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Thread: Changes Coming to Multi-crew

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    Originally Posted by wstephenson View Post (Source)
    Hey, some of us were doing our job during beta and channelling our sociopathic inner 4 year olds:
    Fair enough you sicko!

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    Don't have an opinion on the payouts, really.

    But the changes to Multicrew as far as toggles for SLF/utility mount/weaponry availability are more than welcome.

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    Very good to hear, these are positive changes and it's good to see FDev is willing to listen to the community and making the game more enjoyable. Good job and always good to hear from the devs!

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    Great news.

    Most of this drama could've been avoided with a simple "We're aware of the complaints, we're looking into tweaking the stats, we'll let you know once we have something concrete" post.
    Perhaps something to keep in mind for the future.

    Looking forward to the update, hopefully it will be enough to bring my already bored friends back.

    Wing + MC, MC SRVs and MC missions also need to happen. Please don't forget about that.

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    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    Hi everyone,

    Thank you so much for all your feedback across the forums and on social media. We always appreciate your continued passion and support.

    We wanted to let you know about some changes that will be coming to Multi-crew.

    Two of the changes will be coming as part of a server-side update coming in the next few working days and one other change will arrive as part of the 2.3.1 update.

    It’s important to note that the 2.3.1 update isn’t the same as the 2.3.01 update. The 2.3.01 update mentioned here highlights a number of bug fixes that the team have identified and will be making its way in the coming weeks. The 2.3.1 update will include a significant multi-crew update to improve the helms crew mate management and will be coming a series of weeks after 2.3.01. We’ll have more details on the exact dates as development continues.

    We’ve got three changes that we’re looking to implement for Multi-Crew.

    1 - Pay-out increase (server-side update in the next few working days)

    We are tweaking the pay-out reward scheme for Multi-crew. We will be significantly increasing the pay-out for almost all ranks of crew members. It’s easiest to show this in table form that you can see below. The first table shows what the current pay-out scheme is, and the second shows what we’re going to change it to.

    Attachment 118831

    2 – Rebuy cost reduction (server-side update in the next few working days)

    In addition to the changes above, we’re also improving the rebuy reduction for players hosting Multi-crew sessions in their ships. Currently Helm’s rebuy cost is reduced by 25% per crew member on board. We are increasing this pay-out reduction to 30% meaning a fully crewed ship will have its rebuy cost reduced by over half.

    3 – Helm safety measures (2.3.1 update coming later)

    We’ve been actively listening to feedback from the community and one thing we’ve seen is a number of requests for greater protection for hosts of Multi-crew sessions and improved safety measures. That’s why we’re going to be introducing two new function controls for the role of Helm. The first change will allow Helm to toggle limited access for the Gunner role. When toggled on the Gunner will only be able to use weapons, not utilities (such as shield cells), and only Helm will be able to deploy and retract the ship’s hardpoints. When toggled off the Gunner will have full access as they do now.

    The other change will allow Helm to toggle the availability of the Fighter Con role – this will stop people launching fighters until Helm turns the toggle off.

    We’d like to take this moment to thank you for your continued support and patience. The development team are working hard to bring the imminent server side update, the 2.3.01 bug fixes and the 2.3.1 point update to Commanders.
    Hm, at least a step in the right direction but... I really don't like that my friends will be punished for playing mc with me as helm then rather with another guy who is just expert, only because I'm deadly and later elite... so now to be elite is a negative thing if you want to help your friends.

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    Thanks for the information Ed, looks like great changes.

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    Thanks Ed & team, great stuff

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    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    Well, I give you people a lot of flak, but that is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot! Still, could you please elaborate what the reasoning behind capping multicrew payout at 80% is?

    I get your intention - no risk free piggy-backing of new players on advanced players' ships and profits. Sounds reasonable, now that advanced players are no longer strongly discouraged by severely limited payouts. But as an activity in a PvE capacitiy, where these payouts seem most relevant, multi-crew is a form of cooperative play and in direct competition with playing as a Wing.

    What is the reasoning behind giving Wings a full and symmetrical payout (imo very reasonable and long overdue, unless cooperative PvE is considered something to be discouraged), while an Elite multicrew player still loses 20% of the payouts? Just because their ship is not at stake? Why 20%? Why not 10%? Why not 25%? What if they just participate with a Sidewinder in a Wing, gets full payout, but has far lower stakes than the 20% they lose?

    It seems to be the number is rather arbitrary. A 100% percent payout for cremember with combat rank equal or higher to the helm's would do away with the Wings vs. Multicrew competition in terms of payout. And in terms of reduced risk? Frankly, I'd say controlling turrets as a veteran player has other disadvantages unrelated to credits. Like being reduced to controlling turrets or fighters, rather than their own ship And as an exploit? 100% vs. 80% isn't that far away for passively collecting credits and whoever tries to bounty hunt as an exploit for quickly gaining credits is doing something wrong. ^^

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    Very nice I can't wait for more multicrew-features !

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    Better but still not great. Anyone wants to crew my fighters on the Cutter is welcome to it but I'm still not boarding someone else's ship if it means I'm taking a hit. I'm sorry.

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    Will there be a option to allow the Helm to toggle the availability of the Gunner role? This will stop people entering the gunner role until Helm turns the toggle on.

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    couple of big important changes here, thanks team FDev!!

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    Originally Posted by Shetay View Post (Source)
    yeah we had a beta and we heard you complain about stuff on literally all other sources but the 10% of the community that posts on the forum said that its okay and it is IMMERSIVE and only the opinion of 50 year olds that dont even play the game because they need to take care of their wife's son matters

    Age and sex prejudices in a single sentence, albeit a lengthy sentence, FTW!

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    thanks for the update. It's great to see the mechanics made transparent. Initial reactions is it is an improvement, especially for experienced players, but even new players do well out of it if they only play with other inexperienced players.

    I believe this is the first time Ranks have had a major impact on game mechanics (besides permits) and I worry this system will drive a wedge between new and old players of the game and discourage them from interacting.

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