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Thread: Malic's Voice Attack Profile for VR

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    Malic's Voice Attack Profile for VR

    Because of all the interest in my custom Voice Attack profile I use on my streams that is highly customized for VR, I am now releasing version 1 (2017 May 09)


    Download link below

    I tend to stream starting around noon UTC at
    If there are any questions about this Voice Attack profile, feel free to come in and ask questions.

    I will be using this thread and editing this first post as I update the profile and make new features public.

    Current Features:

    bindED integration - You tell it where you binds files are located and it will scan and update the entire profile to match your keybinds. - Note you have to have a key bound to use this, it will not work if blank.
    Dictation - Talk to the computer and it will record and then paste what you say, useful for communicating in the chat window

    Quick navigation filters - Can quickly filter to look for stations, settlements, signal sources, or to filter out asteroids from the local navigation map.
    Quick docking select
    Two stage emergency cargo release - Require two commands in a row to emergency eject cargo.
    Fighter commands
    Elite Links
    - Commands that open up highly used links. Coriolis, EDDB, EDSM, Forum, etc...
    Quick chat replies - Quick responses made for chat window where dictation would not work.
    My pad number commands for large stations is included - more info can be found at
    VR Galaxy Map navigation tool
    Distance tocommands

    New in Version 2

    Includes all EDDI Commands that I use on my streams. Please note, that EDDI is not included in this profile, just commands. You can download and install EDDI from:
    "What use is -" etc
    Streamline of code to find bind files for EDBinds plugin. User should not have to manually enter in location to where bind files are stored.
    Includes Spotify control plugin. More info can be found at

    If anyone has questions about use, please check in the spoiler tags below and then ask if I did not go into enough detail. I will try to put together some videos showing specific features if they are not understood clear enough.

    New in Version 3

    My pad number commands have been edited from 4 separate commands in to a single command *previous version must be deleted*
    "startup" command has been updated, please make sure to use this newest one and to follow the setup instructions below to make sure it runs when the profile starts

    There have been several code changes to reduce total commands because the navigation command is so large. The pad number, fighter orders, engine/weapon color, high res/ normal screenshot have all been updated from multiple commands in to single commands

    *note these all below this line require EDDI to be installed to be able to know your current location*

    Change of "target" commands to a spreadsheet based system. The profile checks online at start up and downloads the newest version. You can also run the command "download navigation data" to do it manually.

    "Target" - types system name into text field
    "How far am I from; How far to; Distance to ; Measure to" - give straight line distance between your present location and target

    "nearest colonia station" - finds closet of the Colonia "truck stops" to your present location. You can also use the command "target colonia route station 1-9" in a text field to paste the system names.

    Profile has a single edited EDDI command "((EDDI jumped))" that must be updated from the .vap so it can do a system name check after the jumping event. If there is a point of interest in system, you will hear a chirp sound 10 seconds after leaving hyperspace. The following commands only work in system if there is anything.

    "What is in system" - vocalizes all point of interests in the system. This also puts that information in to the windows clipboard. You can paste this info anywhere on the computer, or even in to Elites local chat so you can use it as an in game clipboard to see locations and coordinates for planet based POI's

    "Location of" - Can be used to paste infomation of specific POI when a system has more then one, an example of this would be the Barnacle forests 4 and 5. They are both in the same system.

    "find state" commands are in a testing phase, for example you can use the command "find war" and it will open the EDSM website with your current system already filled out, and war state selected to show closest locations with that state. *this may break* as EDSM changes their web site formats

    Install instructions:

    Make sure that Voice attack is being ran in admin mode, otherwise it will not have proper permissions for plugins to run.

    The linked zip files includes bindED and an experimental Google Sheet reading plugin. The profile requires both plugins to function. bindED is needed for it to scan your bind file and link all commands with your keybinds. Currently the Google sheet plugin is only used for a version check, but it will be needed for all future updates as it is key for checking the material and data spreadsheets in the future.

    Unzip and place the files into your voice attack folder.
    Import the file titled Malic's Public Release Version 1 - 2017 MAY 09-Profile.vap

    To enable bindED support you must do the following taken from the bindED VA fourm page:

    • First, you will need to turn on plugin support in VoiceAttack. This is done from the Options screen.
    • Next, you will need to create a command in VoiceAttack to call the bindED plugin which (optionally) includes the Elite: Dangerous binds file that you want to use.
      To do this, add a new command and then click on Other -> Advanced -> Execute an external plugin function.
    • In the new plugin action screen, select the, 'bindED' plugin from the Plugin list (bindED will be available if you had turned on plugin support and had installed the bindED plugin correctly).
    • There are two routes you can take here. If you only have ONE binds file, and you want the bindED plugin to try to access your .binds file that is located in C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings, simply leave the, 'Plugin Context' box blank.
      The plugin will simply grab the NEWEST .binds file it finds in that directory and use it.

    Once you have everything installed make sure to go into profile options and make sure <ON PROFILE LOAD: Bind Keys;Reset Key Binds> is set to trigger on VA startup (seen below)

    The download can be found here:


    Version 3 - Release 2018 MAY 17

    The most up-to-date navigation command will be found here:

    *none yet command is same as V3 release*


    Specifics on commands:

    If at any time your controls are not controlling the game or you are tabbed out "Elite focus" or "Focus Elite" should bring the game to the front and become target. I made this one due to hitting stars too often.
    "For navigation filter, you must reset filters and then postion cursor over filter before giving command.
    "Set station filter" - select orbiting stations only
    "Set settlement filter" - select orbiting and ground stations.
    "Set standard filter" - everything except asteroids
    "Next system" - only surrounding stars, useful for a quick highwake.

    "scan" and "jump and scan" are to only used in supercruse and require your discovery scanner to be on primary fire button when used. * If you have weapons selected they will fire for six seconds *
    For the quick docking command, target the station in the navigation and say "request" or "request docking" It will select, move down to request docking and select for you quickly.
    Dictation can be started with "Open Comms" or "Open Channel" You should hear a beep and after that point, everything you say will be stored in a buffer. The commands "Send", "Close Comms", and "Over" will then stop dictation from listening and paste it in to your chat bar you have selected. It will not send it though, as it allows you to read over it and make sure it heard you correctly. Microphone quality and running Windows voice training helps with getting your computer to understand you better.
    Galaxy Map VR Navigation Commands
    In the Galaxy map, target and select the system entry text box and then you can say "target" or "select" followed by the following systems to have it automatically type, tell you what is there, and put the information into the windows clipboard so you can paste as needed.

    "Target Sol" or "Select Sol" will work. Many commands will only target the Elite client when running, these can be used to paste into <enter your choice of text client here>. Some commands have extra information that gets stored in your clipboard. An example would be if you ask it "target second crashed ship" to go to the second found Alien ship. It will type <HIP 17862> but it says and puts <HIP 17862 - Planet 6 C A - Lat 30, Long -98> into the windows clipboard so you can toss it into your chat window for quick reference so you do not have to take a VR headset off to find information.

    Full list of locations can be found here, please note that it functions off of a "what it hears" system, for example, Merope is *not* pronounced "mur - rope" it is pronounced "mer-row-pee":

    Saying "Open" followed by any of the commands below will open up useful websites in your default internet browser. EG, "Open Fuel Rats" will open the Fuel rats home page.

    EDSM - Star map
    Elite forum
    Elite Reddit
    Elite store
    Frontier Support
    Fuel Rats
    Neutron Plotter
    Voice Attack
    There are several quick chat replies. They require you to open your chat window and have the chat field selected. You still have to confirm entry after it types.

    Clear text - too much stuff on screen, this will clear all of the chat on the chat screen.
    Confirm - replies with "yes"
    Deny - replies with "no"
    Salute - types o7
    Local - if in a wing it quickly types /l to change to local chat.
    Wing - if in local chat, it quickly types /w to go to wing chat.

    I chose these words because they are less likely to be used in normal conversation. Reason for this is that if the commands was "yes" and you have throttle down bound to S, it would type Y-E-S and your ship would slow down if you were replying to something else. Using a slightly less common word like "confirm" still allows users to quickly get a reply typed but also prevents accidental use during normal gameplay.
    There are also several "fun" commands that I created during my streams..

    Tea, earl grey, hot - I hope you get the reference
    Excellent - Bill and Ted
    Open pod bay doors- HAL

    These are being left in for use as examples for others to make their own stuff.

    Instructions for plugins and how to set your TTS voice in Windows 10:

    How to set your TTS voice default (windows 10 example, others should be simular)
    Windows Key + R
    Type "control" and hit enter
    Click on Speech Recognition
    Click on advanced speech options
    Click on text to speech tab
    Select voice via drop down menu and then apply.

    Version History:

    Version 1 - Initial release
    Version 2 - Aug 3 2017
    Version 3 - May 17 2018

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    This is awesome work!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    +Rep for you!

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    Replying to bookmark, but also to say thanks!

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    Thanks Mallic rock socks!

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    Thank you for posting (and love your stream), I am wondering if you can give a bit more detail on the configuration of the Google Docs plugin, in particularly the file name, how to point to it, etc.

    Some examples would be great as well.

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    great thing... thanks for that.

    One question: Which browser-based(?) twitch-chat-"plugin" for helloV to track the users chat messages ingame are you using?

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    In my streams, I use V and have it point at my popout chat URL.

    For those that use the Vive, there is a program called OVRDrop on Steam.

    For both, V is working on Vive support, and OVRDrop is working on Oculus support, just not out yet.

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    Thank you Malic for this You are a Super Nova and out of this world

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    New to Elite having just bought it after getting a Rift, but I've had Voice Attack for a while (mainly for Arma III) so I've been looking for a decent profile that I can use straight out of the box but will also be able to cope easily when I inevitably start re-binding keys and that also has EDDI integrated.

    Just though I should post to say thanks for making this available - after a little fiddling I think I have it set up correctly as the bind add-in looks to have imported all of currently bound keys correctly and EDDI seems to be working correctly too.

    As a little feedback for anyone else setting this up, the thing that took me a little while to figure out was whether the bind add-in had correctly imported all of my keys as your current profile download does not match the screenshots in your original post (the profile options already had a command called 'Startup' in the'Execute a command each time this profile loads' box) and there was not a lot of feedback other than to say that the add-in was running. It would have been much easier if Voice Attack had some kind of option to list all of it's variables. In the end, I found a post on the thread for the bindED addin that allows you to create a command to output a variable to the Voice Attack log window ( so you can check if the import worked.


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    What program can I use to unzip the file (VoiceAttack.7z)? My computer doesn't seem to recognize it as a zip file.

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    Originally Posted by Romeo Alpha View Post (Source)
    What program can I use to unzip the file (VoiceAttack.7z)? My computer doesn't seem to recognize it as a zip file.
    You'll need 7zip.

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    Originally Posted by Donkeyfumbler View Post (Source)
    You'll need 7zip.
    Which is at: 7-zip

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    When I use this profile my voice commands get very delayed. I'll say a command and it wont show up for a few seconds. Is that just because of the sheer amount of commands in the profile and is there anything that can be done about it?

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    I have not had this issue with mine, I think this public released profile is close to 300 commands total, including the [1..24] commands, but my personal profile with over 600 due to all the new commands I have in work, and there is no delay when I ask for anything. There are VA options that will put a delay on if a command is heard or not understood. It is located under the spanner > recognition and then the delay options.

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