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  • 01 - JetsonRING - The Farm

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  • 02 - cleonymus - First Farm

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  • 03 - JetsonRING - The Farm

    3 25.00%
  • 04 - Spaceman83 - The farm of the old gods:

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  • 05 - Edith_The_Hutt - Get the music ready.

    5 41.67%
  • 06 - Frank - One Root Good, Two Legs Bad

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  • 07 - Alien - Old McAlien Had A Farm, E I E I O ....

    5 41.67%
  • 08 - RoyalHankey - Lost Commanders found at SuperMattyClarks Farm

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  • 09 - Fletchmo - Houston - We Have A Problem (by Fletch - Aged Six And Three Quarters)

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  • 10 - Listeri69 - Colonization : A Tale of Drugs, Cows and a horny rear end...

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  • 11 - insanephoton - Farm foods

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  • 12 - phong - How Simoof Dyed .

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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #201: The farm

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    Drabble Short Story Contest #201: The farm

    Welcome to the world's greatest Drabble competition that's based on stories around the Elite galaxy.

    Congratulations Simoof. Your choice this week was "The Farm".

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour at 7pm BST, Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. And a warning to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself

    01 - JetsonRING - The Farm

    They found them inside a fenced corral surrounded by cultivated fields of plants, labeled on the map as "Penitentiary". Locked in heavily barred cages the tiny primates squawked in their confinement.
    The fields could be ignored but the caged, fresh meat would be manna for the men of the battalion who had been consuming their ship's recycled nutrient paste for too long.
    You can only eat recycled you for just so long before it begins wearing on your tummies.
    Say what you like about this dirty backwater planet but, properly prepared these ďfarmedĒ hyoomin beans didn't taste half bad.

    02 - cleonymus - First Farm

    Generation ship "Doomed".
    Log 1.
    Arrived at an earthlike by name only, the flora is strange but the weedkillers we brought are working.

    Log 2.
    We cleared an island of the indigenous life. Planting has started in earnest. Just in time really as ship supplies are running low.

    Log 3.
    The plants have taken to their new home
    They are growing faster than in the ships agri-domes.

    Log 4.
    The crop is almost ready.
    When the blossom appeared, it brought a huge plague of alien insects, but they seemed to do the job. I think we will be all right.

    03 - JetsonRING - The Farm

    We were confident the GMO plants we brought from Earth would be compatible with the soil of our new home world, we just never understood HOW compatible or, what really happened.
    We all saw it, one of the lemon trees casually reached out a branch and stabbed a 6-inch thorn right through Clemís back and into his heart.

    We donít know what we did to make them hate us.

    We donít dare leave the Habitat and the corn is moving closer, right up to the wheel ruts in the driveway now and the path into town has become very narrow.

    04 - Spaceman83 - The farm of the old gods:

    In a quaint system a few lightyears from Sol, the local farmhand paused in his daily duties, something was amiss, the weather changed and a cold wind came from westwards.

    Strange noises were coming from the old barn. The farmhand sneaked closer, intent on finding out the source of the disturbing feelings.

    Passing through the barn doors the farmhand found a shocking sight; The crazy old farmer stood in a lit pentagram, chanting "Iš, Iš, Iš, Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

    Sadly, this was all too horrifying for the poor farmhand, who perished on the spot from sheer terror.

    05 - Edith_The_Hutt - Get the music ready.

    Everyone loves the big, juicy peaches of Kongga. Less famous than the ale, they don't last long enough to be a proper export good. But if you're ever at Laplace Ring then take a trip to the Peach Tree Cantina and make sure to take a good, long bite of those ripe, juicy peaches.

    Their secret?

    Kongga Peaches grow in tear-shaped orchards along the tropical rain belts. Hundreds of normal trees downwind of a single, ancient masterpiece of genetic manipulation. Slaked in monsoon and fueled by deep, rich soil the regular trees bear the fruit of these ancient Mister Trees.

    06 - Frank - One Root Good, Two Legs Bad

    When the negotiator's Courier landed at MonoPharm Research two artichokes led him to where Farmer Jones was held captive. King Edward greeted him jovially, "Stuff and nonsense all this playing around with DNA. Your man is perfectly safe. After all we don't want to do anything to affect", the potato looked around furtively, "any trading deals we may arrange."

    Jones avoided the accusational stare of his fellow passengers. How could he let himself be captured by a brussels sprout? Eyes firmly gazing out the window, he saw the planet swing into view, the planet he left that'll go to seed.

    07 - Alien - Old McAlien Had A Farm, E I E I O ....

    CRACK ... Alien's right arm was flailing a whip.
    "Work you insects, work dam it"
    Adam, the ant's union representative was trying to negotiate better working conditions.
    "Hold on, my call ... Jaques on! ... It's flooded the shopping area?"
    Adam looked puzzled, Alien explained.
    "I'm an alien with an ant farm, and the shopping area at Jaques is flooded with Kow's cargo of milk."
    Adam wrote the words down, then saw his female mate was hurt. "Annie? Are you OK? Are you OK? Are you Ok Annie?"
    Annie then died. She'd been hit by, she'd been struck by 'smoo cream in mall.

    08 - RoyalHankey - Lost Commanders found at SuperMattyClarks Farm

    Frank how did you find Commanders Psykokow, Simoof and Winnard.
    When I heard this at SuperMattyClark's farm

    Old SuperMattyClark had a farm
    And on his farm he had a Kow
    With a moof moof here
    And a moof moof there
    Here a moof, there a moof
    Everywhere a moof moof
    Old SuperMattyClark had a farm

    Old SuperMattyClark had a farm
    And on his farm he had a Winnard
    With a wanq wanq here
    And a wanq wanq there
    Here a wanq, there a wanq
    Everywhere a wanq wanq
    Old SuperMattyClark had a farm

    09 - Fletchmo - Houston - We Have A Problem (by Fletch - Aged Six And Three Quarters)

    When the Thargoid battle ships surrounded Earth in the year 3318, we thought we had a problem that could be solved by apologising for killing their envoys previously.

    As they started sending shuttles down and collecting thousands of people from the cities, we realise we DID had a problem, and they werenít going to negotiate.

    When settlers landed, fencing in huge tranches of land, the problem became urgent.

    We finally realised that humans were being farmed to feed the starving Thargoid soldiers.

    We suddenly felt very sorry for the poor Kows and Sheepses and Chooklets.

    Why canít Thargoids be vegetarians?

    10 - Listeri69 - Colonization : A Tale of Drugs, Cows and a horny rear end...10 -

    'Ok team our task today is to find out why this colony failed. Looks idealistic perfect mix of gasses.'

    'Sir...I found a diary, this might shed some light on the situation'

    Day 10: The cows have arrived look pretty skinny decide to bulk them up using Steroids....


    Day 50: Cows are really beefy now, although several of them are growing penises due to the steroids


    'No sir just a Peenis '

    Day 100: Can't tell the difference between my cows and bulls anymore.

    'Sir I think we need to run...'

    'I knew this red shirt was a bad idea...'

    11 - insanephoton - Farm foods

    Imperial training facility Delta 19 seemed innocent enough. The casual observer might think that it was an agricultural college. In fact it was the place where the top Imperial agents were trained. People called it 'the farm' and it even supplied produce to nearby settlements as part of it's cover. It's sausages were famously good.

    The training was tough and few of the trainees would make it into the ranks of the Imperial Intelligence Service. One mystery was the fate of the others. No one could recall meeting anyone that had washed out of training. They just seemed to vanish...

    12 - phong - How Simoof Dyed .

    Eager crowds filled The Thargoid and Fer de Lance last week,as the annual Arts and Crafts Fair drew visitors in throngs from across the galaxy.
    Edith's entry , a gun-rack, hand carved from the jawbone of some exotic creature, stood next to the one bottle of home brewed janx that they had managed to wrest from Frank's hands.Sven produced an elegantly knitted doily and Alien demonstrated her treadle technique at the loom.Mr Hankey sat at his manicurists booth,next to the entries for peculiarly shaped vegetables,his face wreathed in smiles.He'd never seen so many farmer cuticles!

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    Congrats Insanephoton.

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    Congratulations Insanephoton