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Thread: Update 2.3.01

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    Originally Posted by Kerrash View Post (Source)
    No they didn't set this date, neither did FD. A group of fans did, I know because I am in that group.
    We even considered pushing it back but as FD worked so hard to correct the issues we kept the same date.
    The date should be moved.

    Originally Posted by Kerrash View Post (Source)
    For the record I play on both PC/XB1 and I am thrilled about the PS4 support.
    I am, always was and always will be supportive of the game on all platforms.

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    I agree Mr. Tang. Thanks developers for listening.

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    Originally Posted by Kerrash View Post (Source)
    When are you going to rename this type of Rocky Ice Planet to:

    Chocolate Planet!

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    Presumably we need to have a new Elite video competition:


    I'll pick up my coat from the door...

    EDIT: To get the name of the bloody compo right!

    Flying safe

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    Your silence fills me with confidence :/

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    Originally Posted by Brett C View Post (Source)
    Hello Commanders, it's patch day! We'll be pushing update 2.3.01 to your game clients soon. Here's the changelog notes for this patch.

    Ships and SRVs
    • Small tweak to the tail camera on the Fer-De-Lance so an installed shipkit piece is more visible

    Yay! I'm sure this will please everyone that has the Fer-De-Lance ship kit!

    Errr... wait. Who has that ship kit? I cannot locate it in the store... nor one for the Corvette...

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    Thanks for the quick patch seems to have had some success in fixing quite a few problems.

    I would like to ask if the Devs have any plans to add the ability for the helm to offer a % of his income during a Multi-crew session. With a max allowed %.
    I ask this because I enjoy the multi-crew aspect of the update but... I find that when I set up Mining, Piracy or Smuggling sessions that the rewards for the 1 or 2 crew that join me are far far to low compared to what time and effort they would put in. Well maybe not the sitting there hoping we dont get scanned in smuggling time and effort aspect but the piracy and Mining in a Hazres can be quite some work for the fighters.

    This wouldn't be prestidigitation of the 5% of Mining and trade from nothing amounts, or the flabbergasting prestidigitation of 80% from nothing combat amount, it would be deducted from the actual profits of the Helm.

    Anyway, any plans or thoughts ?

    oV (live long and prosper)

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    Originally Posted by Guywired View Post (Source)
    /sigh I'm repeating myself way too much.

    I don't want MORE people to miss out.

    I would prefer that the event be moved out. Just like most people preferred it be moved out but Drew decided to go forward with it anyway.

    But mostly, I want PC-master-race guys to shut it, because this is FD screwing the xbox players, not MS.

    And I want the moderators and FD to recognize that and attack those PC people.. Don't attack the Xbox community for being a victim of FD's designs.
    Hello mate,

    Please don't tell me to shut up, it's rude.

    This is a game you play for fun, it runs on technology that is by far not perfect and will never be.
    If you don't lower your expectations you will keep being disappointed and that will spoil your fun.
    Maybe you now think that I'm attacking you but actually I want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible.

    Please be well CMDR o7

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    Originally Posted by Guywired View Post (Source)
    The date should be moved.
    And as it should be already apparent as the date has been announced and it has been decided to keep to the date announced, it is not going to be moved... now can we finally put this to bed???

    Yes we understand and can sympathise with your frustration and no doubt disappointment at missing the event, but can we please also stop with the blaming of PC users, blaming of FDev etc for the situation...

    Blaming FDev for the bugs, sure but it is not an unexpected thing in the development of games in this day and age for non AAA studios is it... And as I said before in an earlier post, it is not like us PC players have a choice as to the timing of when FDev release patches... That coupled with the vetting process that Microsoft apparently do to all software related to the XBox platform... I would further simply like to add that I have read the enitre thread over the last few days and I have not seen once where anyone has slagged of or otherwise denigrated XBox players, they have simply responded to YOUR own messages, and YOUR OWN posting style, myself included...

    It is yourself that first mentioned PC MASTER RACE in this thread as if we PC players feel we must be in a league above other players which in reality is garbage... we are ALL just players of this wonderful (and at times frustrating) game... we are all fans of Elite...

    So I ask you GuyWired, can we please put this to bed, can you please accept that the situation, although not what you want, is what it is and that FDev are doing all they can to get a patch out to fix the XBox issues as soon as they possibly can? Can you at least show some patience in this, many of us backers of the game, have had to deal with many bugs, sometimes show stoppers, sometimes just frustrations etc, we have had our saved games wiped multiple times during the lead up to release etc... and we took it as part of the process to get the game released...

    The game is in a constant state of ongoing development and it is heartening to see you at least acknowledged that FDev did not intend to release an update that broke play-ability for anyone...

    Can someone pass the salt please, I need some on my chips

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    Closing as there is a new update/patch.

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