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New Content & Features (Horizons)

If anyone would like to view the change logs that were released during the beta period, they can be found here:

2.3 Beta 1
2.3 Beta 2
2.3 Beta 3
2.3 Beta 4
2.3 Beta 5

PLEASE can I ask that all changes from a previous LIVE version are listed in the change log here in one clearly identifiable thread? Why would anyone want to have to trawl through Beta testing change logs / threads to see the final changes when they are not part of the Beta testing group and just want to understand the changes that have been made rather than being forced to read debates on potential changes that have now been implemented?

By all means reference those Beta threads if you feel the need to, in order to justify the changes you've made to game play, but please don't hide changes in layers of threads. I can tell from game-play that damaging heat levels in ships have changed but there's no mention of it in this thread. Please remember KISS when trying to communicate changes - Keep It Simple, Stupid!