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Thread: Elite Dangerous 2.3.01 bug fixes update coming early May

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    Elite Dangerous 2.3.01 bug fixes update coming early May

    Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for all the feedback since last week’s release of 2.3 The Commanders. We appreciate every bug report that comes through, and read as many forum posts as possible!

    We’ve seen your feedback with regards to a number of bugs in the latest update, and the development team have been busy working on a release that focuses on fixing a large number of the common complaints. The release is currently scheduled for early May. These fixes include (but are not limited to) the list you can see below:

    - Galaxy map UI tag not pointing to selected target body
    - Packhounds having infinite ammunition
    - Multicrew bug fixes
    - Various Stability improvements across the board
    - Missing Galnet articles will be fixed
    - XBOX main menu softlock will be fixed
    - Large frame rate drop when friends log in to the game

    As mentioned above, there are other fixes and performance-related improvements included in the update. We’ll have the full list of changes for you as soon as it’s available closer to the release of the update in early May. Please do continue to support the game by reporting any bugs on our dedicated bug forum.

    Thanks again for your continued support and patience!

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    Brilliant, thanks for the update Ed. :)

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    Great news Ed, thanks for the heads up.

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    ED! - is that really you?

    We need proof, pictures or it ain't you :)

    Back to livestream tonight?

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    I'd rather have had a patch sooner than early may (which is roughly 2 weeks away), but at least I'm happy that we get some information about this patch being worked on.

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    Thanks for the update :) that's great news
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    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    - Galaxy map UI tag not pointing to selected target body
    Huzzah! Thanks Ed.

    Any word on the other big one ...


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    Although it is a bit delay for first patch, thanks Ed for giving us info here.
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    This post is Only a week too late!

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    the infinite packhound ammo bug is sure gonna make the 29th fun...

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    Early May? For the first patch?

    Gotta be honest, I'm rather surprised by the marked slowdown in development. Really starting to feel like ED is much lower in priority these days.

    Thanks for the update, anyway.
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    Thank you!

    Really looking forward to it. [yesnod]

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    Much needed news. Thanks Ed.
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    Maybe you'll want to postpone the "big event" on April 29 until after that?
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