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Thread: Angels of Death

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    Anti piracy? I am anti you. Feel free to ad me to your KOS list. Same name in game.

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    Originally Posted by Ozram View Post (Source)
    Anti piracy? I am anti you. Feel free to ad me to your KOS list. Same name in game.
    rgr that see you out in the black o7!

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    Happy to welcome our newest member EekOZ to the group!

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    Hit the 100 member mark!

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    Playing this game is better with friends. Feel free to check us out at!

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    Hey all I am Janires I have taken over running Elite Dangerous for AOD if you every have any questions you can always add me under my in game name Janir, or visit our website.

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    Happy Thanksgiving from your friendly neighborhood Angels of Death!

    After dessert, slide on over to and check us out.

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    In the wake of thargoid attacks on starports in the Pleiades sector, AOD is kicking off a new combat initiative: Thargoid Tuesday!

    Want to take it to the bugs with a team? Recruiters are standing by at to get you into the fight.

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    Thargoids hunt tomorrow, anyone want in?

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    Next thargoid op is dec 26th, but always something going on. We'll be doing some cqc this saturday 2pm est

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    AOD has been kicking some serious Thargoid ! Be part of the fun. Check out our website to join us!

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    Happy New Year from the Angels of Death!

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    Now that the holidays are behind us and the new year is here, it's back to blasting thargoids and making credits hehe o7

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    December was a great month of growth for us! Many new pilots have now learned what I did when I joined in June 2017. Friends maketh the clan

    We're always looking for new recruits. There's no need to fly alone. Check us out at

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