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Thread: Fighters - Which one and how do you think they perform?

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    Fighters - Which one and how do you think they perform?

    Hi All,

    Loving my Keelback for some silly fun but the questions of the fighters pop into my head.

    I'm currently running with the fixed beam Taipan but wonder about the others.

    I get the generalisations
    Taipan: Slower but tougher
    Condor: All rounder
    Imperial: Fast and nippy but paper thin

    How have you found the different fighters and also what loadouts as I suspect I'm not optimising my fighter usage as much as I probably could.

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    I've tried all Fighters with pretty much every loadout over the course of time, and my favourite is by far the Condor.

    I'm mostly using a mix of Thermal and Kinetic weapons on my mothership and like to jump into the fighter from time to time myself. Since I'm horrible at aiming fixed lasers, all weapons that are left for me on SLF are Plasma Repeaters (Thermal/Kinetic damage) and Multicannons (Kinetic of course, Condor-only) - NEVER use gimballed weapons on a SLF.
    On such a weapon mix on my mothership I'm going for Plasma Repeaters on the SLF, for a overall balanced damage-type distribution. I also like to run a second build with full lasers on my mothership, where the SLF have Multicannons - these chew through hull like crazy. If the changes to Shields and Hull for 2.3 stay like they are right now, I might cinsider to go full MC SLF on everything.

    While the Imperial SLF is, like you said, paper thin and the Taipan has a horrible cockpit and flies like a brick compared to the other SLF (for my taste), the Condor is pure gold. It's able to take a shot or two, maneuvers greatly and is the only SLF with access to Multicannons.

    Here's a nice summarization of everything to know about SLFs:

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    I have a double bay in my Anaconda and keep a Taipan and a Condor in there. While one is being repaired/built, I use/send out the other. I sometimes use gimbled hardpoints on the Condor, so that when I send my crew member out she lands more shots

    I find them very useful and certainly fun, but I just keep different weapons on them and primarily send out the one I think will be most useful - MC or Beams, for example, means Condor or Taipan. I probaby favor the Taipan for my own use because it sounds great when you hit the booster.

    I haven't used the Imerial fighter

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    Definitely the Imperial. Fun... while it lasts.

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    As missiles can quickly end an SLF I tend to go with those that have pointe defence installed. My favorite is the F63 Condor Aegis F with 2 fixed plasma repeaters. Still I love the Rogue F with 2 fixed multi-cannons and chaff when I fly it.

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    For NPC pilot it is taipan, usually gelid f. For some reason NPC-s tend to survive better in taipan, and while plasma repeaters are great even with elite pilot smaller targets are an issue, and smaller targets are the main reason i have fighter. With beams i can send him after high ranked vipers, cobras etc and be almost 100% sure about the result.
    For myself it is usually GU-97 gelid f. Shield/hull does not matter that much (and it is replacable after all) and extra speed/maneuverability is nice to have. Beams, because i find them easier to hit targets with and most universal.
    And yes, heatsinks on both are useless, but combinations i would like to have just do not exist. Ideally for me it will be GU-97 and taipan with fixed beams and point defence.
    As for condor... it is somewhat broken now, if it will be fixed in 2.3 i would like to at least try it for sure...

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    There are other fighters than the Imperial one?

    Seriously tho, they're all paper thin so Taipan's "tankiness" won't prevent it from dying really quickly when focused, so you may as well go for maneuverable glass cannon. And that is the Gu-97.