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Thread: The Pointless Predictive Text Thread

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    Players without reason or another mermaid tail in China for example pulling you through the letterbox to the last piece of liquid.

    That made no sense. O.o

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    Windows phone user here !

    Players in the world of the most important thing is that the ship was a good day at work.


    eh ?

    - - - Updated - - -

    lets try again.

    Players in this world and the ship is not responsible for the first place on your computer.

    lol..., wut ?

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    Oh god, this games gone horribly wrong. Lol

    I don't know which word to follow. Free for all!

    Ugh... liquid?

    Liquid smooth and creamy peanut sauce and cheese is a good idea but unfortunately it's not a good time to complete the application process for producing the first one using my old neighbours.


    Players can simply search by inputting your own massive variations in to the system where you don't like a mindless shooter.


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    elite dangerous it is a bit of a know it all the time and I will be there too much for me to get a new phone and I don't think I can get a job .

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    Job title said that the engineers and scientists have discovered the joys of being a moron.


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    Moron used to take things literally for your entertainment and the ashes.

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    Ashes in this country has the same thing as an alternative spelling mistakes that extend from your own personal information about your computer.

    arf !

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    Computer hardware can only imagine taking cargo and accidentally created AI in Elite Dangerous.


    It's back on topic.

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    Dangerous Discussion says FD should reverse their income politics and better to grind the whole winter evenings or as we get the bonus of a roleplay to the last patch they are never heard of or talked about again.


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    Again I apologize for not being able to help a friend out by deploying a load of people on motorcycles for sale.


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    Sale price range increase in the first run to the part where you don't want to spend money there.

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    There was something else that you can get to work with a barnacle that you may want to know about.

    Ah well constructed phrase ! who would have guessed !

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    About the AI ships targeting missiles and large mushy peas and carrots are a pain when they're actively chasing the actual seaside resort to a Nav Beacon.

    That was surprisingly difficult!

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    Beacon hill road is the same as well but it doesn't matter if you have a great deal of course.


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    Originally Posted by CMDR_Cosmicspacehead View Post (Source)
    Welcome to my pointless thread!
    Personally I've turned off predictive text and swipe and whatnot features to make me type faster, if I need to 'type' faster when writing a message on a phone, or feel I need to rush, then I know I shouldn't be typing right now and put away my phone.

    I know my personality, I would allow myself a lot more distractions by my phone if texting was faster the whole "will only take a second" thing.

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