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Thread: Update 2.3.02 Coming 10am BST 27/04

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    Originally Posted by Brixomatic View Post (Source)
    Once again an update validation error.
    This time it says:
    "update of the file c:\users\donttellanyone\AppData\Frontier_Developments\elite-dangerous64\Win64\Items\Shared\LandngPadsZeroGLandingAreaMediumZeroG\Data.ovl failed (validation error).
    For me this has been the usual case the last 3 updates and it always means I've got to remove the game completely and reinstall it, which takes a lot of time.
    Major annoyance!
    Why in the world is this even a problem?

    First off, congratulations on your negative rep! Not seen one like that for a while.

    But, to get to the point, this isn't a common problem. Blaming others for your computer doesn't help.

    I think I know a fix, but will involve a re-install, but hopefully will sort it for good. Basically the temporary files used during install are corrupt.

    Give me a second and I'll try to get you more details.

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    haven't played since the last implementation of big bugs so i was just wondering did they find the spray yet ?
    did they kill all of the bugs ?
    is it fun again to play?
    also wondering if they finnally got the rewards system kind of in ballance ?

    anyway i hope some positive reactions so i can hook up my gear again and start playing one of the best games ever lauched

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