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  • 01 - Frank - This might not be my entry

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  • 02 - JetsonRING - (Don't) Wash Me

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  • 03 - Listeri69 - Grandads War: A tale of Honour, Bravery and Diving...

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  • 04 - Edith_The_Hutt - Careless Talk Costs Teeth

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  • 05 - cleonymus - Even a pirate has a past.

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  • 06 - Simoof - The last stand. A Tale of 2 bits. And 1 of those bits is the end.

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  • 07 - Massey - Lucrative Rare trade

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  • 08 - Listeri69 - A misunderstanding by Cmdr Ermyntrudethenoob aged like milk on a warm day....

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  • 09 - Bikky - A nice collection

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  • 10 - RoyalHankey - Synchronization always looks good...........Sometimes.

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  • 11 - FolcoTook - Because glass is sharp....

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  • 12 - Alien - The Great Scar-Cut Of Lavecon 2016

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  • 13 - phong - The Farts and the furry hoes: or how to twist the tale even tighter without a word from our sponsor

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  • 14 - insanephoton - Introductions

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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #199: And That's How I Got These Scars

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    Drabble Short Story Contest #199: And That's How I Got These Scars

    We are now just one show away from out bicentennial Drabble Show. The excitement is palpable. But I'll understand if you don't want to palp the excitement.

    Congratulations Listeri69. Your choice this week was "And That's How I Got These Scars".

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour at 7pm BST, Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. And a warning to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself

    01 - Frank - This might not be my entry

    The planet Asinol 4 is very cold. So cold the local farmers make their free-range hens wear special hats. They were clever little poultry caps that have inbuilt heat exchangers, sucking the heat out of the cold atmosphere to keep their tiny bird brains warm, and they were being stolen by local teenagers.

    The kids found that covering their ground vehicle hotrods with thousands of these little heat exchangers they could keep them warm and toasty inside without their finely tuned engines wasting horsepower on that task.

    They caught one thief who said "Hen hat's how I coat these cars."

    02 - JetsonRING - (Don't) Wash Me

    The captain noted the wide-eyed stares from the local ground-crew, some wondering, some admiring and he glanced over his own ship with no small amount of pride.
    The rust, corrosion, stains, the drips from unknown fluids and weapon scars covering much of her hull gave the old girl character. Not like some shiny hangar-queen that got freshly re-painted after each flight.
    Let the Bubble-heads weld shiny little badges onto their shiny little ships, Betty had all the battle-honors she needed carved right onto her armor by the laser-beams of dead men, their frozen and burned blood decorated her hull.

    03 - Listeri69 - Grandads War: A tale of Honour, Bravery and Diving...

    'Grandad, were you in the war?'
    'I sure was.. I were part of the 102nd Merchant fleet it was our job to keep the troops supplied in Faeces'
    'You mean Facece?'
    'No.. We were a biowaste transport. Anyhow one day we were surrounded by Pythons.. No way out but surrender. To make sure the transport stayed a secret, our captain cut out our tongues. I spent the next 5 years being tortured in an empire cell.'
    'Is that how you got those 8 scars on your face?'
    'Oh no, that was your Grandma after I got the mechanical tongue fitted.'

    04 - Edith_The_Hutt - Careless Talk Costs Teeth

    Two brick sharthouses wearing Federal colours stood up across the bar; today was not a good day to be wearing the arrow.

    “Aiden! Shut up!” I hissed. It was too late, he was drunk, angry and didn’t see the muscle-bound killers heading our way.

    “…an’ ‘f Hudson thinks his navy can take th’ Truckers then he can suck my-“

    Cybernetic pistons gripped my shoulder as a Sergeant with too many scars and not enough teeth leaned in.

    “Get up and run to your shoddy little clubhouse while you still can”

    I smiled politely, “What did you just say about Hutton Orbital?”

    05 - cleonymus - Even a pirate has a past.

    Childhood in an outpost was a test.

    Few made it to school and those that did were often small, malnourished, tough.

    Grasping for food, clothes, education, opportunity. They grew at the expense of those that did not.

    Many died in childhood. The rest would work their lives in torment. Propping up corporate or Imperial greed.

    Occasionally one would be different. Would last long enough to gain knowledge, to take that opportunity.

    Mark was one such child. He left behind his childhood hell, his mother and a dead pilot.

    He took his memories, his torment, his scars; and that pilot's cobra.

    06 - Simoof - The last stand. A Tale of 2 bits. And 1 of those bits is the end.

    Jonhny groggily awoke, his grandpa teary eyed next to him.
    "Hey Champ"
    "Whats wrong" Johnny asked, trying hard to wake up.
    "I just wanted to say goodbye before..." his Grandpa broke off.
    "Will I see you again?" Johnny started to feel overwhelmed.
    "The battle is over. we lost."
    Johnny started to cry "But you never lose. Look at all your scars!"
    "The scars in the outside are to remind people what I did for them. It's the ones on the inside that hurt most, they remind me what others meant to me."
    Grandpa nodded. The doctor turned the machine off.

    07 - Massey - Lucrative Rare trade

    A while ago I was trading Rapa Bao Snake Skins, my usual contact had come up empty so I had to go and catch one of those blasted creatures. I set down and trundled out in my srv to shoot one of the nests.

    I arrived at the nest and blasted the area with cannon fire, blood, guts and foliage sprayed everywhere, a huge specimen lay in front of the SRV, so I carefully climbed out, suddenly the snake sprung right for more crotch, it took a couple of days to remove it, and that's how i got these scars.

    08 - Listeri69 - A misunderstanding by Cmdr Ermyntrudethenoob aged like milk on a warm day....

    The Federal Inspector bristled.

    'Just tell me how!'

    'Don't ashk me maytee, am sloshed,' the crumpled figure by the bar slurred.

    'But there's hundreds!'

    'I jusht collecsh 'em.'

    'But... but you're an idiot. Where the hell did you get all those cars?'

    'Moshtly by pretending to be pished...' The figure turned, swinging a blaster into the belly of the doomed Officer.


    He straightened, 'put him down the chute and wipe his ID. I've a buyer for that one already.'

    He ran his finger over the silver Lakon X1-Swift the Fed had arrived in as his henchmen removed the body.

    09 - Bikky - A nice collection

    ‘Interesting,’ mused Pod rubbing his bristling chin. ‘All yours then?’ he asked.
    ‘Yip,’ I replied, ‘Every single one of them earned and taken from someone else in the heat of competition.’
    ‘Hey Guys!’ he shouts over to his mates, ‘Come see this eer’ collection.’
    A group of men and women walk over our way, and start ogling at my collection. Mutterings of ‘nice’ and ‘why would you?’ came out of the crowd.
    Then a young boy runs over, ‘What I miss, what I miss?’ in a not quite settled adult voice.
    Pod points.
    The boy gawps, and says rapidly ‘Where’d-you-get-those-cars?’

    10 - RoyalHankey - Synchronization always looks good...........Sometimes.

    Psykokow and Simoof are very synchronized.
    They won the Galactic Synchronized Swimming Contest.
    Then they went to the Galactic Olympics.
    Many people thought they would walk it.
    But they had other ideas
    "Lets enter the synchronized diving event" Simoof said.
    They won that. "What shall we do now" Simoof said.
    "I know" said Psykokow, "The synchronized figure skating contest".
    They won that. "I know what we could do now, synchronized lion taming" said Psykokow
    "Ok lets do it now" said Simoof,
    Psykokow ran off leaving Simoof on his own with 2 lions
    And that's how he got all these scars.

    11 - FolcoTook - Because glass is sharp....

    The new kid settled into the gunner's seat. He looked all excited and new and annoying. God I hate breaking in fresh meat.

    We finished the pre-flight checklist and I started putting my helmet on. The kid, Morgan (I think), looked at me like I'd grown a Thargoid head on my back.

    "Why are you putting that on? Are you going to go the whole escort mission with it?"

    "Yeah, kid. I am."

    "Isn't it hard to see and, well, hot and sweaty?"

    "Kid, I used to think that too. Then I had a canopy blown in on my face."

    12 - Alien - The Great Scar-Cut Of Lavecon 2016

    "Completing requested actions"
    "OW, stop it"
    "Completing requested actions, hold still please."
    "OW, I said stop it"
    "I must perform requested actions."
    "You don't OW have to OW perform **these** OW actions"
    "I must perform requested actions"
    "THESE actions are NOT requested OW"
    "You requested a haircut did you not?"
    "I requested a haircut"
    "I must perform requested actions"
    "If you're going to watch, you're going to pay, come and see the SHOW"
    "OW, look, I have changed my mind, OW I'll give you all back your pounds, OW and Special Effect OW won't OW get the OW 435"

    13 - phong - The Farts and the furry hoes: or how to twist the tale even tighter without a word from our sponsor

    The old man hobbled through the concourse,his weight firmly supported by the crutch thrust in the hollow created by his torso and what remained of one arm.One side of his face,ridged with scars,seemed set in a perpetual scowl,and the eye patch only served to magnify the underlying yet vague sense of menace that emanated from the avian-type lifeform which even now grasped his shoulder in a vice-like grip,talons sinking deep as it nibbled on a ear.
    The brightly coloured bandana disappeared slowly among the throng of boarding passengers,just another face in the crowd.

    14 - insanephoton - Introductions

    Cassie sighed. The young woman with the neck scar didn't look much of a prospect. If she already had scars this early in her career things didn't bode well.
    'So Teagan, tell me how did you get the scar?'
    'Yeah, Happened when I was a kid. It had been a long flight and I forgot about gravity when I dived out of bed. Landed on my neck and broke some bones. The surgeons had to fuse a couple of vertebrae. I guess they weren't too worried about leaving scars.'
    Cassie smiled, maybe this girl would turn out ok.

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