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Thread: Thermal cascade special effect on cannons (and only cannons) still has pre-balance pass values.

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    Thermal cascade special effect on cannons (and only cannons) still has pre-balance pass values.


    All of the time (100%)

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    12:00 GMT

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    CMDR PoaArctica

    Thermal cascade special effect on cannons still has the "old" values from before the balance pass on thermal cascade weapons. They induce heat up to the 160% instead of the new 100% cap on thermal shock and cascade weapons. This only affects the thermal shock on cannons, not on other weapons, so presumably this is a bug or an oversight.

    This glitch makes the weapon incredibly overpowered in most situations and makes fighting ships equipped with it borderline impossible. Considering the frustration this already causes in the live build despite most PvP groups having a "honor rule" against using it, seeing this finally fixed is highly anticipated by a lot of our members.

    It should be noted that this is fairly often exploited in the open as well, and is a source of fairly large ammount of frustration when it comes to player group vs. player group wing fights. Having to honor rule this for an extended period of time is not an ideal solution from the community point of view, and greates un-needed out-of-game conflict between players and groups since many feel it's more efficient to exploit the glitch as much as possible to get attention to the issue, while others feel like it's better to "honor rule" it to maintain enjoyable wing fights in Open.

    Steps to Reproduce
    Reproduction Steps
    Equip a cannon and install thermal cascade special on in, grade 5 long range or overcharged is recommended.

    Additional files?

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    Hey PoaArctica,

    Thanks for the report.

    I've passed this on to assist in the investigation.
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