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Thread: Free Camera shows Elevation control to be Unbound

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    Free Camera shows Elevation control to be Unbound


    All of the time (100%)

    What time
    22:30 GMT

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    Using VR?
    None / N/A



    Ship Type
    Asp Explorer

    Commander name

    Describe the issue
    In the Free Camera, the 'Elevation' Up control shows 'Not Bound', even though it is bound and works.

    In the video below, I start with the 'Elevation' controls unbound. I set the Move Up and Move Down control to the Throttle Hat on my HOTAS. When re-entering Free Camera, the HUD shows the binding for Elevation Down correctly, but shows Elevation Up control to be Not Bound.

    It does this whether I bind it to a Key or my HOTAS

    Reproduction Steps
    Enter 'Options' -> Controls -> Free Camera.
    Bind Move Up and Move Down and Apply changes. Exit the Options
    Enter the Camera mode, then Free Camera.
    Check the 'Elevation' bindings displayed in the HUD.

    Additional files?

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    +1 ... having the same issue!

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    Hey Cmdrs,

    Please let me know if this issue continues after updating to Beta 4.
    Please remember to use the bug reporting template, found in our guidelines for posting threads about bugs!
    Please check our known issues threads before making your report:
    PC & Mac - Known Issues Thread
    Xbox One - Known Issues Thread

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    Yes, the same happens in Beta 4. New video:
    CMDR texaspete