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  • #1 - JetsonRING - Four More Years

    4 25.00%
  • #2 - Frank - Taking A Joke Too Far

    5 31.25%
  • #3 Edith_The_Hutt - The Only Sane Response

    5 31.25%
  • #4 - Listeri69 - Customs Nostalgia : A tale of smuggling, Integrity and Quadruple Penetration...

    3 18.75%
  • #5 - Insanephoton - Extract from the logs of Captain Balthazar Templton-Twistleton-Fiennes, commander of the United Planetary Resources Corporation ship Enceladus

    3 18.75%
  • #6 - Alien - Seventeen

    4 25.00%
  • #7 - RoyalHankey - Another Four Years Of This Carp

    6 37.50%
  • #8 - Phong - Eau de Drabble:Because you're almost worth it

    6 37.50%
  • #9 - Simoof - The Beginning Of The End

    8 50.00%
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Thread: #200 Almost As Bad As Nixon, Four More Years.

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    #200 Almost As Bad As Nixon, Four More Years.

    #1 - JetsonRING - Four More Years

    Smith’s jaw clenched as the Unknown Artifact fragment clunked its way into the ship’s cargo hatch.

    He had destroyed the unknown artifact, smashed it against the hull of his ship to obtain the “fragments”.
    It was far too disturbing to think of them as broken-up alien body parts so nobody did. These were “fragments” from “artifacts”.
    Artifacts that appeared entirely too lively before he crushed them into fragments,
    all to satisfy the curiosity of some weirdo Engineer,
    for more years of jump range.
    Please, please don’t let one of those big aliens show up right now . . .


    #2 - Frank - Taking A Joke Too Far

    President Bawldicant was crestfallen, "No chance of winning the next election?"

    His aide nodded.

    "Was it because I threatened Zaonce with nuclear devistation?"


    "Was it because I grabbed the Prime Minister's cat without her permission?"


    "The KOS I demanded on Mexicans?"

    "It's your weird hair."

    "But I can't get another hair transplant! Every follicle of my body is now on the top of my head."

    "Sir, there's been a breakthrough at Leesti. They can use the collagen in your ears to simulate hair."

    Bawldicant gurned at him, "You know what this means?"

    The aide sighed, "Four more years."


    #3 Edith_The_Hutt - The Only Sane Response

    It was two o’clock in the afternoon and Edmund Mahon was already drunk. He skimmed the Galnet article while taking tired, whiskey-vapoured breaths:

    “Zachary Hudson… re-elected… 4 year term… stable economic… increased military spending… alien threat… humanity…”

    Mahon tossed the tablet aside and stumbled towards his shower. He was supposed to make a congratulatory announcement re-affirming peace and partnership between the Alliance and the Federation. Only Edmund had read the reports, he knew what went on in Federal bases on the fringe and he could predict the response. Forget four more years, they’d be lucky to have another six weeks.


    #4 - Listeri69 - Customs Nostalgia : A tale of smuggling, Integrity and Quadruple Penetration...

    'It's amazing wha' we find in customs babba' Doug pulled his arm out of a backside, Bringing with is what looked like a fistfull of chocolate.
    'illegal Mokojing beast feast..'Finn wiped his brow forgetting where his arm had just been...
    'Do you remember your first bust? Mine was called Hankey smuggling gin, I remember.....'
    'Oh yes Doug, I was in the customs academy, I won the award for fastest searcher. I think i still hold the record too'
    'That's impressive Babba'
    'The examiner had never seen someone do four at once, I still remember the cry of 'Four more Rears'


    #5 - Insanephoton - Extract from the logs of Captain Balthazar Templton-Twistleton-Fiennes, commander of the United Planetary Resources Corporation ship Enceladus

    Fellow crewmates, I stand before you today as both captain and friend.

    Some of you believe that we should just continue flying to avoid the risk of unknown threats at our destination. The 'safe' option has it's own risks. The ship is old and will eventually fail. Resources are limited and we have no room to grow.

    In four years time we can make planetfall. Our ancestors had the courage to leave their home and voyage into the unknown. Can we deny our destiny to complete their mission just because we find it scary? Let us claim our new home.


    #6 - Alien - Seventeen

    It was a lazy day in the Thargoid & Fer-De-Lance bar.
    Sven was having trouble with automation, he'd made an impossible choice, but a technological malfunction involving some Roman Dwarves had left him with some scars.
    Suddenly there were rumours of recycled topics, and the tannoy announced "We interrupt this broadcast" and then static.
    Simoof bounded in with a special delivery "Look what I found in Winnard's Hole" or some incomprehensible technobabble that sounded like Moist Floxywhatever. The real mystery was what was in the moderator's lair that they had looked for four years.
    And that's when they killed Simoof!


    #7 - RoyalHankey - Another Four Years Of This Carp

    We have all written a drabble or two.
    But now it has been announce we got 4 more years of it.
    4 more years yay or nah you wonder.
    4 more years of Psykokow,
    4 more years of Wanqbot
    4 more years of Winnard.
    Now that's asking for it.
    4 more years of Pigfart.
    4 more years of killing Simoof.
    We got I'm an Alien for only 2 years as Alien's only going be hear 1/2 the time.
    Can EntariousFusion make another 4 years.
    But the best thing in the next 4 years is you have RoyalHankey's Waypoint Scoops.


    #8 - Phong - Eau de Drabble:Because you're almost worth it

    For more years than i care to remember,my working life has been for the most part bounded by the limits of my craft,although truth to tell,so many patches,repairs and replacements have been made that she is probably not even the same vessel that left port on that first starry night so many decades ago.An evening of mystery and romance,when imagination became reality and the magical somehow became manifest.
    This was before 'they' came,with their smutty jokes and their lewd comments and for god's sake,what is that smell !?
    Waypoint scoop waypoint waypoint scoop


    #9 - Simoof - The Beginning Of The End

    Time is relative. We've known this for centuries, experienced it's implications almost as long. Today it was weaponised.
    Engineer Twiper had built it. He'd never fully understood it's true evilness.
    The committee began it's testing. On him.
    He was locked in a 4 year time-bubble. Time here ran over 500,000 time faster than the surroundings.
    Outsiders would see him drop dead in seconds, starved and dehydrated. If it wasn't for the 4 year rations supplied.
    Rage demanded revenge.
    4 years with their faces!
    Whatever choice, the incoming bullets entering his wife and childrens heads would be his cell's persistent view.

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    Spelled the title wrong, it's "For" more years. o7

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    Originally Posted by JetsonRING View Post (Source)
    Spelled the title wrong, it's "For" more years. o7
    Originally Posted by Listeri69 View Post (Source)

    Now that you've all decided how awesome I am here is your 200th drabble topic... and i thought what better than


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    Originally Posted by Alien View Post (Source)
    Poetic license.

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    Originally Posted by JetsonRING View Post (Source)
    Poetic license.
    Thank you for stopping eventually Sir. Is this your sonnet? We were following behind while you were reciting and we couldn't help noticing you had problems scanning some of the trickier lines.

    We know some of these older poems can be a bit of a handful, especially if they haven't been maintained by a professional proof reader. But my collogue and I are beginning to think that this could be a stolen piece of work. Sir! Could you please step out of your poem and show us your poetic licence.

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    Can I break Winnards run?
    Who was that masked man?
    Why have I had no sleep?

    Question like these and more, every Friday at 7pm KBT (Kow Bull time)

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    Has George been at the Shelly again?

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    Can I have "Winnards sucks"... hmmm.... nope...

    "The Farm" is what it is...

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    Well done Simoof, may you harvest your victory wisely

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    Congrats on a good win,Simoof.Still trying to untwist my melon,man.

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    Bit peeved that it's taken me over a week to get my forum login working...

    Here's the dribble i wroted for last week and posted on the FB thread that didn't make it over here:

    I woulda still lost, but i may have stolen some votes from MoofDawg

    Damned Pirates (By Fletch - Aged Six and Three Quarters)

    Deathwatch celebrated as he blew in the canopy of the mangled sidewinder.

    He smiled with glee as he saw the hapless commander fail in reaching for the remlock and gasp his last breath from the vacuum of space.

    Another trophy for him and more bountiful cargo. The scanners said gold on board.

    The pirate boarded the stricken ship, cut off the nameless dead commander’s ear, laughing as it joined hundreds hanging on a string around his neck.

    He was surprised to discover alongside the cargo in the hold, the bodies of three dead slaves.

    Smiling, he muttered “Four more ears”.