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Thread: Can't redeem "special day" Coupon anywhere in the Frontier Store

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    Can't redeem "special day" Coupon anywhere in the Frontier Store

    ...although I'm quite sure I've never set one, turns out I got a 20% off Coupon for my birthday

    Problem is... the only place I think I could turn it in within my Account / Frontier Store (Redeem Gift Coupon) doesn't work. "Coupon not in Database".

    So how does one redeem that "special Day" gift from Frontier?

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    it is in all likely hood a server issue atm as due to 2.3 being released today the shop will have a long delay in rolling over assets to the main game or taking in orders for that matter
    also your code must be used withn days of getting It as it will expire quickly

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    Hm, I've waited several days (to cover any V2.3 Server transion issues) and it's still not a valid code (expires 30th Apr).

    I guess they just send out invalid Codes then, not worth bothering with...

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    Hello CMDR.

    We'd never send out duff keys (well, not knowingly...) but sometimes the store has little tantrums and upsets and things like this can happen.

    One thing that can cause a key to show as invalid is if you're missing full billing details but I've checked your account and can see that's not the case here.

    I'd happily honour your 20% discount and you've two choices; first, if you know what you want to order then just let me know here and I'll grant 20% of the value as store credit. Or if you prefer, you can simply go ahead and place an order then let me have the order number and I'll process a refund for the discount amount.

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    Thanks for getting back to me with it, but upon re-checking the Store I find nothing I'd be interested in.

    Already got me some name plates, so it looks like there's no use for that Voucher anymore.

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    I can't find where you put your Special Day on Frontier's Account Information page?