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Thread: The Sky at Night this month

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    Originally Posted by JonnyRedHed View Post (Source)
    BBC The Sky at Night - 12th Feb 2018 - The Mystery of Oumuamua
    You do know that this was on TV on the 11th not the 12th? Repeated on BBC 4, Thursday 15th at 19:30.

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    BBC -The Sky at Night - Mars, red and dead - April 2018

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    Your thread is a real encyclopedia

    Thanks for the share

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    Originally Posted by Patrick_68000 View Post (Source)
    Your thread is a real encyclopedia

    Thanks for the share


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    Originally Posted by Manticore View Post (Source)
    Yes he is good

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    Might have mentioned this before, but the Sky at Night magazine is a good monthly read as well. Currently (May issue, featuring new results from the Juno mission) running a subscription offer with 40% off to UK residents paying by Direct Debit - you pay 37.45 for 12 issues instead of 62.40 in the shops. Offer ends May 17th.

    I offer this in the spirit of science obviously, I'm not connected to the mag in any way.

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    BBC - The Sky at Night - May 2018 - Gaia a Galactic-Revolution

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    BBC Horizon 2005-2006 - The Hawking Paradox

    BBC - The Search for a New Earth 2017 (Professor Stephen Hawking)

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    BBC - Sky at Night 2018 - Guides: 1. Planets

    The planets have fascinated us for millennia, but over the past 60 years our understanding of them has been transformed. Using The Sky at Night archives, Maggie Aderin-Pocock takes us on a spectacular voyage of discovery through our exploration of the planets.

    BBC - Sky at Night 2018 - Guides: 2. Galaxies

    Chris Lintott uses the Sky at Night archive to reveal the deepest secrets of galaxies, from their earliest beginnings to their very ends.

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    BBC The Sky at Night - Aug 2018 - Death Star

    An examination of how damaging a coronal mass ejection could be and how two new satellites that will travel closer to the sun than ever before can better prepare us.