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Thread: Crashing when visiting planets with Capital ships

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    It works ok in solo, but not Mobius or open.

  2. #32 happened to me in Merope in Solo.

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    So happy to be reading about this issue!
    Coincidentally I had just fitted a new GPU, started playing and then experienced this exact problem in one of the mentioned systems. I was really worried that my new GPU was causing the crashes!

    Glad FD are on the case as always :-)

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    (fyi) I flew a couple of dozen trips between Maia and Merope (Alcazar's Hope) during the recent CGs with no problems. Two capital ships in the Merope system, one near the primary and one hovering over a canyon (FNS "Boxer") near Alcazar's Hope. I passed fairly close by the FNS Boxer in my Corvette and she didn't kill me . . .

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    Has the situation been resolved ?

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    Hm, I've had two crashes visiting other (random) landable Planets since V2.3 - but it only occured while I was changing Graphic Details while already very close to Orbital Cruise or Glide. Crash occured at the moment of hitting "Apply Changes".

    (both times, I was running Default Low Detail and went back to my old Custom High/Ultra settings)

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