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Thread: Angels of Death

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    Me thinks now is a good time to get that money. Who is with me?

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    It's about that time; put on your tin foil hats and follow me into the void to fight some aliens!

    Angels of Death is preparing for the Thargoids, join us commanders!

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    Congrats to our two newest officers Plague and Kai!

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    Got a neat screenshot from yesterdays outing...AOD on the prowl.

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    Thargoids are here! So far, no effect from weapons but we are getting creative to try and explore different possibilities.

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    Thargoids are back and things are gonna get interesting. If you're a returning player or brand new to the game, check us out and join not just a community but a family of CMDRs.

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    What he said.

    Also, we voting for our screenshot contest closes this Friday! Can't wait to see who wins.

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    We are pumped, our PVP wing is growing and our xenophobic mob is running amok in merope!

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    Looks like our private group app was discarded again ��

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    I'm thinking about planning a group engineer unlock project. Anyone interested?

    EDIT: Working on Saturday hands on engineering tutorial. If you're interested, PM me here.

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    Now at 95 members active within 2 weeks! We are having a lot of fun, flying with AOD radio in the background and enjoying gaming with great people!

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    we had a screenshot contest recently and here is the winner, credit to AOD_Snowey835

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    Congrats to all of our folks who were promoted this month!

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    Welcome our newest member Mayday!

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    Enjoying the Ceos/Sothis Fed Rank and Cash grind. Anyone else checked this out?