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  • 01 - JetsonRING - Talking Time to fire the maid . . .

    4 28.57%
  • 02 - CMDR FluffyBun - For goodness sakes FluffyBun, conjugate the verb!

    3 21.43%
  • 03 - cleonymus - Where did all the AIs go?

    5 35.71%
  • 04 - Simoof - Middens Ship Parts - A store of love, romance and ship bits.

    2 14.29%
  • 05 - Edith_The_Hutt - Cost-Benefit Analysis

    2 14.29%
  • 06 - Listeri69 - A point of order, A story of love, romance and Sharp words.....

    8 57.14%
  • 07 - insanephoton - S.A.N.D.I.

    1 7.14%
  • 08 - phong - My little simulacra companion

    2 14.29%
  • 09 - Phoenix_Dfire - Small Upgrades

    6 42.86%
  • 10 - RoyalHankey - People getting lazy these days aren't they

    1 7.14%
  • 11 - Commander Sir Samuel Vimes - Honestly it wasn't me it was a friend

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Thread: Drabble Theme #198: The Trouble with Automation

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    Drabble Theme #198: The Trouble with Automation

    Here we are back on track with our nice normal in-forum poll thanks to Brett. And fairly timely as well seeing as we are approaching our bicentennial show.

    Congratulations Simoof. Your choice this week was "The Trouble with Automation".

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour at 7pm BST, Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. And a warning to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself

    01 - JetsonRING - Talking Time to fire the maid . . .

    George stared at the robot.
    Arriving home from work his entire 2062 world was turning upside down, spinning out of control. He knew the cleaning robot had been obsolete, knew it was an outdated, demo unit when he got it but the salesman had been so persuasive
    and the price had certainly been right . . . at the time.
    Now all he could do was stare at "Rosie" as "she" continued to mop back-and-forth repeating "Everything must be clean. Very clean. That's why the dog had to die. He was a dirty dog. Also that boy Elroy. Dirty. Dirty."

    02 - CMDR FluffyBun - For goodness sakes FluffyBun, conjugate the verb!

    FluffyBun started up the Automated Drabble Maker, resulting in a much better drabble than normal.

    "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nam scelerisque pigfart ornare. Integer vitae commodo ligula. Curabitur potato metus orci. Suspendisse at varius odio. Suspendisse id dui sit amet elit ultricies imperdiet consequat a tellus. Nullam libero libero, scelerisque et sausage a, tincidunt id dolor. Shart funbus, magna consectetur elementum luctus, dui mi accumsan justo, sit amet lacinia nunc pizza vitae libero. Mauris laoreet laoreet est, sit amet placerat urna tristique et. Fusce in bibendum dui, eu vestibulum ipsum. Praesent alien luctus ultrices. Chris Waddle ..."

    03 - cleonymus - Where did all the AIs go?

    After hundreds of years without any contact, a stranger had finally arrived on planet.

    Communications had been erratic, the intelligence on board had seemed lobotomised by the journey. It's internal maintenance device had almost seemed to be in charge. The device had finally been disabled and put into a faraday cage until it could be dealt with.

    Meanwhile surgeon technicians had examined the stranger and indicated he could function at only the most basic level. He only seemed able to respond to sonic commands such as "Boost" or "Flaps".

    The "human" maintenance device would probably just be sent for recycling.

    04 - Simoof - Middens Ship Parts - A store of love, romance and ship bits.

    It was a wonderful time to be alive.
    Language barriers had long been destroyed with machines that could translate immediately.
    Automated bots cleaned up, delivered thing for and to you, and med-bots could even perform amazing simple surgery to keep you fit and healthy and alive.
    Some problems did exist when 2 services relied on each other.
    McAhmed had been in the market for a new advanced scanner.
    "Shove this overpriced twaddle in my jaxie?" The shop keeper was confused.
    Unfortunately the translator-bot was not. The delivery-bot obliged. The med-bot was not advanced enough.
    McAhmed left empty-handed and, fortuitously, empty-.

    05 - Edith_The_Hutt - Cost-Benefit Analysis

    The mills of Lagerkvist never stop. Six million tonnes of flour every day bring gold and glory to this Breadbasket of the Empire.

    Each mill employs hundreds: Oiling bearings, clearing blockages; the flour always flows. The work is unskilled and remuneration low; you work off your debt slowly by the millstones.

    Every so often a new scion of Family Torval brimming with good intentions will order a report into new safety practices, guard rails, and automation.

    Fresh slaves are always cheaper.

    Anyone working by those colossal grinding machines soon learns one way or another: the mills of Lagerkvist never stop.

    06 - Listeri69 - A point of order, A story of love, romance and Sharp words.....

    'Hey Finn what you upto' Jack Soffallot munched on a sandwich as he walked into customs
    'Oh not a lot, I'm just learning about this new robotic customs secretary we've had installed. She's got all the latest gadgets, squeeze her tight to turn her on Jack'
    'Hello Im Secretabot pleasing you is my desire'
    'Does she do...erm other things?' Jack enquired
    'If you're thinking about what i think you are then yes' Finn grinned
    'can i borrow her?'
    'Sure Jack'

    30secs later...

    'ARRRGHHH FER *$#$#'s SAKE Finn....'

    'oh Jack, i forgot to tell you her Ar$eh0le is a pencil sharpener'

    07 - insanephoton - S.A.N.D.I.

    'Where are we going?'
    'I told you,Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateaturipukakapikimaungahoronukupokaiwhenuakitanatahu'
    'I know what you said but where is that?'
    'On Earth. The islands of New Zealand to be precise.'
    'Why are we going there then?'
    'Because that's where the stupid automatic pilot want's to take us '
    'Well override it then'
    'I can't, The system won't let me.'
    'Can't we fly it manually?'
    'No. The ship is fully automated. It's running the new Saud-Kruger Automatic Navigation Drive Interface. You just tell it where to go and it should do the rest'
    'So what's wrong with it?'
    'Bugs in the system software'

    08 - phong - My little simulacra companion

    At first,she thought of it as an amusing novelty item,something to while away
    the long nights between the stars.But when she activated it for the first
    time,staring deep into its eyes as instructed in the manual,she felt a
    wrenching in her soul.She gasped in disbelief as she watched the features
    mould themselves before her eyes into the face and form of one who had no
    right to exist except in dreams. From that moment on she was enamoured and
    soon the two of them became inseparable without the aid of a competent

    09 - Phoenix_Dfire - Small Upgrades

    In the pilot’s seat of the Asp Explorer ‘Sanctimonious’, Cmdr McTaggart smacked the control panel.

    ‘Davie!’ He yelled to his co-pilot on the lower bridge, ‘Did you screw up the Galactic radio player?’


    ‘Then why does it reset back to Hutton Orbital Radio?’

    ‘It got updated when we were at Barnard’s Star.’ Davie replied, ‘It’s got the new Personality Matching AI feature; Matching your personality with entertainment from around the galaxy.’

    ‘So it thinks I’m a Hairy ar**d Trucker, with no taste in music and taking orders from some mutt?’


    ‘Kill me now! Where’s the nearest Black Hole?’

    10 - RoyalHankey - People getting lazy these days aren't they

    The trouble with automation today it makes people lazy.
    Docking computers, maybe In some cases for large new ships it is good
    For example getting used to where positioning your ships when docking.
    But in an eagle, if you can't manually dock an eagle, you should join Mahddogg in training school.
    Turreted weapons!, can't you aim, gambled is bad enough but turreted well join Mahddogg in training school.
    What about limpets, yes they are useful, but why cant you collect the stuff don't become lazy.
    Fuel limpet though are useful ask Mahddogg in training school.
    So Winnard take note please.

    11 - Commander Sir Samuel Vimes - Honestly it wasn't me it was a friend

    He'd seen the advert for the lonely commanders helping hand and with the voice and sound controls it had seemed like the perfect purchase.

    The advertising had been absolutely correct the helping hand even responded to subtle groans and increased the pace as he got close to finishing.

    He'd been enjoying one last helping hand in the cockpit while preparing to land. That meant he'd been going through the atmosphere of a high gravity world without concentrating when the alarm started screaming "PULL UP PULL UP"

    He had to do some really creative explaining to the station medic after he docked

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    Originally Posted by Frank View Post (Source)
    Here we are back on track with our nice normal in-forum poll thanks to Brett.
    Yes thank you Brett, for your completely un-prompted in-no-way-did-anyone-moan-and-that-caused-you-to-create-the-community-drabbles-poll-friendly-section.

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    Congratulations Listeri69 for a drabble champion win!!

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    OK you asked......

    In Elite Lore (You remember Elite) there used to be AI's but they were banned after they became sentinent, however they were not all destroyed and some "escaped".

    Years later we fly ships and explore using semi automated ships controlled by Voice Attack.

    The drabble postulates one of these ships landing on a planet ruled by those lost mechanical AI's. They (being artificial) see the ship as a person and the human as simply a helper device.

    Sadly the ship appears to have lost it's mind, and the human, being a device of no intrinsic value to them, is sent for recycling.

    If you require further explanation.....

    Meanwhile - on last weeks mention that you had not met me - I did say hello briefly at Fantasticon to both you and Simoof.