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Thread: 2.3 Beta 5 Change Log

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    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)
    A player's ship name will always be visible to other players when scanned
    So the right thing CAN happen.

    Good job folks. Good to hear it officially.

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    Frontier, I see you can't view locked cash-shop suits in game anymore, I thought this was a feature - not a bug..

    It would be great if you could view all locked cash-shop items in game before buying - instead of relying on website images, the assets are already in the game.

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    So... no more options for hairstyles, eyes, beards, mouths, ears, etc...?
    Different facial expressions are most likely also out of the question?

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    Originally Posted by Dale Emasiri View Post (Source)

    • Audio: Fixed issue with plinky-plonky small/medium turreted multicannon

    I just had to comment this with a 'no comment' comment.

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    Fixed star texture pop when arriving from hyperspace

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    I didn't see it in the change log but the low rumble pulling out of a gravity well is back. Thanks for That

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    Thank you for the update, guys. Now when is 2.3 to be expected? What about some news about 2.4?

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    Fixed star texture pop when arriving from hyperspace
    YES! That was the big one I was really hoping they;d fix.

    Originally Posted by Kyokushin View Post (Source)
    Why they turned it off?

    It was an great option to see NPC faces in comm panel.
    Because they didnt have faces. Whats the point of showing an individual's face if they aren't individual but just generic clones?

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    What's the background to

    "Bounty Vouchers and Combat Bonds are now awarded to MultiCrew members based on their combat rank" ?

    How is this being split?

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    Still no subsystem targeting for Gunner Role? What the heck is up with this Frontier?

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    nice changelog

    to comment on the remarks about Avatars in chat,
    game needs whole new screen , called 'communication central' then we can have stuff like
    switch for enable/disable avatars
    long chat lines
    message history
    player group support

    not the atrocious communication UI we have now (selection hell, scrolling hell, switching hell, frustrating, losing history etc.)

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    A message for developers.

    Please take a look at the imperial clipper, it is certainly a lovely ship but leaves much to be desired for combat.

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    Originally Posted by Kyokushin View Post (Source)
    I don't care of player avatars, they are ugly in most as their owners in RL. I am not seeying them often (fortunately).

    I prefer to see NPC avatars because they are communicating to me in most.
    Imperial pilots should be different than Federal navy, and of course characteristic pirates, traders, and other, they all should be different but similar at some point by group.
    Your words. So much truth.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR Dreamstate View Post (Source)
    Your words. So much truth.


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