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Thread: Lost modified thruster

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    Unable to Store modified thrusters when buying a new one


    Once (<1%)

    Time of occurrence
    00:45 +8

    Date of occurrence

    None / N/A

    Deciat, Garay Terminal


    Ship Type
    Viper Mk4

    Commander Name
    Zhao Kang

    Bought a new 4a thruster module for the ship in anticipation of doing some more thruster modifications. Selected "Store existing module" to keep existing thrusters as backup. There was a sound effect but the transaction did not occur. Was able to work around by just storing the modified thruster (which was replaced with the default 4e thruster) then buying and replacing the default 4E thruster with a 4A.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1) Buy a unmodified thruster
    2) Attempt to store existing module as part of purchase

    Additional files?

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    Hey metatheurgist,

    Thanks for the report.

    This could have been a networking issue and hopefully a one off issue.

    If this continue to be a problem, please contact our customer support team for technical assistance: [Customer support]