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Thread: Companion API stopped having Engineering Data

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    Companion API stopped having Engineering Data


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    I'm told by the EDMC developers that the companion API used to extract player ship information is no longer outputting engineering modifications as it used to.

    1. It's not "secret data" all the information is in the outfitting screens
    2. People are going to put that information into websites anyway.
    The question is... how long will it take them 5 seconds or 5-15 minutes.

    I would urge you to reconsider the option to remove it and put it back in because all you're doing is putting a knife in the toes of your community.

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    Still a problem in 2.3.01

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    Yeah, as someone that uses EDMC / Coriolis for my ship builds - veeeeeery useful to not have to play data entry every time I get a new ship / mod.

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    This is quite bad change , it was very useful and often used. Hope it's only glitch and not purposely removed.

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    I'm just hoping that this was an oversight due to not testing 2.3 against the companion API until it went live. Please fix this (given apparently the designers told hchalkley not to put this modifications information into the outfitting journal events, which seems strange unless it's different from what we had in the companion API).

    To be clear, without this people have to tediously hand-type in all their engineer module values into sites like Coriolis. It was great to just be able to click in EDMC or EDDI and get a full import of the ship into

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    at new companion api cut modules information from non actinve ships. its very bad

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    Argeed! Bad decision, bring it back!

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    This is a giant step backwards for everybody who uses the headline feature engineering, please undo this change.

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    Huge crapolio. Please revert this change.

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    Hey Cmdrs,

    Thanks for the reports.

    I've passed this on to get checked out.

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    Add me to the list of people who find this feature incredibly useful and would be pretty annoyed at having it removed.

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    +1 to those that were very sad to see this, and hoping it was unintentional and fixable!

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    Please Bring this back thanks. Love the game!

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    One step forward, three steps back. Please add me to the list of commanders who are seriously unhappy about this.

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    Dont care if it gets fixed in the journal or the API - so long as the EDMC can pick it up.

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    Please bring it back FDev!

    Big surprise today after updating EDMC, this is a step backwards in integration with the Elite Developer Community, we need this data to be easily accessible, especially since this was in the game before. Please bring it back

    CMDR Faranhor | Dark Echo

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