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Thread: Looking for an mature adult focused group

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    Looking for an mature adult focused group

    Hi there, I am not a great combat commander, rather I enjoy exploration and the social element of the game and am in the search of a productive and proactive group of players who enjoy the more casual side of the game (IE not putting their stock into PVP all the time)

    Im really wanting to run with an adult group who have a decent sense of humour but also a good level of maturity (I was recently in a decent group of people but there was a lot of posting of adult images in their discord which my youngster seen pop up, and that pretty much is something I need to avoid going forward)

    Have a great day


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    We're a mature Group and don't have any PvP focus. We're "nice guys" that just work the BGS primarily to maintain & expand our Independent Democracy.
    Trading, Mining, Exploring, Bounty Hunting, the occasional Conflict Zone, often busy in many different Systems for BGS purposes.

    61 for Equality

    Allied with 61 means being Allied with 28 Systems and supporting the single largest Independent Democracy in the Galaxy.
    Pristine Income Opportunities exist for all legal professions and our area is a perfect platform for any type of Deep Space Exploration; the nearest Neutron is just ~67LY way, so we even got an entry onto the Neutron Highways right there.
    We aren't a huge Group though and overall we're not "chatty housewife" type. Thus, we don't even run a Discord channel at this point.

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    Thank you for that - I have signed up to your forums and look forward to nattering soon