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Thread: Malic's Voice Attack Profile for VR

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    Hey Malic,

    Gotta say I love the stream, though I'm commenting here as I usually have to watch them as a video, struggle to be able to catch you live.

    Anyways, I have been using your profile with some very minor and simple adjustments to suit my use. Two particular adjustments i have tried and failed to make so thought I'd post and see if there is a simple answer, possibly of use to you or other people.

    If you have a decent source of learning va syntax please share! I can't find anything useful for interacting with data sources. I have written a lot of complex macros in excel but struggling with anything in VA.

    Firstly, I've been trying without success to simplify the pad locations command. Windows hates my voice for numbers. It is incapable of distinguishing between 14, 40, 42 so it's not usable for me. Since EDDI already has the pad number, I have been trying to use that as a data source to draw the number from. Then have the command just recognise me say "pad location" and pull the number from EDDI to then use your script.
    - I tried adding a variable to the (EDDI docking granted) command but that just crashed VA
    - Alternatively the variable could be pulled from the log but lack the script/syntax knowledge to do so.
    - Alternative 2: being able to manually call the suppressed EDDI speech would work for slow ships, but I don't want it all the time or while there is in-game voice to listen to.

    I confess that I couldn't even find the syntax to include in the TTS response to your command, what pad number it is providing location for so I know if it was misdirecting me..

    My second query is around the "where can I find ..." command. This wont return anything, is it active? as I'm sure I have heard you use it in stream. How is it supposed to work?

    Sorry for long post but any direction advice you can offer would be appreciated, especially if it helps me find a resource to learn how to call data sources myself.

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    Thread reopened after auto-lock.

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    Updated to version 3

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    Glorious, thank you, Malic!

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    Thank you sir for all your community support. I am myself quite confused and fumbling around in getting this setup properly. I do have a few questions pertaining to 3.0 if help is available. I have searched for solutions and perhaps overlooked and if this has been addressed previously I apologize.

    1. I see commands that say Disabled before the actions. One of them in the startup looks to me like the bind keys which seems like the instruction "Next, you will need to create a command in VoiceAttack to call the bindED plugin which (optionally) includes the Elite: Dangerous binds file that you want to use." Am I not understanding? In my case I am using Steam edition VA and ED so I figured out there are 2 Frontier Folders after a lot of frustration.

    2. I cannot for the life of me find the screen for the profile options listed in the instruction "Once you have everything installed make sure to go into profile options and make sure <ON PROFILE LOAD: Bind Keys;Reset Key Binds> is set to trigger on VA startup (seen below)" Has this been changed with VA 1.7 or am I missing it completely?

    3. I cannot figure out how to get EDDI to give me all the information it used to when I jump into a system line it did when I used the standalone. I see a lot of commands that say "voice disabled" do I need to do something to enable this voice?

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    I was about to embarque on a project to write some sort of plugin that woudl verbally allow me to query this sheet of useful POIs etc 'Scavenger Sheet' But having seen this i'd love to understand how it works and could be adapted to do so.

    I'd liek to issue commands like 'Find NEarest Volcano', Find nearest Thargoid Ship..

    Then, through a number of calls, goto the Sheet, pull up the system, open galaxy map , plot route to system, and then paste into Open chat the planet details/./.

    But then, if this works with new Occulus VR, to have open some of the sheets one could see them whilst in the cockpit...

    Clearly, still some thoughts...but this plugin looks epic, and i'll try to integrate with the HCS Voicepacks i have!

    Nice work CMDR!

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    As an update, I have successfully figured out a way to get the location command to not only update from the spreadsheet, but then also if you restart the profile, for that to be the command, so in essence, the end user never has to update the command listing ever again.

    Right now it is just working on formatting of the spreadsheet that it references so when you ask it things, it outputs.

    For example when you say "Location of Thargoid site 1"

    HIP 19026 - B 1 C
    Lat: [ -17.9 ] - Long: [ -152.6 ]
    It outputs as two seperate lines, so if you are using the in game chat window, this formatting allows the Lat and Long to be on a second line, to prevent weird issues where it was splitting the negitive sign on a previous line, and preventing the User from seeing it

    As an added benefit, it also puts Lat and Long into their own variables, and those can be used for other functions. I have been able to program it to open up a compass program and auto-enter those values in to find locations on the surface of a planet for example.

    For example when you say "Location of Generation Ship 1"

    Alaunus planet 10 and fly toward Horae for 22000 light seconds
    Because the spreadsheet does not have values for lat and long, it wont put that second line, because we are looking for something in space.

    This is still being developed and hope to have the next version out in the next few weeks.

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    Version 4 is now up, updated in first post

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    Originally Posted by Malic View Post (Source)
    Version 4 is now up, updated in first post
    Malic, great work, love watching your stream when I can't play Elite myself. Would it be possible for you to post your bindings? the bindED plugin apparently only works with keyboard keys, so stuff like your [Jump and Scan] command don't work for me, as I've only got my primary fire button mapped to my joystick.

    If you'd rather not, no worries, thank you in advance.

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    Keys like that can be double bound, I have a joystick key and a keyboard key, so the VA part presses the keyboard one when you ask it

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    i tryed your package yesterday the first time.... but with not so good results . But i guess the most problems come from not using a English Voice Engine, but.. can itt be that the paths to the soundfiles doesn´t fit to the paths in the package? or because its not a wave file?

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    Hey Malic,

    am I an idiot or are there no controls for charging/engaging the FSD or Supercruise?

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    Rock on! Stellar work Malic.

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    VERSION 5 is out now!

    @Z3DT the newest version 5 command listing has a EDDI required command to go to hyperspace or supercruse, but the previous ones did not. It can be triggered by saying "Engage", or you can set your own keybind to it.

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    maybe I'm doing something wrong or not set up correct but all I get are the following errors..
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