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Thread: Lost ships due to life support running out

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    Lost ships due to life support running out

    So I've been grinding industrial sourcing missions (Around 200k ea) for days and throughout that process I was finally able to purchase an ASP Explorer (6.6 mil). So I take a few more sourcing missions and I'm pulling out of dock as usual and as soon as it releases me from dock I immediately get a life support message on my display. I find that unusual so I left the port and flipped around to redock but my contacts screen doesn't even register the dock, I go to system map and re-select the dock, nothing. I even left to a brand new system and dock and STILL I couldn't contact a dock to request docking. So now I'm down to less than 1 minute on life support and I'm desperate so I start pulling into the dock and I start getting slammed with fines, then, I suffocate and my ship explodes? .

    So I had enough credit blanket to take the hit and I replace my ASP. This time I check my repair schedule, fuel and restockables and everything looks good so I release from dock after restarting, SAME ISSUE, right back to the life support message and me not being able to contact ANY dock but of course this time.. I can't afford the loss so I explode and I have to come back on LOANED equipment in a SIDEWINDER. I spent WEEKS grinding to get my ASP then I loose MILLIONS to some bull glitch that I have NEVER encountered before? What the hell is my incentive to keep playing this garbage? Hours and hours of my time completely wasted and this bull leasing and respawn system is completely broken. How do you justify this crap? I wanted to talk my friends into buying your product Frontier but after me losing WEEKS of hard work trying to enjoy it I don't think I'll ever play again, it's that bad. Anyone else have an issue like this before? I'm ready to put this game down for good after this..

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    Hello there

    If it's a bug then contact support, who are usually very fast at reimbursing bug related losses.

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    Check your sensors and power priorities.

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    Sounds like you didn't had enough power for your ship so that explains why everything turns off.

    No sensors=You can't dock

    Check your power priorities but also check if maybe you got over your power limit. Maybe you changed some weapons

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    Did you have enough power to run everything on the Asp? It sounds like you didn't have enough capacity in your powerplant and some modules shut down when you launched (life support and sensors).

    Edit: Good googily moogily. Ninja'd by my own petard! (twice even!)

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    I smell a power issue of some sort.
    You might have screwed around with the power priority settings on your ship making your life-support and sensors not powered due to your ship consuming more power than the powerplant can handle.
    Hope both you and FD figures it out though.

    Good luck.

    (Also ninja'd)

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    Sounds like you had too much stuff enabled, not enough power and no or incorrectly set up module priorities. What you describe about the dock indicates the sensors were offline, and the life support message implies the life support system was also offline. Assuming you went and outfitted your ship, when you exited that did you get a message about needing to set module priorities?

    Not entirely sure why this would happen straight after undock, but I guess you are powered by the station when docked, then as soon as you undock it switches to your power plant, only it wasn't powerful enough. When you undocked, did you get a message about power plant capacity exceeded?

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    Originally Posted by R34per View Post (Source)
    Sounds like you didn't had enough power for your ship so that explains why everything turns off.

    No sensors=You can't dock

    Check your power priorities but also check if maybe you got over your power limit. Maybe you changed some weapons
    Agreed this was the issue.

    Anytime you fit new parts, check your module tab (right hand panel) and be sure you can run what you have. If you cannot, re-fit, or re-prioritize what you NEED to run to 1st priority etc...

    Originally Posted by SinphulAK View Post (Source)
    <Sad story about not being aware of all game mechanics>

    Yes, you can lose a lot of work for a silly mistake like this. I personally bounced a Cutter off a High G world because I didn't look at the G's before attempting a landing... I learned a 50,000,000 credit lesson. Sounds like the game tried to teach you a 6,000,000 lesson and you failed to recognize the problem, so the game tried to teach it to you again. Unfortunately, you learned another lesson at the same time of "Don't fly what you cannot rebuy". The nice thing though, that is the only "punishment" this game has...

    Certainly in the future I would recommend you troubleshoot and find a corrective action for your issue before you attempt to fly again. Obviously, if you did not change anything to solve issue, there is still issue. So...

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    I too like to come to the forum to vent my frustration over my own mistakes and then not reply to the thread when someone points them out to me.

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    I had the best power distributer and generator credits could buy. The only thing I did was sell 4 of my 6 hardpoints to reduce weight. My power levels looked just fine, well overpowered as a whole so I don't feel this fits. Nothing else changed in my modules at all.

    - - - Updated - - -

    As if there was ANY KIND of warning, status alert or anything to emphasize my alleged "mistakes" or give me any kinds of heads up. There was NOTHING. Get over yourself.

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    ninja'd by OP

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    And no. No messages about power supply issues, just a big fat blue warning about life support after undocking.

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    Originally Posted by SinphulAK View Post (Source)
    Get over yourself.
    Ok, moving along, nothing to see here.

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