Sidewinder Syndicate is a player faction and wing centered in and around Elite: Dangerous

The Sidewinder Syndicate, also know as Sidey Syndicate, is an organization that operates to fulfill its interests and the interests of its members. The Syndicate operates to help people in the group and outside the group to enjoy the game and have fun. The Syndicate is located in Ix due to its strategic location and convenient High-Tech services for our members to use. The Syndicate does not have affiliation with any powers because we allow anyone to join us regardless of their PP pledge. The Syndicate works with many other groups in effort to better fulfill the interests of the group and make the game fun for everyone. We are a pretty relaxed group of people and are always welcoming to new members.

Our Mission:

To promote the interests of the Syndicate. We as a group are focused on having fun and enjoying the game.

To help others by sharing useful tips, ship builds, current ways of earning credits, how to even play, and much more!

To increase our faction rep and expand ourselves through out space!

Code of Ethics:

Sidewinder Syndicate has one goal, to promote the interests of the group and have fun! Well, that's really two goals but they're pretty good.

We respect all members regardless of allegiance, PP pledge, rank/status, and credits/ships owned, and game play style because those things don't matter because we are all trying to have fun!

We do not grief innocent players because that would be ruining the fun for them, and we don't want that.

Player base:

We are current flying in Open so that we are able to join forces and have fun together.

We are accepting!

Join through our INARA wing: http://inara.cz/wing/564 An application should include something about why you would like to join. We will try to get to you as soon as possible to review and possibly accept your application.

Join right here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1F...rm?usp=sf_link A proper application should include all required fields. Optional fields are helpful. We will try to get to you as soon as possible to review and possible accept your application. Email address required so that we can contact you about entry. If entering an email is not possible please use an INARA account to apply.