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Thread: What have you achieved in the last 24 hours?

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    Originally Posted by Charlie Hustle View Post (Source)
    didnt even run a mission last night. just hopped in mu vulture and went to ltt4447 and cashed in my 3 assassination mission from the previous night. 1 million credits. Need the money to trick out my FDS i just copped.
    Reported for murder.

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    Originally Posted by Liqua View Post (Source)
    That isn't really OCD ...
    I should hope not.

    That's why I wrote it in a separate paragraph to my comment about OCD.

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    Originally Posted by SeaFireliv View Post (Source)
    What is this thing that people keeping talking about called `OCD`? Yes, i know it`s a medical type of condition, but i see far too many people say this and I don`t see the problem.
    OCD is a serious condition, and the understanding of it is both helped and hindered by the fact that many people have OCD-like symptoms, and it's become quite common for people to call this them-having-OCD. The difference is, OCD is only OCD if it seriously, negatively impacts your life. A dash of symptoms here and there isn't a problem unless it's... well, a problem.

    I can't run an asymmetric weapon loadout because the asymmetry bothers me. Not a problem, doesn't mean I have OCD. A few times a year, I fall into OCD-like thinking and can't sleep at night because there isn't a completely symmetrical balance of sensation on each side of my body. If I got that more often, I'd probably be diagnosed. As it is, nah, I don't have OCD. I know someone who does, and it has a significant negative effect on them every single day.

    People who say "my OCD" like the OP may actually have it: we don't know. They might not, but they may (quite justifiably) see connections between their experiences and OCD. If their experiences aren't really that common or bad, then they don't actually have the disorder. But I'm kind of sympathetic toward people understanding that OCD-like tendencies affect most of us at times. Just let's use that to understand how hard it is to have OCD, not to trivialise it by thinking everyone has it and it's always mild.

    I don't think OCD is over-diagnosed medically (or by the education system), at least not in my country. Do think you're actually describing ADHD/ADD, which definitely could be over-diagnosed in the education system. With OCD, it's more of a personal over-diagnosis that comes about because most people have some symptoms of it.

    Originally Posted by CMDR_Cosmicspacehead View Post (Source)
    What did you achieve?
    I'm away from my gaming computer until tomorrow. : (

    But the last day I was playing, I made 760 merits with Aisling Duval. Went to an Archon-controlled Anarchy, hung out outside a station and shot down Kumo Crew ships just outside of the no fire zone. Should be all set now to start buying Prismatics after the next cycle begins.

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    I'm a fairly new player, with 80 hours or so under my belt. A couple of days ago I bought my mostly A-rated Asp Explorer after grinding the credits together running passenger transport missions in my Dolphin. Last night I was transporting some businessmen in my Asp when I was interdicted. Instead of running like I'd have done in the Dolphin, I throttled down and fought. Turned out to be another AspX, and I kicked his following an intense battle. Man that felt good, and it gave me the bounty vouchers I needed to go see Tod The Blaster Mcquinn, although I didn't have enough materials for any upgrades as it turned out.

    I also did a cargo mission for the Feds to rank up to Cadet, and found I was already 29% of the way to Midshipman - this is good because I'd like to try the Federal Drop Ship at some point. Tonight I'm thinking of selling the Dolphin and using the proceeds plus most the spare cash I have to buy and outfit a Vulture. I'll be sad to see the Dolphin go, but I have a taste for blood now.

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    Originally Posted by Stealthie View Post (Source)
    I should hope not.

    That's why I wrote it in a separate paragraph to my comment about OCD.
    Point well made - I missed the subtlety of it - have some rep sir !

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    Finally dropped off 720 units of tourist guides to Colonia. That was one long trip. Nice sky's out there though, glad I went.

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    Earned 135mil in 4 hours at Quince, gained 15% in Pioneer and got to 100% at Duke (Empire Rank).

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    6000ly in a 25ly cutter on way back from colonia to bubble.

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    Originally Posted by Susanna View Post (Source)
    Earned 135mil in 4 hours at Quince, gained 15% in Pioneer and got to 100% at Duke (Empire Rank).
    Planetary scans? That still viable in 2.3? I don't suppose you'd know how Quince is for raw material surface prospecting? At some point I'd like to make a bit more cash, rank up with the Empire a bit more, and find some Arsenic, Technetium, etc. Was wondering if Quince would be any good.

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    Originally Posted by Fishy View Post (Source)
    It's when you feel unreasonably triggered by things like this:
    I hate you

    Jk (I do feel a little uncomfortable with those picture but not as much as I would do to see them in real life. I the latter case, I would feel the urge to fix them)

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    bought a dolphin fitted with business class passenger bays, moved from naitis to quince, leaving my trusty asp there
    started doing passenger missions at quince, while tweaking voice attack and hotas setup

    Basically gearing up for bank holiday we have here this weekend

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    Originally Posted by CMDR_Cosmicspacehead View Post (Source)
    I'm curious!

    This morning, i logged in, did my update, and hopped in to my Anaconda.

    Then stared blankly at my map for something to do.
    I didn't fancy trekking down to the CG, so i ignored that. So i took a look at my Engineers.
    I still have a few to unlock, so that was my mission for today.
    I had 20 Kimatran cigars to deliver.
    25 Xihe thingies.
    I needed to get bromulite(or whatever) to Alioth, but i also needed the permit to get in!

    So, i set course for Xihe. Picked up 10 more thingies. Then set course for Kimatra, and...
    They only had 8. EIGHT!?
    My OCD nearly killed me.
    Then I headed off to deliver these.
    But i couldn't be bothered to do it again. So i left it at that for now.
    Then headed off to find the permit for Alioth.
    I found an Alioth Independent controlled system, and then proceeded to murder all of the pirates at the CNB there.
    After two hours, I cashed in my vouchers. And...
    Still not allied.

    Then i had to go to work.

    So basically, I achieved non of my goals this morning.


    But i had fun doing it.

    Cargo + CNB is highly advised if you enjoy chaos. I used up my SCBs in the first 10 minutes until i got everything under control. Lol

    What did you achieve?

    CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
    I raised my combat rank advancement to 80% (soon I will be Dangerous) and collected 3 million credits in bounties to pad my Buckyball rebuy fund a bit. I also regained my Allied status with the Empire and made myself even more hated by the so-called "Cockaigne Drug Empire".

    Not bad for less than an hour's work, I think. It's been a long time since I saw so much big game in a RES.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR_Cosmicspacehead View Post (Source)
    After two hours, I cashed in my vouchers. And...
    Still not allied.

    Then i had to go to work.
    How do you have all this time before work? You wake up 3 hours early?

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    Made a nice sum of IRL money...struggled to get Elite updated...then popped into a CZ to test out my new 8C bi-weave shields.

    Haven't been in a CZ in ages but it was pretty fun and a fair challenge compared to RES.

    Made about half a million and then went to Juri Ishmaak to turn in the vouchers...half way there and getting closer on my trek to The Sarge. Grade 5 OC Cannons, here I come!

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    Smuggled drugs and weapons to a system asset controlled by a rival faction (over the past two days their influence has dropped 18% due in part to my smuggling and general criminal activity).
    Did missions and delivered food and medicine to a faction i am supporting in the same system.
    I am eventually hoping to trigger a conflict between the two major factions in the system so i can take advantage of the chaos to advance the cause

    The system only has 1500 people total in it, so i think other cmdrs may be working another side of this, but its small population makes it an ideal candidate from which to expand my factions influence.

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