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Thread: Location of Galnet headquarters anyone?

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    Location of Galnet headquarters anyone?

    After discovering the Galnet logo looks remarkably like the Thargoid spacecraft (or Thargoid) that has been know to pull us out of hyperspace i am now curious.

    What system are they in?...Who are they?

    Are they in Federation, Imperial, Alliance space or are they in a system under their own control which makes them able to report on all the major powers without in the slightest being biased towards one or the other?

    I believe that from what I have seen that I now strongly think that Galnet is in partnership or connected to the Thargoids in one way or another...Why else would their logo look so similar to the shape of a Thargoid's ship when Thargoids have only been sighted in the last year?...

    From what I can see is Galnet, like the Thargoids are secretive and little is known about each of their whereabouts and their dealing in the galaxy other than what they report on. I think Galnet really knows what is going on and is feeding us bit by bit until we realise..and then it will be too late....

    If I do gain the know of the whereabouts of the mysterious media I will launch an operation to besiege the HQ and found out anything I can about their secrets.

    Tess Kirk

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    I think Galnet hang out in Cambridge.