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Thread: UK Calls General Election for 8th June 2017

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    You know, I can see now why many of the Irish fit so comfortably in with the American's lol

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    Originally Posted by Moonax IRL View Post (Source)
    I have to laugh when I hear this "No Surrender" rubbish. Surrender to what, the democratic vote to live in a modern pluralist republic where every citizen has the same rights and opportunities as you and yours. Unionism has been trapped in its mental cul de sac for so long, it can`t see the wood for the trees. As far as a loyalist backlash, forgive me if I don`t give a fiddlers nor am I worried about it, anyone that tries it on will be dealt with fairly rapid.
    Well not every citizen eh? At least not female citizens....

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    Originally Posted by Stigbob View Post (Source)
    Oh look a sectarian hate post with a thinly veiled threat at the end.
    Maybe you should explain and try having an intelligent conversation, rather than sniping like a child from the sidelines. You`d look less desperate at trying to recover ground.

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    This thread has been nothing but bickering the last while. Also it is vastly off topic of the UK elections, which have completed.

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