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Drabble Number : 01
Author : Cleonymus
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5362732
Title: Taste the difference
Drabble :
Commander Wretch, looked at the sausage with a fair amount of skepticism. The taste was different and the shape decidedly strange.
"Now I don't mind a bratwurst, they are quite tasty. Polish Kabanos is just great. I once had an Andouillette sausage back in Sol and a blood sausage on that outpost in Lave.
The truckers serve up a mean porker and I have even had a fish sausage orbiting a waterworld, but this is a first.
How did you end up with a sausage with legs?"
The chef looked awkward as he replied. "All they had left was Dachshund".


Drabble Number : 2
Author : Phong
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5363109
Title: silly sausages.
Drabble :
The crewmate chewed gloomily on the re-constituted pulp extract that was basic rations throughout the fleet,and wondered how much longer the trip would last.His reverie of his last shore leave,the food,the females, and everything in between,was broken by the soft chimes of the sensors announcing the presence of an as yet unidentified ship on the deep space radar.
He experienced a rush of drool to his mandibles and thanked whatever gods of space were responsible for the creation of Yumarns,that most obliging of species without whom long range excursions would be nigh on impossible.


Drabble Number : 3
Author : JetsonRing
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5363478
Title: Smells Like Pork
Drabble :
Staring out through the observation window under the bow of his ship Sausage Fingers, the Captain smoked his cigar. The natives were still out there, in the clearing created by the ship’s landing, screaming and hurling their spears and arrows at his ship as the rain continued to fall. Did it ever stop raining here? The materials they were here to collect were rare and valuable, but he was not sending his crew out into that weather to face those capering savages and their pointed sticks. The Captain puffed, considering, then keyed the ship’s intercom . . . “Open fire, fire at will”.


Drabble Number : 4
Author : MrMogadon
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5368795
Title: Safety First
Drabble :
Captain Struthers shrieked, staggering from the galley with reddening face, clutching his throat, slumped floor wards with a strangled gasp.

The ship’s doctor Abernethy, on hearing the commotion, rushed to aid the Captain.

MacTavish, the cook, peered out from the galley, a look of concern on his face. Concern with a hint of guilt.

“What happened?” Abernethy commanded of MacTavish.

“Captain, surprise visit to congratulate me on the sausages we had for dinner today. Think it’s prophylactic shock”, MacTavish proffered.

“Anaphylactic, dunderhead” Abernethy brusquely corrected.

Glancing back into the galley, at his improvised sausage skins, MacTavish knew what he meant.


Drabble Number : 5
Author : RoyalHankey
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5369306
Title: Sausage Sausage Sausage
Drabble :
Everybody say sausage keep it going
Eggs, Bacon, Grits SAUSAGE
Ima' skinny but i still take the SAUSAGE
I gotta fat but i still take the SAUSAGE
I gotta flat but i still take the SAUSAGE
Wake up in the morning and i eat that SAUSAGE
Ima' red head but i still take the SAUSAGE
Ima' gay dude but i still take SAUSAGE
White girl swag and ima' take your man SAUSAGE
Uhhhhhmmmmmhhhhmmmm SAUSAGE
White and im thick but you know i take the SAUSAGE
Yea i read books but they all about SAUSAGE


Drabble Number : 6
Author : Frank
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5371735
Title: Waiter! This Sausage Has Got a Bone in It
Drabble :
The Imperial henchwoman grabbed the recaptured slave's hand and forced it palm down on the table. "You must've planned a rendezvous. Where were you going to meet the other escaped slaves?"

The slave silently glowered back with defiant bloodshot eyes.

She ran a blade over the top of his pinkie before pressing down. "Oh no! What a shame! Now you'll have to live your life without a pinkie." She nibbled the end. "Worst sausage ever.. Tell me where!"

He sat staring at his mutilated hand without saying a word. He watched in horror as she chopped off his whole hand.


Drabble Number : 7
Author : Listeri69
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5379083
Title: Sausage Cocktails all around!!!
Drabble :
I'm gagging for a drink' Psykokow moaned
'I'm out of credits' Simoof looked at his empty wallet...
'I have an idea' Psykokow said
'I'll stick this sausage through my flies, get on yer knees and stick it in ya mouth'
'Trust me'
Kow ordered two large gins whilst simoof got on his knees
'GET OUT!' Shouted the barman before they paid...
After 14 drinks they were both very drunk
'I can't do this anymore, ma knees are killing me' Simoof slurred
'How do you think i feel' Kow slurred 'I can't remember which pub I lost the Sausage in'


Drabble Number : 8
Author : Simoof
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5379611
Title: Floating Sausage - a tale of phallic proportions.
Drabble :
Ensign Irree was excited; posted on the 21st Century themed Starship; The USS Scottish Sausage.
He was expecting some sort of tubular vessel; it came as a great surprise being so square.
People all communicated via rectangular pieces of hand held glass.
His excitement soon waned though.
After only a week he grew tired at people barking orders at him.
"Hace Irree, set an alarm for 3 minutes!"
The Chef also sent Hace Irree text; "I have a lovely sausage just for you!"
"Mum!!! Send your spam messages elsewhere!" Hace replied.
His roommate, Cortona, also suffered. But not as much.


Drabble Number : 9
Author : Odiemoncrew
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5381419
Title: Skippy’s prematurely destructive finish of his nourishment.
Drabble :
Skippy was sitting in his particularly peculiar purple python, his meal
of eggs and dongkum sausage in front of him. Hatch above him open, dongkum
thermal paste spread around it, glistening as if it was freshly laid out.
He sighed, knowing that with all the work left to do, he needed to get his nourishment
in. Otherwise the work would not get done. He just noticed that he heard a dripping
sound, drip drip drip. He groaned as he looked down, seeing thermal paste in his eggs
He couldn't help but think the food ruined due to all the paste.


Drabble Number : 10
Author : Cmdr_Wotherspoon
Link : https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showth...=1#post5382020
Title: Sausage
Drabble :
The attack wing closed in. The twisted hulks of Raxxla vessels were an irrelevance. All that mattered were those three hollow squares: Singh, Corsen and Salomé.

Three bursts of missiles. Three anticlimactic pops and a dull rumble. The hiss of sweeping lasers.

It was over. The secrets of Wreaken Corporation, the Formidine Rift, and of the assembling Thargoid Battlefleet would remain unknown until it was far too late.

In the vacuum, thin slices of Kahina Loren’s body, torn free from its Remlok and tortured by lasers, were instantly dehydrated.

A laugh. “She’s tasty”!

The Scribbling Senator smiled an enigmatic smile.