back to teasing the mongrels.

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    Originally Posted by STARB0YY View Post (Source)
    You know if more people would actually respond in game that would make for some great content and would give the ''griefers'' some real opposition, they only have so many rebuys. Unfortunately a lot of people do their PvP on the forum instead. I know for a fact there are a lot of people who hate griefers who are very well off in the game and have a lot of credits and nice ships, but very few of them actually go and fight the people they hate so much in the game.

    I met a Anaconda and the previous CG location who interdicted me because I was wanted since I was doing piracy, we had a good fight and chatted afterwards, he said he was there hunting griefers. A few more players like him patrolling CG's consistently could change the balance significantly.
    True, you'd do need the credit muscle to pay for the rebuys.Hmmm, Wings (or multicrew) of 'AGW' (anti griefer warfare) ships patrolling cg's would be a great balance change.
    How would they make money though?, do it for the fame?

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    Whenever i get annoyed at a "griefer" (bear in mind I am using that term very loosely here) I just remember my years in EvE Online and how entire player Empires were formed around getting massive wolfpacks of players together to cover vast areas and hunt down innocent players who were foolish enough to get close to their territory all in the name of shiggles.

    I ran with Nulli Secunda. I was at the battle of Br-5rb. Whenever you go online in a game that does not restrict players engaging other players, you have to assume you are going to face PvP at some point. And once that first laser beam grazes by you, and reasons as to "why" the other player is trying to kill you becomes irrelevant.

    You either avoid the situation like I do and play mainly in Solo (which also loads everything a lot faster for some reason and plays smoother) or you nut up and fire back, or you organize your own wing to take the fight to the enemy, or you die. Those are your choices and nothing is going to change that.

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    i think if there was no loss and death in this game it would be a killer in itself. there is nothing more fun and rewarding than fighting for your potential rebuy credits and cargo

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    Rule #1 of a CG. Play it in solo if you want to succeed.

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    Originally Posted by Guywired View Post (Source)
    Still waiting on that evidence.
    "Help rebels overthrow an oppressive regime, put down a rebellion, or just hunt other Commanders. Your combat skills will keep you safe in a cutthroat galaxy."

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    Originally Posted by Un1k0rn View Post (Source)
    They're not bad for the game. You have two modes to avoid PK'ers. Use them.

    Here's the thing... A lot of Elite players ENJOY the crazy stupid risk of death that Open offers.

    Note, you won't find many of these players on this forum. This forum has a huge PvE bias.

    I know very well that I'm in the minority on this forum. But I also know this forum doesn't represent the entire community.
    If we're (PvE) the majority here in the forum, we're most likely the majority out of it.

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