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Thread: Small Worlds Expedition 2!

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    Small Worlds Expedition 2!

    Small Worlds Expedition 2
    The record-breaking mass jump from SWE1 is coming back, and better than ever!
    Join us in small ships [ONLY] for the most memorable expedition that took place in 3302!

    June 3 - July 8, 3303

    Waypoint G-Calendar
    Recommended Ship Builds

    Private Groups:

    PC Private Group: Braben is Thargoid
    Xbox Private Group: QUICKSCOPA14

    Send a Private Group request in-game via the Friends & Private Groups in main menu, to this user to join.
    Expedition Rules

    1. Keep it clean, be nice, if you have issues, contact an admin via the discord channel or in-game (or PM me on this forum)
    2. Under absolutely no circumstances are you to be allowed to intentionally shoot or harm a fellow commander in any way, shape, or form. If you show ANY intention of grief killing, you will be banned immediately, and removed from the roster.

    For security etc. reasons, the admins and staff will be explicitly strict, any and all decisions will be final with our word.


    Small Worlds Expedition is to provide the support and ability for new and casual players to be able to explore our galaxy without worry. We aim to help develop the skills and knowledge required for long distance exploration. Additionally, we hope we can provide veteran explorers an interesting and challenging alternative to the more commonly accepted exploration vessels... again.


    Small landing pad ships ONLY!
    Minimum jump range required is 20Ly

    Adder, Cobra Mk3, Cobra Mk4, Diamondback Explorer, Diamondback Scout, Dolphin, Eagle,
    Hauler, Imperial Courier, Imperial Eagle, Sidewinder, Viper Mk3, Viper Mk4, Vulture


    Rendezvous and Launch times (IGT = UTC)
    Weekends (EVERYONE): Meetup 18:00, Launch 19:00
    Weekdays (US): Meetup 23:50, Launch 01:00
    Weekdays (EU): Meetup 19:00, Launch 20:00
    Weekdays (AUS): 10:00, Launch 11:15


    Date Ly to Next Location / Nebula System Name Planet # LZ Coordinates
    June 3 Home BD+31 2290 4 C -5.1,-74.76 link
    June 6 610.57 Hind Nebula T Tauri A 1 A -72,99.4 link
    2 June 8 460.79 Witchhead Nebula HIP 23759 9 A 9,-142.4 link
    3 June 10 778.85 NGC 1333 GMM2008 22 3 A 4.78,-92 link
    4 June 14 730.42 LBN 623 LBN 623 Sector FW-W D1-100 6 A 75.93,89 link
    5 June 17 1184.57 Veil West Nebula Veil West Sector DL-Y D68 D 4 E -80.1,147.46 link
    6 June 21 856.02 Blinking Nebula Blinking Sector PD-S B4-0 2 A -69.32,-97.45 link
    7 June 24 794.09 Ring Nebula Ring Sector NI-S B4-0 6 A 67.2,176.7 link
    8 June 28 736.25 Blue Flash Nebula Blue Flash Sector GW-W C1-0 4 A -84,75.7 link
    9 July 1 1614.95 Fetus Nebula LAN 111 9 A 33.6,116.2 link
    10 July 5 2425.37 Crescent Nebula Crescent Sector HR-W D1-28 A 2 16.0,-49 link
    11 July 8 2219.76 NGC 6820 NGC 6820 Sector PD-S B4-6 7 D A -51,78 link

    Reminder! This expedition takes place in a Private Group
    Search: Braben Is Thargoid

    (Thanks CMDR Andromedaa!)

    Congratulations CMDR Andromedaa!

    Flagship Haiku Competition

    Adrift in deep space
    The mystery ship appears
    I have lost all hope

    Expedition Map:

    Points of Interest Catalogue:
    Thanks CMDR Terrabla'e!

    WP0 WP1 WP2 WP3 WP4 WP5 WP6 WP7 WP8 WP9 WP10 WP11
    Misc. HIP 18119
    (3 Earth-like Planets)
    (black hole)
    Pleiades Sector AB-W b2-4
    Body: 9 A > Coordinates: -26.336 / 97.708
    Body: 6 C A > Coordinates: 30.33 / -98.58
    Body: A 4 A > Coordinates: -34.98 / -141.41
    HIP 12028
    Stars Canopus PSR J0633+1746 Betelguese Polaris
    (perm. Locked)
    HD 193009
    VY Canis Majoris Alpha Cygni (Deneb)
    Rigel Star of India
    Asteroid Station Hive Station Witch Head Science Centre Darwin Research Facility
    California Sector BV-Y c7
    Lemmy's Rock
    HIP 96456
    Medusa's Rock
    Crescent Sector GW-W c1-8
    Small Nebula Eskimo Nebula Butterfly Nebula Little Dumbbell Nebula Dumbbell Nebula NGC 6884 NGC 7027 NGC 6790 Bow-Tie Nebula NGC 6751
    Helix Nebula Spirograph Nebula NGC 1501 Red Spider NGC 6781
    NGC 1514 NGC 1360
    Large Nebula Witch Head Nebula California Nebula Veil Nebula East North American Nebula Elephant Trunk Nebula Traikeou AA-A H2
    Vela Dark Region Sadr Region Pelican Nebula
    Puppis Dark Region
    Running Man
    Orion Nebula
    Orion Dark Region
    Flame Nebula
    Messier 78
    Barnard's Loop
    Horsehead Nebula (perm. Locked)
    Horsehead Dark Region


    Commander Name What ship are you bringing? Ship name Platform Continent
    1 Nuse Imperial Eagle Aquila Chrysaetos PC North America
    2 Senor Corgi Adder REEEEEEEEEE PC North America
    3 LaneAtomic Cobra Mk3 Nezumi PC North America
    4 Braben Is Thargoid Adder 69420 PC North America
    5 Jerek Diamondback Explorer Berd PC North America
    6 VirtualAnomaly Adder Ka Moku Hele PC North America
    7 Leif Ross Dolphin Thx 4 All The Fish PC Europe
    8 Andromedaa Imperial Courier Inconsistent Heart PC North America
    9 Zelryn Diamondback Explorer Hotbox Express PC North America
    10 Sapporo Dolphin Crown Jewel PC North America
    11 ZSCHMEEZ Dolphin Atlantis PC North America
    12 Frisky Weasel Imperial Courier Squeaker PC Europe
    13 Raijiin Dolphin Lewd Van PC North America
    14 Vamp1r3 Diamondback Explorer R/V Trillion PC Africa
    15 ravstar52 Vulture Steve the Dakka PC Europe
    16 Jonas Treesong Dolphin Which One's Pink? PC Europe
    17 YggBjorn Diamondback Explorer Nomo Uostro Xbox North America
    18 OrcusCZ Imperial Courier Javelin PC Europe
    19 Vithigar Cobra Mk4 Escutcheon PC North America
    20 Ky Vatta Dolphin Funtime Party Bus PC Europe
    21 Rosander Dolphin Stellar Witness PC North America
    22 Danger Noodle Cobra Mk3 CoV Spikey Snek PC Australia
    23 SmileyHood Cobra Mk3 Happy Gatherer PC North America
    24 #Spooderlady Viper Mk3 British Booplesnoot PC Europe
    25 Conspiracy1955 Imperial Courier Stardust PC Europe
    26 Dexter7 Dolphin PC North America
    27 AVeryAverageGuy Dolphin Lil Panky Xbox North America
    28 Gerbilz Sidewinder Wolpertinger PC Asia
    29 Ninja Jon Hauler IES Pegasus PC North America
    30 Gatto Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    31 Rebecka Diamondback Explorer Strugglebus PC North America
    32 Funk Dr Magic Diamondback Explorer Starpuncher PC North America
    33 Errvs II Cobra Mk3 Vesper PC North America
    34 Parad0x1e Cobra Mk3 Ol' Faithful PC Europe
    35 Ovidiod Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    36 DMC_RULEZ Diamondback Explorer Heart of Gold PC Europe
    37 Av'ren Kildarian Diamondback Explorer C.R.V. Astraeus PC North America
    38 Katsuke Cobra Mk4 Harpey PC North America
    39 Nacho Man Diamondback Explorer Ship for Brains PC Australia
    40 Qoryl Qrygg Diamondback Explorer Diamond Greyhound PC Europe
    41 Tall Bird Diamondback Explorer Skyward Stars PC Europe
    42 Jon95 Diamondback Explorer PC Australia
    43 Yenius Diamondback Explorer Anyone Out There PC Australia
    44 Ltn.Tomahawk Diamondback Explorer Pioneeris PC Europe
    45 Argaric Cobra Mk3 Hydnum repadnum PC Europe
    46 OldSpacemanX Diamondback Explorer Astra Inquestria Xbox North America
    47 Mengy Diamondback Explorer STAR BLAZER PC North America
    48 Arand Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    49 ARGHouse Cobra Mk4 C.I.U.S. Red Rosa PC Australia
    50 Larkss Cobra Mk3 Cotillion PC Europe
    51 Rorsche Alpha Dolphin TBD PC Australia
    52 CMDR Captain TomYam Viper Mk4 The inquisitor PC Asia
    53 Scottypalooza Sidewinder TBD PS4 North America
    54 DeepQuantum Diamondback Explorer ORBIT 2 PC Europe
    55 Hepburn3d Diamondback Explorer Lave News Network PC Europe
    56 stroughzer Diamondback Explorer Asp Explorer PC North America
    57 DarkHellSpartan Vulture do baan dhaaree PC North America
    58 Jon Flint Cobra Mk3 I Stole This Ship! PC Europe
    59 CMDR Commie Horse Diamondback Explorer HMS Resolute PC Europe
    60 Sfx6c Diamondback Explorer Diamondbork Explorer PC North America
    61 theobstruction Diamondback Explorer Danger Noodle PC North America
    62 ArcticFenrir Diamondback Explorer Solar Flair PC Europe
    63 Rainbro Imperial Eagle Small Hadron Collider PC Europe
    64 Pfz Lightning Dolphin Lusitania PC Europe
    65 LuckyLucas Dolphin USS Dixie Normus PC North America
    66 Rhea Imperial Eagle Keiyu PC Europe
    67 Speed Racer Viper Mk4 IRV Panda Bear PC Australia
    68 Rigel Kent Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    69 Sir Space Walrus Imperial Courier PC North America
    70 Rachaziah Diamondback Explorer Elora Danan PC North America
    71 Rubysea Diamondback Explorer CCG DBX ITS OVER 9000 PC North America
    72 Saberific Diamondback Explorer The Versace PC Asia
    73 Veldren Dolphin Destiny Discovered PC North America
    74 Netherphoenix Diamondback Explorer Pointless Endeavor PC North America
    75 Nookie Mr.Smith Hauler I actually haven't chosen a ship yet but you made me choose one PC North America
    76 nagy Diamondback Explorer Brogle Point PC Asia
    77 Terrabla'e Cobra Mk3 SWE Spirit PC Australia
    78 Revonox Diamondback Explorer Solus Infinity PC Europe
    79 LonelyHawk Imperial Courier PC Europe
    80 MaxAcceleration Cobra Mk4 Aurora PC North America
    81 DARJAN Imperial Courier FIRE ANT PC Europe
    82 Jdude1 Cobra Mk4 Mis Behavin' PC North America
    83 the benevolant Diamondback Explorer I.E.S. Helios PC Europe
    84 FROZEN TOMATO Eagle Neutrino PC Europe
    85 Kel Solaar Cobra Mk4 Doorstop PC North America
    86 The_Gripen Adder Lane's Snack Shack PC North America
    87 CMDR Qwertzilla Dolphin SPACEWEINER PC North America
    88 Algirdyz Dolphin Archipelago PC Europe
    89 Lumrn Dolphin Flipper PC Europe
    90 rushtheworld Diamondback Explorer Xbox Europe
    91 Madsplatter Cobra Mk3 Pangaea PC Europe
    92 GreenViper Cobra Mk3 DAI PC Europe
    93 Virgil Coleman Diamondback Explorer Mandrake-X PC Europe
    94 Rod Wayder Cobra Mk3 Abarth PC Europe
    95 CMDR Hoxalicious Viper Mk3 U.B.C Tengu PC Australia
    96 Nahr Diamondback Explorer Deimos PC North America
    97 thisAtlas Diamondback Explorer Starbug PC Europe
    98 M98 Dolphin You should see my Orca PC North America
    99 Zak Starfall Cobra Mk4 Geoff PC Europe
    100 Sudeaku Dolphin The Alexander Guinness PC North America
    101 Zapness Diamondback Explorer TBD PC North America
    102 Spyder3m Dolphin Yeety McDabface PC North America
    103 Iron Harry Flint Imperial Courier PC Europe
    104 Scoops42 Cobra Mk4 The boggler 5 Xbox North America
    105 Talon2277 Cobra Mk3 SWE Superluminal Mk I PC Australia
    106 CMDR Dorncin Diamondback Explorer Archimedes PC Australia
    107 Solii Cobra Mk4 SP3-RG PC Australia
    108 Rajip Diamondback Scout Retribution Xbox Europe
    109 Hondoskooter Diamondback Explorer Erro Xbox North America
    110 KLED Dolphin Temptress III PC Australia
    111 Stiefeljunge Cobra Mk3 Murdock PC Europe
    112 cxin Cobra Mk3 GCF Lilari Xbox North America
    113 Laffelrog Vulture Lemonizer PC Europe
    114 Skari0 Diamondback Explorer Arctic PC North America
    115 Mindenite Adder Gunless Galloping Goat PC North America
    116 Bob Good Diamondback Explorer Interstellar PC North America
    117 Ruz DorStar Diamondback Explorer Escape From Sol PC North America
    118 CMDR MelonGrilo Dolphin Neptune PC Europe
    119 QUICKSCOPA14 Diamondback Explorer Star Jumper Xbox North America
    120 No1TriviumFan Cobra Mk3 Chrysopelea Xbox Australia
    121 vcdm Dolphin Angel of The Black PC North America
    122 Murphy McHoner Dolphin The Pansy PC Europe
    123 Awestin74 Imperial Courier Last Vestige PC North America
    124 Max Factor Imperial Courier Not Known PC Europe
    125 Pitchzero Cobra Mk4 Stardust PC North America
    126 gruesomeGORILLA Dolphin Shamu PC North America
    127 YellowCaprisun Imperial Courier The Angel's Rest PC North America
    128 Sniffy Dolphin Higher Porpoise PC Australia
    129 Dr.Strange02 Dolphin Asgardian PC Europe
    130 Mike Spencer Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    131 Dergell Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    132 Lassombra Diamondback Explorer Saphire's Journey PC North America
    133 Werdna Diamondback Explorer Oooh Shiny PC Australia
    134 Kasero Diamondback Explorer Olmakau PC Europe
    135 Orangecon Dolphin The Dorphen PC North America
    136 Marco Sparks Cobra Mk3 Dark Echo Fury Ping PC Europe
    137 Mattbert Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    138 Solko Vulture AlbAcross PC Europe
    139 Unidan Dolphin Kristallnacht Tour Bus PC North America
    140 Winneon Sidewinder Unit 02 PC North America
    141 Silver2774 Diamondback Explorer Silverstar 3 PC Europe
    142 Halcyone Cobra Mk4 Voidwalker PC Europe
    143 Aegg Dolphin INV Black Douglas PC Europe
    144 Trevisann Dolphin The Stargazer PC South America
    145 Berrett Diamondback Explorer Kobiyashi Maroon PC North America
    146 Fiasc0 Vulture Khepri PC North America
    147 captain kids Hauler taxis de l'espace PC North America
    148 Alexa Klein Imperial Eagle Bad Idea PC North America
    149 Inga Stevenson Diamondback Explorer Far Venture PC North America
    150 Osuenn Adder Perce-Voile PC North America
    151 IvanRuz03 Diamondback Explorer Quarterback PC Europe
    152 The Metroid Tamer Dolphin Cosmic Castaway Jr. PC North America
    153 'Yellow Belly' McGee Diamondback Explorer Starbug 3 PC Europe
    154 Katarus Delwood Dolphin jaakarhu PC North America
    155 Maxsam Imperial Courier EIC Speedy PC Europe
    156 CMDR von Schnellenstein Dolphin IMS Ivanka PC Australia
    157 Mantorix Eagle Starbreeze PC Europe
    158 Asha Varx Dolphin Kalopsia PC Europe
    159 Mini Valentine Diamondback Explorer Terror PC North America
    160 smileyface Cobra Mk3 DoDo 2 PC North America
    161 Sunbart Diamondback Explorer Sophocles a. T. PC Europe
    162 Elith Diamondback Explorer Wonder 3 PC Europe
    163 Harry Potter Cobra Mk4 Small Pupper PC Europe
    164 D4RKS4V4NT Cobra Mk3 PATHFINDER PC Europe
    165 Cap`n Birkules Cobra Mk3 rogue sally PC Europe
    166 Justice.M Diamondback Explorer USS Phoenix PC North America
    167 Sephick Leandros Diamondback Explorer Boostin' Betty PC North America
    168 Buddy Ecola Imperial Courier Too Loud! PC Europe
    169 B.E.N Diamondback Scout Diamnoback Scout PC Europe
    170 Dashy [UGC] Cobra Mk3 Komplex Star PC Europe
    171 Conn100battles Diamondback Explorer Voyager PC North America
    172 Voytek Yazov Dolphin Il Topolino PC North America
    173 William Diffin Sidewinder Enterprise PC Europe
    174 Himanshu Goel Diamondback Explorer //KATO PC North America
    175 LaShreader Dolphin Prius Hawke PC Australia
    176 Grangar Dolphin All fish no chips PC Europe
    177 Strudelbaron Vulture Clover PC Australia
    178 Voorheez Diamondback Explorer Kon Tiki PC Europe
    179 Cormic Diamondback Explorer Dora the DBX PC Europe
    180 Gin RideIntoTheSun Diamondback Explorer Saltarina PC Europe
    181 Jonuss Cobra Mk3 No Fixed Abode PC Europe
    182 SB Jones Dolphin Solitude PC Europe
    183 Savi Nova Imperial Courier Shoot To Thrill PC North America
    184 Just Call Me Dave Diamondback Explorer Critical Gravitas Loss PC North America
    185 raigeki228 Cobra Mk3 PC Europe
    186 Tinwhisker Diamondback Explorer Tardigrade PC North America
    187 Daniel Ralter Dolphin Chimera PC North America
    188 Sirkh Cobra Mk3 Nomad PC Australia
    189 CMDR Nigujor Diamondback Explorer S.P.C. Star Traveler PC Europe
    190 Reynolds Cobra Mk3 Ravigill's Hope PC North America
    191 Sparrow Wolf Dolphin Discovery PC North America
    192 King_Me248 Dolphin Dolphin Xbox North America
    193 Lippincott Cobra Mk3 Perseus PC North America
    194 xDuFF Diamondback Explorer HMS DISCOVERY Xbox Europe
    195 Caldeon Hauler Wrath of Mordred PC Europe
    196 Eragur Imperial Eagle Aquila PC Europe
    197 Token1 Diamondback Explorer Jump Smoker PC North America
    198 ISN skeetzter Diamondback Explorer hummingbird PC Europe
    199 CMDR Jipegos Imperial Courier Esquisse PC Europe
    200 CMDR Alectryon Diamondback Explorer Cubeo Shard PC Europe
    201 R Daneel Olivaw Diamondback Explorer GENERICNAMEPLATE PC Europe
    202 Garesu Cobra Mk4 Ordo Protoype-1 PC Europe
    203 Klapanciusz Eagle Beakward Ho! PC Europe
    204 G.Filini Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    205 Bhavesh Imperial Courier PC Africa
    206 Maverick B Dolphin Midsummer night PC North America
    207 CMDR Cornelius Swag Lord Hauler PC Australia
    208 Sylphrena bennett Dolphin The Radiant PC North America
    209 Folco Took Cobra Mk3 FTS Strider PC North America
    210 SAMUEL GALV?O Diamondback Explorer Estrela da Sorte PC South America
    211 cwtheking Diamondback Explorer IES In Deep Ship PC North America
    212 Obnoxious_Gamer Diamondback Explorer Thunderbolt PC North America
    213 Havenox Diamondback Explorer Arcadium PC South America
    214 Vengeance Ghost Sidewinder Sidewinder Xbox Europe
    215 Pyra Firestone Diamondback Explorer Hydrokorra PC Australia
    216 capcabral Diamondback Explorer Endurance PC Europe
    217 DrPops63 DVM Viper Mk4 Busted Flush Xbox South America
    218 Brayder917 Cobra Mk3 The Sanction PC North America
    219 Hazara Imperial Courier Bad Planning PC Australia
    220 Atik Diamondback Explorer Indefatiguable PC Europe
    221 Reflexor Diamondback Explorer A2B PC Europe
    222 Jynxed Diamondback Explorer Erebus PC Europe
    223 ToLate Vulture Warcheap PC Europe
    224 Pharaohstar Diamondback Explorer Starlight Express PC North America
    225 zz9pa Imperial Courier runabout PC Europe
    226 Engineer817 Diamondback Explorer Dragon's wings PC North America
    227 Augustus Faraday Imperial Courier Feronia PC North America
    228 Radmuffin Viper Mk4 Wanderlust PC Europe
    229 Atomic_Crusade Diamondback Explorer Apollo PC Europe
    230 Project Troy Dolphin SS Flipper PC North America
    231 Devilsunz Dolphin Summer Hit PC Europe
    232 cosporcos Dolphin Torresmos PC Europe
    233 Brassik Diamondback Explorer Bumble PC Europe
    234 Sonwat Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    235 Tokyto Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    236 Kaiser_Soze Dolphin PC Europe
    237 CreationMaster7 Diamondback Explorer Phobos PC North America
    238 Eryn Liamson Cobra Mk3 Alice PC Australia
    239 SMIJE DILAK Diamondback Explorer DAEDALUS PC North America
    240 Jindrolim Cobra Mk4 I have fuel you don't PC Europe
    241 RIP WASH Diamondback Explorer Folium in Vento PC North America
    242 InfiniteMaximum Cobra Mk4 PC North America
    243 Falterhorn Dolphin Tribble PC North America
    244 Egon Duval Diamondback Explorer Xbox North America
    245 Darkense Diamondback Explorer Enchanted Platypus PC North America
    246 YOURpetFERRET Diamondback Explorer bob the builder Xbox Australia
    247 CMDR kizcat Dolphin Explophin PC Europe
    248 CARLOSHS Imperial Courier Bonitinha PC South America
    249 Smaradhana Imperial Courier PC Asia
    250 Novalance Dolphin So long and thanks PC North America
    251 Zephrow Dolphin Majestic Void FlapFlap PC Europe
    252 Fyrefly Cobra Mk4 SS Spaceman Spiff PC North America
    253 Fusyoo Diamondback Explorer INV Aisling's Pioneer PC Europe
    254 Ohmegalisk Diamondback Explorer Grasshopper PC Europe
    255 Svetislav Diamondback Explorer Jumpin Jack Flash PC Europe
    256 CMDR Sarius Aeronaut Adder Solaris II PC North America
    257 Sp33dh4m Dolphin Remmsemmel IV PC Europe
    258 Leoyen Aideron Hauler ZRGN<LIMA-ECHO-OSCAR> PC North America
    259 Cocoturtlez Imperial Courier Eden PC North America
    260 MRSNIFFLES Diamondback Explorer Space Madness 2.0 PC North America
    261 Nofearofhell Hauler PC Australia
    262 Nevarum Diamondback Explorer Darkmoon PC North America
    263 Cynder111 Dolphin PC Europe
    264 COUSAN Cobra Mk3 PC Asia
    265 Aranck Machk Dolphin Tbd PC North America
    266 Ezznuszen Diamondback Explorer Ezzsplorer II PC Europe
    267 Morale Diamondback Explorer FRAGILE - THIS SIDE UP PC Europe
    268 vgernyc Diamondback Explorer GTF Zeus PC North America
    269 Dadinacactus Diamondback Explorer Jacques Cartier PC North America
    270 Drois Mighma Cobra Mk3 Radiant Glory PC North America
    271 Terry Bruge-Hiplo Diamondback Explorer Dex PC Europe
    272 JOAO SOUSA Diamondback Explorer ODYSSEY PC Europe
    273 Jopperr Diamondback Explorer Ship 7 PC Europe
    274 geeksie Diamondback Explorer SS Santiago PC Europe
    275 Lavasheep Diamondback Explorer Lost Sheep PC Europe
    276 Madaxas Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    277 Vertigo-01 Cobra Mk3 Amber PC Europe
    278 Zenturi and Lixen DeZelan Cobra Mk3 Point Zero [DZN-04] PC Europe
    279 Drahkoan Diamondback Explorer Gypsy PC North America
    280 Aoi Moto Diamondback Explorer Taikyu PC Europe
    281 ZIWEN GAO Imperial Courier destiny PC North America
    282 Bej Diamondback Explorer Star Trouper PC North America
    283 dwulf69 Diamondback Explorer Solar Winds PC North America
    284 Fitzypyro Cobra Mk3 THE GUNRUNNER PC Australia
    285 cap. jhonny Diamondback Explorer PC South America
    286 Shake N' Bake Diamondback Explorer HALFTONE PC North America
    287 Wolframis Imperial Eagle The Blackbird PC Europe
    288 DataRebel Cobra Mk3 Dark Flight PC North America
    289 Rev Logos Imperial Courier Shining Seas PC North America
    290 Walter Price Diamondback Explorer Will-It-Make-It PC Europe
    291 Nils Roewer Diamondback Explorer Maiden Voyage PC Europe
    292 DRKWNG Diamondback Explorer the canonnical conclusion PC Europe
    293 YellowCake Dolphin Delta6 PC Europe
    294 Test Pilot Osama 001 Diamondback Explorer O.T.O.M. VIKING PC Europe
    295 Mors Caedes Adder Lord Edmund Xbox North America
    296 Bronze42 Adder The Bronze Balloon PC North America
    297 sensca crane Diamondback Explorer pathfinder PC South America
    298 imthelast Diamondback Explorer Jumpy PC North America
    299 garukusanagi23 Diamondback Explorer the chimichanga PC North America
    300 CMDR DRKWNG Diamondback Explorer The canonnical conclusion PC Europe
    301 Gutter Fish Diamondback Explorer Stinky Fish PC Europe
    302 TheGrumpyGhost Dolphin Lonely One PC Africa
    303 Cadfael-KR Dolphin Silver Streak PC Europe
    304 Bronze 42 Diamondback Explorer The Bronze Balloon PC North America
    305 Dan Buck Diamondback Explorer RIV Marina PC South America
    306 Zenturi Cobra Mk3 Point Zero PC Europe
    307 Saii Diamondback Explorer Dragonfly PC Europe
    308 Grimshun Sidewinder IceCube PC Europe
    309 sensca crane Diamondback Explorer pathfinder PC South America
    310 Swislok Imperial Courier Janus PC North America
    311 Mach1ne Imperial Courier Cosmic Girl PC Europe
    312 Tythis Andrethi Diamondback Explorer The Nerevarine PC North America
    313 Kwackers Cobra Mk3 HMS Colchester PC North America
    314 Nandiko Diamondback Explorer SS RECON 19 PC Europe
    315 Gazatronic Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    316 Smash G23 Diamondback Explorer Prowler PC Asia
    317 cmdr monkeynuts Diamondback Scout strider PC Europe
    318 CMDR KRUTAN Diamondback Explorer Neil Xbox North America
    319 Raydn525 Diamondback Explorer Bumble PC North America
    320 Naar Khan Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    321 PunkJr Diamondback Explorer JRS Kestrel Xbox North America
    322 Jameis Winston Imperial Eagle PC North America
    323 Spike1986 Dolphin Thnx For All The Fish PC Europe
    324 Frang Diamondback Explorer TELECASTER PC Europe
    325 ferfenix Eagle PC North America
    326 Zedric Cobra Mk3 KLEPTOMANIA PC Europe
    327 Gombari Noah Diamondback Explorer Jennifer's Leap PC Europe
    328 M.G. Rex Dolphin Voyager III PC Europe
    329 MrSheepSheep Diamondback Explorer Dust Visitor PC Europe
    330 scuzzymuzzlefug Dolphin The unfriendly Hooker Xbox North America
    331 Ziken52 Cobra Mk3 Cobra Commander PC North America
    332 Diamond1231 Cobra Mk3 Wanna-be-rat PC North America
    333 M33MN33 Cobra Mk3 PC North America
    334 ExtremeNinja135 Diamondback Explorer Black Wasp Xbox North America
    335 cmdr boss captain Cobra Mk3 PC North America
    336 BlueJay25 Diamondback Explorer Really Spongey Dreamland PC North America
    337 Ratblack Diamondback Explorer HMAS Beagle PC Australia
    338 Irico Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    339 Anla'Shok Na Diamondback Explorer Thunderbird 4 PC Australia
    340 monkeynuts Diamondback Scout strider PC Europe
    341 CMDR Ron Jeremy Jr Cobra Mk3 Strewth Mate I'm Lost! PC Australia
    342 Redwalljp Diamondback Explorer Chrome Dome PC Asia
    343 Malkravon Diamondback Explorer The Chrome Echo PC North America
    344 Lelna Grathor Viper Mk4 Curious Lady PC North America
    345 Chundaman Diamondback Explorer Sparkler PC Europe
    346 Curse Paradox Diamondback Explorer Small Wonder PC Europe
    347 lego addictus Viper Mk4 xanadu-e PC Europe
    348 mangojambo Diamondback Explorer White Shad PC South America
    349 Darkseyed Dolphin Themagicspacebus Xbox North America
    350 Sparkyonyachts1 Diamondback Explorer Yellow jacket Xbox North America
    351 Tryggr Tyrvald Hauler Shapalam Skunk PC North America
    352 Earlman Cobra Mk3 Bester PC North America
    353 Myself_st Cobra Mk4 PC Europe
    354 jkuzem96 Dolphin Flying With Porpoise PC North America
    355 Richard Anderson Diamondback Explorer Dark Stryder 2 PC Australia
    356 Inos Riga Cobra Mk3 Tritoch PC North America
    357 Slavic Samurai Multicrew PC Europe
    358 Nicolas Rabut?? Diamondback Explorer EXPLO-002 PC Europe
    359 Lythix Cobra Mk4 Limited Edition PC Australia
    360 Tempest_vx Diamondback Explorer The Outback PC Europe
    361 Vincent La Vache Adder Beag Ialtag PC North America
    362 Baberbot Diamondback Explorer Wraith PC Europe
    363 BadMoose9 Viper Mk4 Destiny PC North America
    364 TheGrizzly Diamondback Explorer E.S.S. ICARUS PC Europe
    365 GingerlyWalnut3 Adder Xbox North America
    366 ZeroAxis Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    367 Lensman Adder Skylark PC North America
    368 ArcanumRelevante Diamondback Explorer SnickersMuncher PC Europe
    369 FMJMonkey Diamondback Explorer TaxiForHire PC North America
    370 Jim Wolfe Diamondback Explorer DSV-CORTEX PC Australia
    371 Qohand Diamondback Explorer Nomad's Prayer PC North America
    372 Haden Jett Diamondback Explorer Curiosity PC Europe
    373 Felina Hawk Diamondback Explorer Rainbow Dash PC North America
    374 summersa74 Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    375 Farran Eagle Culpeo PC North America
    376 amenditman Diamondback Explorer Explored By Aliens PC North America
    377 Antallus Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    378 Poslovitch Cobra Mk3 Sonnenaufgang PC Europe
    379 NanoFreak Diamondback Explorer Viridi PC Europe
    380 Connor Scott Adder Ind. LSS Salome Loren PC Europe
    381 Aggima Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    382 Ascetic Nomad Diamondback Explorer Wanderer PC Europe
    383 Crank Larson Diamondback Explorer CRANKY 6 PC Europe
    384 nrg970 Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    385 ZenTaff Diamondback Explorer Gravitas Free Zone PC Europe
    386 ToScH_23 Imperial Courier PC Europe
    387 Viitanen Diamondback Explorer PC Europe
    388 Vector Stark Viper Mk4 I.S.S. Lionheart PC North America
    389 Rastislav Diamondback Explorer Fram PC Europe
    390 Grubot Imperial Courier The Mosquito PC Europe
    391 Strapkass Diamondback Explorer Dolly PC Europe
    392 CMDR KOappC Imperial Courier Jacqueline PC North America
    393 Zophar Shinta Adder PC North America
    394 Jason Phoenix Dolphin The Manchester Bee PC Europe
    395 Luc Hunter Hauler Intrepid PC North America
    396 Fridtjof Amundsen Hauler The Magic School Bus PC North America
    397 Major Jetlagg Diamondback Explorer Honk Scoop Jump PC Australia
    398 Fenrisism Diamondback Explorer Hlidskialf PC Europe
    399 doom338 Adder PC Europe
    400 McNolde [UGC] Diamondback Explorer Has None PC Europe
    401 Furebel Cobra Mk3 Grey Hornet PC Europe
    402 Wayward87 Hauler De Gamma PC Europe
    403 Dayna G Ross Diamondback Explorer Liberator PC Europe
    404 BAYLISSTIC Cobra Mk3 Scabbers PC Australia
    405 WaxingPolemic Diamondback Explorer Stardust Ltd 1-4 PC North America
    406 Blaueswunder Dolphin Finja Helena PC Europe
    407 KulAyd Diamondback Explorer Lemon-Lime PC North America
    408 McNolde Diamondback Explorer None PC Europe
    409 Grimbat Cobra Mk3 Starwind PC Europe
    410 kadoch Dolphin PC Europe
    411 Hooson Dolphin TITAN URANUS PC Europe
    412 divergents Diamondback Explorer venturian PC Europe
    413 Aoleon Imperial Courier AO-03E PC Europe
    414 mccoytwin Cobra Mk3 Whisper PC North America
    415 insectorchid2 Diamondback Explorer gofast PC North America
    416 Delta RC 2526 Dolphin PC North America
    417 MARK44NOTTS Dolphin Insatiable Curiosity PC Europe
    418 Vman192 Diamondback Explorer USS enterprise Xbox North America
    419 F99 Cobra Mk3 Your answer PC Europe
    420 Jagyr Diamondback Explorer Lost on Tour PC North America
    421 aje14700 Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    422 sunrisedragon Cobra Mk3 Nightwing PC Europe
    423 CMDR Skaebo McJorgan Diamondback Explorer Farseer PC North America
    424 McGrumpyPants Diamondback Explorer Electric Mayhem Xbox North America
    425 Harumodoki Viper Mk4 QIREX-RD PC Australia
    426 SchoolOfScience Diamondback Explorer The Tiny Tim PC Europe
    427 Eweqer Diamondback Explorer ECS Covfefe PC Europe
    428 Curious Fish Cobra Mk3 stardust PC North America
    429 Tane Savoya Imperial Courier Beyond boost speed PC Europe
    430 Luke Cracin Diamondback Explorer Tiny Wren PC North America
    431 DROIDMONDAY Diamondback Explorer LONG LEGS 5 PC Europe
    432 Roostlick Diamondback Explorer DBX FTW PC Europe
    433 Saaru Diamondback Explorer Donalaar PC Europe
    434 freiheit Multicrew PC North America
    435 Tydrael Viper Mk4 Athenys PC North America
    436 GeorgeGab Diamondback Explorer Gulliver 5 PC Europe
    437 Zzan Imperial Courier MCRN Mark Watney PC North America
    438 ajcreaser Viper Mk3 viper mkIII PC North America
    439 Xact Imperial Courier PC Australia
    440 Tranceravers Diamondback Scout The Trancereaper PC North America
    441 Cpt_Shinobi Dolphin Ganymede Sea Rat PC North America
    442 Solace Greyowl Diamondback Explorer PC North America
    443 Loki~ Vulture Nyrian's Ascent PC Europe
    444 BOOTZed Diamondback Explorer Copernicus PC North America
    445 Orde Mandel Dolphin PC Europe
    446 JD Sherman Diamondback Explorer ODIN'S VIGIL PC North America
    447 Simbo Diamondback Explorer Back In Time? PC Europe
    448 Felix5 Diamondback Explorer Cicada PC North America
    449 Winter Solstice Viper Mk4 Angel Shark PC North America
    450 brianpmack Eagle Overtime PC North America
    451 Valeven Hauler Charlie PC Europe
    452 ANDREWL020 Dolphin PC Asia
    453 Doppel Starshifter Multicrew PC South America
    454 Gio Diamondback Explorer LemmeSmash PC North America

  2. #2
    You should use day/month/year format

    But count me in! If I can make it anyway

  3. #3
    Looking forwards to this, been too long since I've played last, so looking forwards to this.

  4. #4
    Nah, ISO format is YYYY-MM-DD. Also has the benefit of sorting properly.

    Count me in.

  5. #5
    WEEEEEeeeww, Small Worlds 2: Electric Boogaloo!!! count me in!

  6. #6
    Registered! Can't wait, last year was awesome

  7. #7
    Yay Last expedition was awesome, can't wait for this one Couriers, assemble!

  8. #8
    I'm in 100%, I hit Exploration Elite in January and have never taken part in one of these expeditions, I'm really looking forward to it.

  9. #9
    My body is ready...again.

  10. #10
    Hopefully will be back from beagle point before it starts. If so I shall be in a courier

  11. #11

    Question Diamonback Explorer?

    Additionally, we hope we can provide veteran explorers an interesting and challenging alternative to the more commonly accepted exploration vessels
    In my opinion the Diamondback Explorer doesn't fit the expedition goals. The DBX is a commonly accepted exploration vessel like the Asp and the Anaconda.

    (EDIT: Removed mention of Type 6 and Keelback, they are medium ships, forgot that)

    (EDIT 2: An second/third thought forget my whole post. You simply filtered by ship size. Simply as that

  12. #12
    This looks like a lot of fun. Count me in too

  13. #13
    Is this available on XBox as well?

  14. #14
    Originally Posted by kayahr View Post (Source)
    In my opinion the Diamondback Explorer doesn't fit the expedition goals.
    You are welcome to your opinion. I shall be flying my DBX.

  15. #15
    Originally Posted by kayahr View Post (Source)
    In my opinion the Diamondback Explorer doesn't fit the expedition goals. The DBX is a commonly accepted exploration vessel like the Asp and the Anaconda.
    It may be a great and practical exploration ship now, but the DBX is still physically a small ship. So by it’s very size it qualifies!

    I plan on bringing mine, if I’m around the bubble at the launch time. I’m gonna sign up and just really try hard to be there.

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