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Thread: 2.3 Beta 4 Changelog

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    Hmmm, tried a reload and seems to be the same. Does anyone else's honker still work ?

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    Sub Targeting is saying align with target on Both CMDRs and NPCs

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    Originally Posted by Alec Turner View Post (Source)
    Absolutely, how the hell else is an explorer supposed to stay awake!

    (joke - I love exploring)
    The problem is that it may have awakened the aliens as well. Oh well, it's too late. Now They are Honking back.

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    Aaaand NPC high wake before cool down still not in change-log =/

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    Originally Posted by CMDR GTR2014 View Post (Source)
    Aaaand NPC high wake before cool down still not in change-log =/
    Is that a 2.3 feature?

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    Nice one, lots of fixes!

    * Fix cabin escape pods not always being used when passengers eject

    Interesting. So cabins actually have some sort of their own escape pods.

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    Still no changes to the comms panel?

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    I'm working from home today and then you test my resolve like this! Gah!

    (More asteroid stations, please?)

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    Thanks for the update. The game needs more ambient music soundtracks too.

    See this thread

    Originally Posted by Cosmo View Post (Source)
    Elite Dangerous needs a lot more ambient music. There's currently only a few songs during supercruise. A lot of unused ambient music is on the ED OST.

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    Originally Posted by Whitehair View Post (Source)
    Is that a 2.3 feature?
    nah, a god dawn bug....

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    It looks like a release in the near future.

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    Nice Job Team - Keep up the good work!

    Can't wait for it to go live so I can used all the new features in my longplay series, Two Guys in Space, which 1 kicks off later this week at

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    Originally Posted by isokix View Post (Source)
    Has anyone else noticed a problem with the HONK ?

    The advanced discovery scanner is now, silent . . . no more hooooooooonk

    I will try a reload and test again.
    Can confirm that all audio for discovery scanner has gone AWOL. Also did a reboot, no change.

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    al these updates so enjoyable after it all have been a kickstarter.
    bring them one.
    nice one.

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    Originally Posted by vangaleone View Post (Source)
    It looks like a release in the near future.
    I hope it's not because there are still plenty of issues. And multicrew mining absolutely needs tweaking.

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